Nick Jonas Sings Rose Garden For Ryan Seacrest

Nick Jonas Sings Rose Garden For Ryan Seacrest

Nick Jonas stopped by KIISFM this morning to chat with Ryan Seacrest about his latest venture, Nick Jonas & The Administration.

The 17-year-old musician shared with the host about telling big bros Kevin and Joe that he wanted to start a side project.

Nick shared, “I wouldn’t compare it to a break up (laughs). I talked to them both individually and from step one, I went to them and told them that the songs I wrote, stylistically, weren’t exactly right for the Jonas Brothers sound. But I said, that with their blessing, I’d like to do this on my own. They were both so supportive. They said go do it, can’t wait to hear it.”

Nick even performed a new song, “Rose Garden” for Ryan. Check out Nick‘s full interview below!

Nick Jonas – The Ryan Seacrest Show, 12/3, Part 1

Nick Jonas – The Ryan Seacrest Show, 12/3, Part 2

Nick Jonas – The Ryan Seacrest Show, 12/3, Part 3
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  • nathalia

    soo proud of Nick..
    he’s amazing and i love him.

  • felicia NICOLE

    Omg rose garden is an awesome song i cried

  • chris

    Rose Garden is a beautiful song. I just really like this new sound.

  • rosegarden

    I love it
    and to me it sounds like a song about selena.
    but i dont really care who its about. its just an amazing song

  • mrs.nickj!

    suchhh a good song, nick is sooo inspiring:) rose gardens amazingg

  • Future mrs nick j

    AHHH I love nick soo much :) such a sweet guy. Wish i could meet him somedayyyy :D

  • Courtney


  • Chloe

    :O Beautiful song :)

    About selena? Probaly.. her mom had her when she was 16

  • jonascyrus

    I was so close to bawling my eyes out!! I was already tearing up when I herd the first couple lyrics and knew what the song was about, incredible lyrics and the soft tune makes it better and can you honestly believe that #whoIam is still #1 TT it’s been like that for almost 24 hours, and it’s doing great on itunes god bless him<3 he and his brothers deserves every single good thing happening to them!!!

  • ppp

    selena :))

  • SJS

    Beautiful song. This type of music really suits his voice better. The lyrics are wonderful too. After hearing this, I am definitely excited for his solo cd. It’s really amazing that he wrote this when he was 16. He’s such a talented kid. :)

  • Taylor stebbins

    freaking bawled my eyes out <3 i loveeee him! going to his concertttt for my 16th birthdayyyyyyyyy<333333333333

  • Stacey

    I don’t think the song is actually about a girl.
    Seeming as he said so himself, it’s metaphorical.
    I think you may find he’s on about America.
    Very Clever.
    Stating the division of the earth that actually created the country.
    Wow a truely amazing song.
    Let’s just hope more people see it’s true meaning.

  • sel

    its metaphorical, rose garden is a metaphor and the beginning is symbolic. its not about a girl, people who assume that its about his ex GFs are completely missing the true meaning behind the song.

  • pharmacy weight loss

    You rock!!!!

  • Jeannine

    Hello Jonas Brothers ! You are all awesome and Nick , I cant wait until your side project , Nick Jonas and the Administration comes out ! I missed your concert in Edmonton last summer because we were camping at the time , but will you please come back to Edmonton summer 2010 to the either the commonwealth stadium or the rexall place ? ? ? Thanx ! (-;

    —-Love Jeannine <333333333

  • marie

    flower shop would be like hollywood where the girl worked as an actress…
    I think its about selena…. Her mom had her at an early age and selena began working at an early age…She is also mature…***

  • Erin

    Wow I really like this song it’s so beautiful ; I heard the album comes out 7 days before my birthday so i’m happy :) Congratz to Nick and the band…may their future be great!

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