Nick Jonas: We Have So Much Coming Up!

Nick Jonas: We Have So Much Coming Up!

Nick Jonas is excited about his new venture with new band The Administration.

The 17-year-old musician dished to EXTRA about all the different side projects he and his brothers have going on.

Nick shared, “It’s a bit overwhelming how much [The Jonas Brothers] have coming up: the second season of the TV show, another world tour next summer… and then some individual projects, like this one. Joe will be doing some movies probably, Kevin‘s gonna be busy with some things on his own.”

Nick also added that the fans are welcoming of his ‘side project,’ saying, “They [the fans] know it’s something different. They’re looking forward to hearing it, and hearing it with an open mind. [The Administration] will be a lot different than anything I’ve ever done before.”

Check out Nick‘s full interview below and be sure to take a listen to Nick & The Administration‘s debut single, “Who I Am.”

Nick Jonas Chats The Administration
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  • justme

    oh im excited for his solo career

  • chris

    Love Who I Am. Already downloaded it from iTunes.

  • allison

    I hope he knows how amazing he is. That boy has some major skills to only be 17 years old.

    I can’t even use words to describe him. :”’)

  • nathalia

    @allison: i agree with you. he’s sooo amazing

  • Courtney

    We are very exicted!
    Who I am is amazing!

  • dalia

    If this sounds absolutely NOTHING like the Jonas Brothers then I’ll be mildly impressed… i don’t think the majority of the population (outside of six to twelve year old girls) could take more soul-crushing “music” like that anymore

  • Hychew

    OMG, I love him. But he sounds sick though! Poor Nick

  • chelsea

    i used to go back and forth from hating the jonas brothers to loving them to hating them again. but now i’m going through a “NO HATE” phase so i don’t hate them. But i don’t like them as much as i used to. I do like some of their songs though. But if there is one thing i like about them it is Nick Jonas.

    I love Nick J. I really do.

  • bizz

    lol This is just wonderful.He is wonderful.Im excited to here the rest of the song.

  • lulu

    awww he’s sooo cute wen he coughs!! i cant w8 4 his album!! love him so badly xxxxx

  • karen

    tadinho do meu bebê, ele tava doentinho, SUIDGSIUD
    te amo demais nick! <3 come to Brazil *-*

>>>>>>> staging1