Miley Cyrus is Jonas Brothers Beautiful

Miley Cyrus is Jonas Brothers Beautiful

Miley Cyrus shows off her support for BFFs the Jonas Brothers as she leaves her hotel in Miami on Thursday afternoon (December 3).

The 17-year-old starlet, sporting her fave Stoney Clover Lane bracelets, performed the last concert of her Wonder World Tour last night and was even surprised by other BFF Mitchel Musso coming out to show his support.

One of Miley‘s fansites, Miley Brazil just launched Smileys — an international campaign to bring their favorite star to Brazil. If you would like to join the campaign, log on to

FYI: Word has it that Miley has tendinitis in her right ankle and is wearing a boot on her foot. Get well soon, Miley!

10+ pics inside of Miley Cyrus

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  • Vulgarjonasyo

    nice shirt

  • Rachelle

    OMG! YES!

  • kiera

    Omg! This is so sweet of her to support Jonas.
    Atleast I know there friends..
    Aww Thats cuteee.
    <3 Mutha-fucking niley

  • fernanda

    miley come to brazil! :D

  • kiera

    Love Jb & Miley <3 Forever.

  • Bridgett

    I love the Jonas Brothers, so I love Miley’s t-shirt….and I even like Miley….I just wonder how Liam feels with his supposed girlfriend wearing the face of her ex-boyfriend….

  • Courtney

    That shirt she’s wearing is awesome!

  • heat

    aw that’s adorable :)

  • meee.

    what happened to her foot? :/


    This is TOO awesome <3
    Miley is amazing : )

  • London Lemming

    Just Jared Jr
    You may wanna check the tour dates… she is headed to the UK to do a whole load of dates there,before and after christmas.

    love her shirt

  • Tess

    Were can I get that shirt? ?

  • Megan

    awww!!! mileyy!!! i love youuu<33 JB+MILEY FOREVER<3 they have the best friendship in hollywood<3

  • Nancee

    Aweh! Cute!
    I also love how she only has one shoe on… (:

  • hreagdfx

    only friends. ha

  • dylan

    wow those pants are really awful. but the shirt is cute.

  • shana

    What hotel?!!?!

  • Jordan

    Aww… why is she wearing an ankle brace. Hope she didn’t get injured.

  • katie

    love the shirt!
    <3 Miley&JB FOREVER! =D

  • Yah yahhh ;)

    Cute :D I’m diggin this shirt.

  • evie

    i love this girl so much :)

  • jonascyrus

    LOVE THE JONAS SHIRT!!! Miley & JB are the best people in the world, their friendship is amazing!!

  • mrs.nickj!

    thats just wierd…u can only wear a jonas brothers shirt if you’re not friends with themm

  • Brittany

    I love jonas & miley are awesome !

  • Lydia

    i adore miley and i love JB

  • itsmeagain

    @mrs.nickj!: Says who? I wear JB shirts and IDK them. That’s a dumb logic my friend.

  • kim

    is so sweet

  • rag107

    That is not an ankle brace; the pants are long and soft-looking pajama-type material and one pants leg is covering Miley’s foot as she brings it up to step.

  • christine

    i hate her

    she’s losing attention, so she wears that shirt

  • Anna

    naturally beautiful<3
    lol, love her shirt!
    it’s great to see them as friends<3

  • Anna

    @christine: get a life. thank you.

  • chris

    She wears the shirt because she is friends with them. Nice shirt. I want one too.

  • Mrsnickjonas

    @mrs.nickj!: Haha I agree it’s just wierd

  • Emaa

    Please check out this video of Miley to “Tennessee Line” :)

  • ashytisdalefan

    I love that shirt, its adorable!
    And Miley looks beautiful without makeup

  • #1 Jonas Brother Fan!

    Aw cute! Love the shirt Miley! :)

  • katie

    @mrs.nickj!: says who?shes allowed to support her friends!

  • ???


  • billythekid


    She’s losing attention? She just finished up the US leg of her tour to a sold out show every night. Does several interviews per show and is constantly talked about on website such as this one, Perez and OU. I have no clue in this world why she wore THAT tee-shirt or even why she decided to sun-bath at the beach. Only she knows these reasons. But I can speculate that she likes the shirt, and was probably trying to a little color before she makes it to London. Some people are beyond stupid, almost to the point of ridiculous.

    On a side note: Am glad to see that Miley got a real tan instead of using those tanning salons. Both the sun and the salon can be bad for your skin, but at least the sun is natural and gives her some Vitamin D :)

  • itsmeagain

    @christine: then why do you waste time on her post if you HATE her so much. Seems like the one who is wanting attention her iS YOU

  • MadHatter

    Awwww…..too cute. She has tendinitis in her ankle …go here:

  • oopsie

    She’s so cool! she always wear shirts of her favorite bands! like acdc or her brothers band metro station! this isn’t weird at all! only sweet!! I am still a HUGE niley fan at heart. :)

  • c

    anyone else see her tattoo? in the bikini pics? not to sound perverted but i saw this on another website..its right above her ribs on the left side

  • chelsea

    @christine: i second @anna ‘s comment. get a fucking life. she’s not loosing attention at all. in fact i might say jb is.

  • jonaslover988979


  • http://mileycyrus khwanrat1234

    miley cyrus love jonas lol hahahaha

  • http://khwanrat1234 khwanrat1234

    love miley cyrus lol jonas

  • abby

    I’m not exactly a Jonas fan but i have to say her shirt is kinda cute.

  • bruin

    i actually want that shirt haha

  • B

    JJ, thanks for supporting miley Brazilian fans!

    we love the website