Miley Cyrus is Pink Bikini Pretty

Miley Cyrus is Pink Bikini Pretty

Soaking up the sun in Miami, Miley Cyrus answers a phone call as she relaxes with her dancers at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach Resort on Thursday afternoon (December 3).

The 17-year-old actress/singer performed her last concert at the American Airlines Arena last night and even brought out lil’ sis Noah to perform “Hoedown Throwdown” with her.

Miley was most recently chosen as Seventeen‘s Style Star of the Year.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Miley’s cute pink bikini?

15+ pics inside…

Miley & Noah Cyrus – “Hoedown Throwdown” 12/2

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  • Veselka

    She looks good like usual.Her hair looks darker it’s not black but definitely is darker then before.I think she looked better with brither hair But she is also cute now.

  • kayla

    she looks stunning, i wish i had a body like hers, she looks amazing with her belly peircing


  • v


  • lq

    she is kind of fat o_O

  • LC

    bikini’s nice but the yellow shirt isn’t :)

  • Vulture Town

    @lq: your kinda fat.

  • x

    @lq you have problems if you think she’s “kind of fat”
    she looks amazing, love her hair colour too

  • Mileycfan

    is that a tattoo?

  • xoxxoo

    This girls has the nicest bodyyy…i wish i had a perfect proportion of curves like her!

  • nathalia

    she’s gorgeous. i love her.

  • Matt


  • Andy


  • someone:)

    @lq: WTF? HOW IS SHE FAT, your dumb. shes beautiful.

  • Meike

    hm, sorry, but I also think she has to lose some weight.
    and before you say ‘no Meike you have to lose some weight’ – no, I am skinny. but that’s just my opinion about her.
    so why do you guys always say ‘don’t say bad stuff ’bout her’ – everybody has his/her own opinion. So when somebody says she’s cute – let’s think him/her she’s cute, when somebody says she’s kind of fat – let’s think her/him she’s kind of fat. So what.
    but i like her voice :)

  • http://none elle

    she looks great but not so crazy about the yellow tank she was wearing.. it just looked odd to me thats all but she is gorgeous!

  • Matt

    @Meike: You need to get your eyes checked there, buddy.

  • tiff


    i know it just ur opinion but i dont get what u mean she has to lose some weight, shes skinny enough

  • mmmm.

    theres a tattoo/writing on her skin under her left boob. Cool!

  • Sophiazoey

    @Meike: You’re entitled to your opinion, but she’s 17, and she’s supposed to have some curves. She looks normal sized, and when people like you criticize her looks and young girls who worship her read that, it creates wrong body image in their heads, and puts pressure to look lyk they just got off a magazine cover.

  • xoxo

    she looks hot !!

  • =)=)=)

    she looks really grown up in here and her body …. no need to even say anything ! love it

  • =)=)=)

    and nice to see her taking a day off she looked really tierd

  • miss

    i think miley looks good. shes in shape shes 17, and she’s supposed to have curves. i wish it was sunny here cause it is freezing today i might have to move there lol.

  • Megan

    miley is stunning!! and she is the best big sister ever!! noah is SO lucky=) its so sweet they have such a good repationship<333

  • sarah


  • bravo51

    oh my my my miley :) very beautiful :)

  • kjlk
  • B

    Miley is perfect!
    jealous people, shut up!

  • Meike

    first of all, thanks for being nice on my comment. :)
    honestly, it’s really nice to read some normal comments about my comment, not the typical ‘ur so stupid to say sth like that’-blabla comments.
    @Sophiazoey: I can retrace your opinion and I really don’t want to create a wrong body ideal about 17year old girls, because I am almost 17, but I just think she’s a little chubby, not directly fat, but she has some bacon on her hips.

  • lmao

    wow nice dancing she had with her sis.. like a hooker. oh and the clothes she wears, well nice example miley:) (sarcasm wh)

  • taylor

    hahah that would be a iPod just jared junior, not a phone :)

  • LYDS

    OBVIOUSLY SHE HAS CURVES, that’s not the issue. she just needs flatter abs. OMG I SAID IT, OH NO. seriously you guys? what are you gonna do about it. i’m just…..somewhat disappointed in her. and, she has a tattoo? really don’t know what to say.

  • Lydia

    i adore u mileyyyy!!!!
    ma almeno potevi andare a miami quando ci sono stata anche ioo!

  • vanessa

    @Vulture Town: wow….why are u calling her fat ur doing the same thing that she did to miley..

  • boogie

    I think she looks gorgeous and why wud she be fat. Just cuz her bones isnt sticking out does not mean shes fat. Shes skinny/curvy and has a perfect body. I am skinny but have full thighs doesnt mean I m fat. and Meike or what ev its not an opinion if u cant get the look right. She looks great.

  • NATS

    She looks great, has an amazing body and a great personality.
    But let’s cut to the chase, what does the tattoo say?

  • mech

    god, the asshole who wrote ”fat” is sooooo envy of her. how could you say that she’s fat? do you have some kind of desease of the sight? sure you don’t? ok… check it out, anyway…
    she’s beautiful, but i’d preffer that she doesn’t uses so many piercings, honestly. And i really loved it when she had her red-hair or something like that… darker it’s not so pretty on her.

  • amber

    u all r so young and ignorant
    if u think shes fat

  • share

    MIley looks hot, she so tone i wish i had her body, she looks great, she looks so sexy lucky boy who gets to date her.

  • kara

    she has the best body i think i’ve ever seen on a 17 year old. i saw her two nights ago in tampa, and it was actually nice to see and know that this girl is NORMAL. her curves are perfect so that is annoying, but her thighs actually jiggle when she moves like the rest of us, and personally having curves, having some meat on your bones is HOT and is so much more attractive then bones and skin. she says it all the time too, shes like “Im not a size 0, i have curves, call me fat, but it’s who i am”

    dude, no one can even deny she is rockin it. as a 17 year old myself, i WISH my body was like hers.

  • meee

    she looks so pretty and in shape.
    I love her tattoo btw.

  • Ainsley

    does anyone know that the tattoo says??

  • mileyfan

    the tattoo is fake its a henna i have one like that but it looks cool. shes been using lots of hennas cool:)

  • marin

    since when has she had a belly button ring?

  • Future Mrs. Nick Jonas

    @sarah: ME TOO! WISH I WAS THERE!

  • Claire Norton

    She has gained some weight but she will lose some on her tour????
    But she isn’t fat. I would guess she is 130lbs which is healthy.

  • http://justjaredjr simone oconnell

    Enjoy the sun while you can miley next stop uk where it is freezing.You can pack away your swimsuits because I can assure you when you reach uk you will not need them if I were you I would stay where you are

  • krystin

    haha tattoo under left boob… kind of looks like “guess …” or “jesse …” not sure though… why would you get one there though?? kind of different…

  • simplylovely

    OMG!!!! SHE HAS A TATTOO UNDER HER BOOB!! THAT’S KINDA COOL, BUT I THINK SHE’S TOO YOUNG TO GET ONE. I mean it’s cool that she got one and all but maybe she should’ve waited till she was 18!!! BUT STILL THAT’S FRIKIN AWESOME!!!!!!!

  • Chelsea

    She looks amazing! She looks really healthy, def NOT fat and not skeletal which is good. I love her bikini and her belly button piercing is cute!