Selena Gomez Jams with FTSK

Selena Gomez Jams with FTSK

Selena Gomez high-fives lead singer Jonathan Cook as she plays a set with her favorite band FTSK at Avalon in Hollywood on Thursday evening (December 3).

FTSK just released their new album, This Weekend: Friday. Be sure to pick a copy up at their official website,

Also spotted out to support his “little sister” was David Henrie.

Also, check out Selena‘s concerts that were featured on Radio Disney: Total Access below! She did AMAZING!

Selena Gomez – “Falling Down” – Radio Disney: Total Access

Selena Gomez – “Kiss & Tell” – Radio Disney: Total Access
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  • jessica


  • selaly

    Here is my role model, Sellly the best.

  • =)

    wow! they are the best :) I love whoa oh and they have great voices.
    best role model ever =) LOVE YOU SELENA!

    xoxo, from Mexico

  • angel

    I fkn love selena. question: is that teleton thing gonna air on tv?
    I got into FTSK because of her.
    I had heard one song from them but totally forgot about it
    then she made that yt video. idc I think they’re a good band. they’re
    music is fun & they seem like nice guys.

  • Louberry

    FTSK is THE band :D
    I don’t like Selena a lot, but well… If my boys like her, then I like her too. haha

  • chuchi

    woahh. she got better! like a lott :)) hahha i love her selly is my fave!

  • asd


  • eLLa

    i love her
    but i feel like she was kinda uncomfortable on stage. i dunno, i think she was afraid her dress would go up if she jumped a lot.

  • Mellz

    awww..i want to see her perform with ftsk….
    video please…

  • EvErY1rOxX

    she’s has been improving on her singing sooo much! seriously!

    I’ve always had love for this girl but some of her first live performances were ehh. . . .hard to listen to.

    she’s getting more comf singing live & being on stage! so that’s good!

    but she’s still has a lot of room for improvement, & she dances & moves her body really awkward on stage lol

  • romyy

    i LOVEE ftsk they are amaziing!
    and i like that they get along with Selena, she is pretty cool too
    i saw ftsk on the cheap date tour last month and they were incredible!
    the new album is amaziiingggg!

  • sophie

    she has an amazing voice, very sweet and beautiful, love her and her voice.

  • angel

    @eLLa Lol, I saw her jumping around on stage and was thinking “isn’t she afraid one of her boobs may pop out?” I would’ve been terrified if I was wearing a strapless dress, haha.

  • Jess!


  • bravo51


    LOL see if i said something like that i would look like a perv….:)

    BUT…..going by some of the other pictures i have seen of her up there on stage i think she came very close to have a wardrobe malfunction moment

  • chitose


  • caroline

    @Louberry: EXACTLY! LOL. I’m around little kids a lot and I kind of “make” myself like what they like, without “making” myself like it, you know . . . it’s like a natural process I’ve perfected, lol.

  • sisindela

    Fantastic show! Selena and The Scene = BEST

  • pharmacy weight loss

    i love her <3

  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    she is sooo cuuuttttte !!

  • dddaaahhhdooo


  • lulu

    i never really thought she was a great singer, i don’t really think she has a singing voice, but that was actually quite good. i don’t really like her, i find her annoying, but she’s doing what she loves and if it makes people happy, that’s great!! xxx

  • erika

    amazing videos

  • teamedwardxoxo

    are you guys serious??? she cannot sing! I dont hate selena at all and i even watch her show sometimes. Did u ever notice that in EVERY live performance of “Falling Down” selena doesnt sing at the youuuuuuu part? she always outs the mic to the audience bcuz she cant hit the note! all these comments make me wonder if we’re watching the same video…

  • carley

    i really like selena gomez as an actress, but i feel really bad saying this.. i don’t take her seriously as a singer

  • missdestinyhope

    @lulu: she sounds better on her YT videos than in concert. Sorry, but it’s true.


    WOW!!!!!!!! amazing performance shes getting better every day cant wait to see her new video SEL ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • annie

    I wanna see her so bad!!!!!

  • dina

    david henrie and selena are not really brother and sister! she an only child and he has a little brother!

  • angel


    I’ve seen her in concert. I was surprised, I thought she sounded really good. Great energy, too.

  • jennifer

    I love her. I saw her in concert at Dallas. She’s so good. And ADORABLE.

  • http://jr that a lot of teens not kids .

    that alot of teens at that concert not like miley with all those kids …..

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