Jonnie & Brookie -- JJJ Exclusive Interview

Jonnie & Brookie -- JJJ Exclusive Interview

Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing artists Jonnie and Brookie show off the JJJ coasters during Disney’s Summer at Sea earlier this year. was lucky enough to hang out with the beautiful singing sisters and found out about who they admire, what their life has been like since winning the competition in 2007 and their obsession with Radio Disney. Check it:

JJJ: How much did you love performing during the Party of the Stars?

J&B: Yes, I did – oh my gosh, it was awesome! Opening for Corbin Bleu for the first time was so cool. The fans are so awesome – I’m sure some of them, they don’t know my music or anything, but they were so responsive and they had so much fun – just to be able to meet everyone and walk around the cruise ship, it’s been so fun! We even saw parents trying to sing along! It was so much fun – we had a blast.

JJJ: Who are some of your musical inspirations?

J&B: We have a lot, actually. We love all the Radio Disney stars and Disney Channel stars, too, so Demi Lovato‘s one of my really big inspirations – her lyrics are amazing and her voice is amazing. Sometimes when I’m writing, I’ll sit there and listen to her music and then a bunch of stuff will come into my head and I’ll be able to write. Paramore’s one of our big ones, The Beatles, of course, and we’re also getting into a lot of classic rock stuff.

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JJJ: What has life been like since winning Disney’s Next Big Thing in 2007?

J&B: Well, with the contest, we’ve been doing this whole set where we’ve been touring a lot. We recently did seven shows in four days in four states, so we’ve been doing a lot of different shows. We got to come on the cruise – that was our prize! So this is so much fun – we’re having a blast and it’s awesome. We have a bunch of shows coming up – we just had one with Savvy & Mandy at the O.C. Fair we’ve been doing a lot of shows and it’s just been a lot of fun.

JJJ: How did you get started in music?

J&B: We were five when we started and we were in a group with our singing teach and we just went around to senior centers, churches, little places and performed with the group. And when we were five and seven, we released our own CD and decided that we wanted to go off on our own. So we released our Christmas CD. That was our first CD ever, and it had Christmas songs and the Christmas book that we wrote with our mom. Then we went off on our own and we kept doing what we were doing! We worked for charities and released some more CDs and now we’re here.

JJJ: You also called into Radio Disney a lot.

J&B: Yeah! Well, we’re Radio Disney and Disney Channel fans – we always have been. We’ve listened to Radio Disney our whole lives and everything. So we’d always call into Radio Disney and talk to Aaron K. – Aaron K.’s our favorite DJ and we were so sad when he left! He’s actually a friend of ours ’cause we kept always calling and he was, like, “okay, we’ve got to meet one of these days!” So we went to the Radio Disney’s concert and met Aaron K. and then he’s like “it’s so weird to meet you guys!” so we always called in. Even though he left Radio Disney, we still email each other. We try to call in as much as we can, but it’s pretty busy now. It didn’t use to be as busy when we were younger, but now the lines are always packed.

JJJ: How does the weather here on the cruise compare to Phoenix, your hometown?

J&B: Well, the weather in Arizona is hotter than this, but it’s dry. I personally like the Arizona weather better, the dry heat, ’cause when you go outside, you’re really hot, but we don’t instantly start sweating and our hair doesn’t start frizzing. But when we get to Florida, we walk outside and it’s a moist feeling all over your body. It’s so weird. We’re not used to it at all.

JJJ: What did you do in Nassau and Castaway Cay?

J&B: We were going to go to Atlantis, but we’ve already been there twice. We went shopping, walked around by the water and we went to where they have all the fake purses and stuff. There’s a lot! And then we were getting our family some presents – just kind of hung out! On the next island, we only had a few hours, so we rode bikes, filmed a little bit. Went to the ocean – it was awesome. The water was so warm! And then we came back and got ready for the concert!

JJJ: Did you get to swim with the dolphins at Atlantis?

J&B: I don’t think it was open! They were working on it and getting the dolphins ready, but the slides there are amazing. So fun! My favorite is the – not the steep one, but the regular one where you go down and then you go into the shark thing – it’s so crazy ’cause you’re, like, okay, there’s a shark above me! It’s a little weird but it’s so fun.


You can connect with Jonnie and Brooke on their official website and YouTube. Also, be sure to pick up their new CD, For Better!

Jonnie & Brookie – “For Better” Preview
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