Ashley Tisdale Gets A Tasty Treat

Ashley Tisdale Gets A Tasty Treat

Ashley Tisdale keeps her head down as she grabs a tasty treat from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in West Hollywood on Friday morning (December 4).

After picking up her fave blend, the 24-year-old singer, wearing her fave NY Yankee cap, headed off the gym for some fitness training.

Ashley was seen out and about yesterday afternoon walking pups Blondie and Maui with her dad Mike.

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Photos: WENN
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  • mArina

    soooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful -n
    BITCH _|_

  • Igor


  • Igor

    I love her too much~she’s so beautifull’ JJJ could have a contest about her ¬¬’ LOL

  • Igor

    Love her’ i want to meet her someday’ and i will~i promise myself LOL’

  • Gonzalo


  • carol

    oh gosh, she goes everyday in this place! :O SUIAIASDUIASDUSIDUSDIADAIADUSAIDUAIDS

  • abby

    Love that she’s wearing a Yankees hat in LA lol. Yay for NY.

  • lucia jonas

    she looks pretty as ALWAYS!!

  • lucia jonas

    I hope to met her someday, too

  • lucia jonas

    I like her outfitt!!!!
    how she can be so beautiful? I´m jealous

  • Jannii

    Wooow, pretty as always =)
    Love her so much =D

  • ZJ207

    GORGEOUS <333 :D

  • ZJ207

    @carol: this is her second visit to Coffee Bean in a month! lol

  • silvy

    she’s fantastic !! I love her !

  • April

    Ash is a coffee-holic
    She going there everyday
    seem like she has nothing to do lmao
    ….when Nessa is busy filming every single day…so hard woking…love her!

  • April

    she has noting to do but drinking coffee everyday!

  • haha (:

    lol this girl has no career the only thing she knows to do the best is nothing !
    She is a fail, fail and fail .

  • taylor

    I don’t see why people think she needs to be working every second of her life. There are plenty of actors and singers who take breaks between their projects, it’s perfectly normal. I would prefer her to take her time picking good movies rather than just doing one crappy one after another just to keep herself occupied.
    Ashley has spent the past year and a half working on her music, and before that she was constantly filming movies and shows. She has her production company and every other day she’s twittering about going to meetings. Obviously she’s still working.

  • florence

    omg why do people crtisize her?? if she want to drink alot of coffee let her!! leave her be.. and what do you know if she nos working?? maybe all the photos are taken when shes not working and if she isnt .. let her if she doesnt wan to.. i went to school with her and i can say she is NOT A BUM so stop critisizing ashley!! I LOVE YOU ASHLEY

  • fan

    Ashley is working. She is in Disney’s Phinnas & Pherb TV series as Candice. She is working on several concerts. And she is in process of producing a MTV Reality TV series. Plus she has her clothing lines production in Italy. So she has her hands full.

  • ZJ207

    I have learned that haters who talk like that are just looking for fights, and trouble between them and fans. So replying to them would be like helping them…

  • Daani


  • nina caplan

    omggg, you can’t stop loving this girl =)

  • ashpha

    I like what she wears now especially the cap. If you get bored as to what she does for the past weeks, better not make bad comments. She has her own manager handling her career. What ever her plans to her career in the next coming years, will gonna see. I myself want to see her in a more serious acting stints. She is getting old, enough for those disney’s projects. Reality shows, for me its all about making monies that if your projects will click to the mass media, what if not?

    Ashley as aka EHS alumna, was a household name already. But becoming a serious actor and leave a legacy in hollywood later means huge. You’re a star already! Need to maintain the brightness. You have lot of competitors. In the likes of Beverly Hills gals, Gossip Girls, The Hills, The Twilight gals etc .These are your levels look at them now. And of course your pal Vanessa. Look at them now. Wish you the best for next year.

  • ZJ207

    Just to clarify something, Ash won’t be in that reality tv show! She’s just gonna produce it with Blondie Girl Production…
    oh and it’s on E! not MTV :)