Taylor Swift & Selena Gomez: Mozza Mates

Taylor Swift & Selena Gomez: Mozza Mates

BFFs Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift walk side-by-side together as they leave a late lunch at Mozza restaurant on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (December 2).

Selena, 17, was seen carrying a gift bag as they left — maybe a present from Taylor‘s ventures in London?

Last time Sel and Taylor had a girl’s night out was in October where they couldn’t stop giggling at Menchie’s.

Last night, it was announced that Taylor was nominated for eight Grammy awards!

10+ pics inside of besties Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez

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Credit: Lomeli; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • irene

    wow, taylor looks so beautiful…
    i can’t believe that she has 8 grammy nominations.. this is AMAZING!!

  • aidaa.

    Awww. *__*
    They are sooou. dayuum cuteee.. x ]
    They are really AMAZING.. & I loove both. <’3

  • Nihal

    Did you know that “Mozza” in Egyptian language means “hot chic” which is actually more fitting :D:D

  • Mariah

    So cute!! i love taylor’s hair!
    she has to come to Brazil ! :)

  • Demi

    Selena & Taylor are SO cute together.
    Definitly the new Super-BFF’s.
    At least Taylor’s someone you can trust..

  • Mel

    Awwww! Taylor looks so cute with straight hair!

    I mean, of course she looks better with curly hair, but there is no reason she can’t straighten it every once and a while just for a change of scenery . . . =)

    I can’t believe she has 8 Grammy nominations! I remember 2 years ago when she lost her only nomination, Best New Artist, to Amy Winehouse . . . eww . . . X___X
    Then last year she had none, and this year she has 8!!!! Incredible!! ^__^

  • http://www.misstinkerbell.webs.com Elle

    YAY! they look so cute!

  • pauli

    sel is so amazing!!!! i love her outfit!!!!

  • Sarah

    uuh quick question does taylor ever hang out with people her own age ?? just asking cause she’s wat 20 ? and all her friends are 17 , thats cool i guess i just always wondered that , they do look cute though , i love taylors hair straight , she should straighten it more often.

  • nathalia

    they’re amazing!
    i love them.

  • annuk

    Taylor with straight hair at last

  • http://- Mellz

    Love both of them..New Bffs..

  • Myriam

    OMG i love these girls :)

    New BFF’s incredible!!

    my two persons most important in this world with Justin Bieber :)

  • Alice

    :) its weird coz ur used to seeing her with curly hair! other than that..I LOVE IT and selena looks gawguss too! ;’) <3

  • Sassy

    Taylor looks so pretty with straight hair

  • rumi

    they look soo cute i love them!

  • ppp

    ahhhhhh looooove them :DD

  • mech

    oooooooooh they’re perfect together! i mean, as bff’s not as lesbians, at all u.u ahahaha
    do you think they’d talked about Taylor(Lautner)? hahaha who is going to keep him now? i’m a little bit afraid now… he goes out with girls like Taylor & Selena who are the most beautiful girls in Earth, and he doesn’t have anything bigger than a friendship with them. Is he gay or something? I preffer to think that he is a very correct guy who is waiting for the perfect girl for him to hang out with as boyfriend and girlfriend

  • claire

    cute!! now i want to see some selena/demi pics haha!!

  • tess

    true friendship)))

  • jessrei07

    my 2 favorites! ^^ i love both of them. they’re the sweetest and most sincere out of all the female celebrities. i love their friendship! (but i do miss selena&demi together)..

  • Jess!

    they look so cute!

  • justme

    u cant see any demi/selena recent pictures because they’re none of those. They’re not close anymore. Taylor Swift is Selena’s bestfriend now not Demi.

  • Amy


    Taylor’s best friend Abigail is 20. Her other best friend Kellie Pickler is older than her as is Katy Perry. The only 17 year old she hangs out with is Selena. So what are you talking about??

  • http://twitter.com/mileyluver15 sarah

    awww taylors soooo pretty shes my fashon icon!!

  • Stephbby

    They both just have this aura of sweetness around them.. They seem so friendly, kind, and approachable. I love them! They’re both so beautiful and I think it’s awesome how close they are. Taylor & Selena FTW.

  • Tiffany

    They look too cute. I hope they got cute stuff. Get all of Taylor’s clothes http://www.outfitid.com/

  • heat

    I love Taylor’s hair, I wish she straightened it more often…but it most likely takes forever to do that.

  • countryGirl

    taylor is 20 this month and selena 17..really whats the difference?? their in same age group 3 year difference big deal?? taylor isnt the club goer or alcohol drinker and all that crap that young hollywood does before the age of 21..she is a “good girl”..as for selena she is also a “good girl”… and these 2 dont do the whole out of control thing..taylor and selena seem very sweet and it doesnt surprise me that their besties. demi and miley are new besties now, and miley is a little hoe and demi doesnt seem that innocent i heard taylor was upset with demi because she went out with her ex joe..and friends dont do that..i dont like demi or miley they seem like drama queens and the kind that cant be trusted the kind that will stab a friend in the back!!…

  • Ashley

    @heat: actually, I have similar hair to taylors and it takes me an hour to do it, but that’s because mine’s really thick. I imagine hers would take 20 to 30 minutes. Anyway, she looks gorgeous with straight hair!

  • http://www.demidlovato.com.ar ArgentinaLOVESdemi

    I love Taylor’s straight hair! She looks so pretty :)
    They are both awesome, but it’s so sad that Demi and Selena aren’t that close anymore :(
    It really makes me sad, they had a such an amazing friendship :’(

  • Laura

    Both look gorgeous. I wonder what Selena thinks to the romance rumours about her and Taylor Lautner, seeing as though she had a kind of thing with him, Taylor being the person she is I bet she text her straight away and told her that it wasn’t true, I’d love to be Taylor’s friend.

  • justme

    Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift are great together and I bet Selena is happy for them. Selena is kinda the person who rather lose the guy she likes to her friend rather than breaking her bestfriend’s heart. It’s like Zanessa and Zac being friend’s with Ashley. Ashley use to be close with Zac and then he dated her bff Vanessa. Ashley is happy for them and so is Selena who is happy for Taylor and Taylor dating.

  • zanessa4life

    I love Taylor!
    Look at her hair! AMAZING!

  • Selaly

    Omg! Selena the best!.

  • Natalie

    Taylor looks nice with strait hair !

  • bravo51

    So many thoughts in my head right now but i will keep them to myself :)

  • erika

    taylor and selena are so gorgeous :). two of my favorite stars. and for those of you that are saying that taylor and selena have to big of an age gap are stupid because age doesnt matter.

  • marie

    I think Taylor has naturally wavy but almost straight hair, she curls them all the time, you can definitely tell…Anyways, she look good either way :)

    Read more: http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com/2009/12/03/taylor-swift-selena-gomez-mozza-mates/comment-page-2/#comments#ixzz0YgHh2ERc

  • marie

    woah…what happened to my other comment, lol

  • lol


    I agree with a lot that you say – especially that Miley can’t be trusted – she sure proved that with what she did to justin & nick & also breaking up the friendship between Sel & Demi. It does seem lately that Demi is becoming more like Miley & of course Miley is slowly becoming a train wreck.

  • sarah

    Wow! I love Taylor with straight hair!

  • Najla


    And there is another meaning. :P
    Mozza could be banana, but why would someone be called, Banana Mates? lol So I bet Jared meant the other meaning :p

  • Selenafan

    I love Selena!!!!!She looks beautiful and gorgeous as always.Selena is the BEST!!!!!!

  • Jessi

    @countryGirl: and i feel the total opposite, i think demi got sick of selena’s little act and i think taylor is just really immature. They seem like the ones that get all pouty and miley and demi are more open about stuff but not mean, they just tell it like it is. Taylor and Selena seem fake because they portray themselves as so perfect. Also, demi has known joe longer and they both deny anything other than friendship and taylor has no right to decide who she can and cannot be friends with. Miley isn’t a “hoe” she is just trying to be a normal teen, and yeah she makes mistakes but at least she is open about them and doesnt hide her real self just to please people and she is actually good at everything she does. I’m sorry but Selena can’t sing and Demi isn’t a very good actress.

  • qayla


    Just because you tell the world what you aren’t doing doesn’t make you “fake”. I know it must seem like that when you compare them to Miley & Demi but you have to realize that these two are desperately trying to reach an older audience by admitting to things and not being “perfect”. The more controversy the better it is for them, take Britney Spears when she was a train wreck two years ago. No matter how bad it got people couldnt look away.

    I think that if you want to be known as an accomplished entertainer, then you do that by FIRST leaving your private life private. If the media or fans/critics want to scrutinize what is happening behind close doors, leave it upto them…that is what the tabloids & entertainment shows are for…then dont need you to PUBLICISE it.

    that’s right sometimes being open=publicity.

  • qayla


    sorry the first sentance is suppose to read:

    Just because you don’t tell the world what you are doing doesn’t make you “fake”.

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    Taylor is so beautiful!


    Omg my 2 favorite Girls in the ENTIRE WORLD LOVE YOU TAYLOR&SElena !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TEAM TAY&SEL THEY look sOOOOOOOOOO cuteEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!


    WOnder what Taylor gave to sel???????????????TAylor You are so sweet LOVE YOU GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE JUST JARED FIND OUT!!????????????????????????WHAT do YOU think

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