Miley Cyrus Needs Her O2

Miley Cyrus Needs Her O2

Miley Cyrus steps out in short shorts at the Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball held at O2 Arena in London on Saturday night (December 5).

The 17-year-old performer just completed her Wonder World Tour in the USA and is set to perform at a few European dates. Check out Miley‘s official website, for more info!

Miley was also featured in the “Dreams Come True: A Celebration of Disney Animation” special on ABC this past Friday.

10+ pics inside of Miley Cyrus

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Photos: Daniel Deme / WENN, Ian Gavan/Getty
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  • Vivii Jonas Lautner!

    Mileyy I lov uu! but, What about those Shorts?! OmG!
    But, I luv u anyway ; )

  • kiera

    She looks mega gorgeous.
    Looks beautiful.
    I love her casual outfit <3

  • sean84

    shes so gorjess i wanna marry her lol

  • sean84

    miley pleez marry me lol

  • melu


  • bruno

    She looks even hotter every day, i loveu milez, day n day enven MORE! :)

  • lina

    miley look soooo gorgeous, gotta love her

  • azalea

    yeah she looks gorgeous, hot and awesome !!
    Love her outfit. She shows her long legs. Love it.
    I love you more and more day by day Miley !!!

  • eryn

    I love her, but she’s been looking like a wax figure lately :(

  • florencia

    she look GEORGEOUS !!!!! (i ♥ her boots)

  • hellokitty

    she is a very pretty girl but summer is over…..put the short shorts away!

  • Amy


  • overated.

    @ana: LOL you made my day. I agree with everything you just said there though. But I do like her eyes. I wouldn’t be surprised if 9 year olds who look up to her start wearing really short shorts and a shirt that almost shows half your bra.

  • alexis

    yeah but guess what, she didn’t ask 9 year olds to be her, she didn’t ask them to look like her, and she’s not responsible for parenting them. she’s 17 now, so you tell me, what 17 year old is told that they need to teach millions of other young girls how to live their lives.

    i met miley last wednesday, and I can tell you one thing, she’s nothing you and ana think she is, she’s nice, down to earth, and if you want to judge someone you haven’t even met, then that’s your loss isn’t it?

  • abby

    Did she die her hair dark again? It looks amazing on her. I agree with Alexis Miley is a 17 year old young woman who is not here to be the parent to millions of young girls. That is the parents job not Miley’s. Miley is here to perform for them, not parent them.

    I don’t really like the boots but the rest is cute.

  • Amy

    uh….shez suppose to know this kind of stuff
    because she’S 17, she has to start talking responsibility for her actions.
    and cmon
    if she didnt kno 5 year olds looked up to her, than she needs to get her head checked up
    i mean
    she has a younger sister so she shld know how she needs to at least where somesort of appropriate clothes
    obviosuly she shldnt have to wear long sleeve pants and shirt that covers everything but showing off ur bra lyk its normal is just a little inappropriate.

  • madison

    I LOVE that when you xclick on the pic you can see her bra hanging out. WTF. Miley Cyrus is honestly a joke to me. Linday Lohan must see herself when she looks at her.

  • MileyFanFromKorea

    Can you leave Miley alone? It is not her fault if 9 years old look up to her. She can ware what she wants. I admit I dont verry like that we can see her bra. But at least we dont see her cleevage. So these pics are ok for me. And she is so verry stunning. I love her so verry much.

  • Bob Brown

    I’m worried about this wonderful kid and the direction her handlers are pushing her. The shorty shorts are not appropriate. The pole dancing was not appropriate.

    It raises again watching Taylor Swift posing as a ‘rag doll’ for the “New York Times Style Magazine.” They are going after our kids.

    And they will not stop.

  • yourlover
  • MileyFanFromKorea

    @Bob Brown:

    There was no pole dancing. She was holding it. So she dosent fall on the ground.

  • Team seth clearwaterr!

    attention seeker much?

  • Lailey

    @alexis: I’m sorry, but Miley kind of did, cause she IS apart of Disney.

  • Sweetmalakrock♥

    This is inappropriate ! and what’s with her make up ?
    she is 17 and pretty no need that much !!!

  • Lailey

    @alexis: she kind of did, Miley IS apart of Disney. She’s just trying to look older, the way little girls would play dressup and act like they’re older!

  • mrs.nickjonas

    I hated her outfit… But I LOVED her hair and make up….

  • anti-miley&ashley

    who the hell wears shorty shorts and shirt that shows her bra to an event, especially at an event where someone wears dresses. like, hey miley, beeen lookin super whorish lately, yeah yeah so how you been? oh youve been trying to catch people’s attention and make scandals. typical. -.- shes so boring now.

  • ellen

    miley cyrus was ammmmmazing last night ong ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh i cryed when she sung the climb :D:D:D:D love herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • carley

    maybe she could’ve shown up wearing something a bit more appropriate?
    i don’t know, just a thought.

  • adam

    Hot hot hot hot hot

  • missdestinyhope

    @alexis: SOME ONE WHO GETS ME! She is not paid to babysit 9 Year Olds, She’s a performer! It is not her job to raise kids, that ‘s what PARENTS are for.@Sweetmalakrock♥: Um hello, she’s 17 , not 12! This outfit is suitable for her age!

  • missdestinyhope

    @madison: your comment is a joke to me. NEVER EVER put LILO in the same sentence with that CAR CRASHING, POT SMOKING, BOY FRIEND STEALING W-H-O-R-E!

  • disapointed

    @alexis: Well you know what? yea she didnt ask for it BUT IT HAPPENED. 9 year old do love her and are going to mimic her. Even if she didnt ask for it , she IS a role model for young girls whether you say so or not. A superstar is mimiced by anyone who likes them. I hope she is a nice down to earth girl, because the way she portrays it doesnt look it. Do you go outside with your bra hanging out? What does that say to people if you walk down the road or at the mall with bra hanging out? i can tell you if i saw someone i would be thinkin a word that rhymes with shut.

    Sad thing for me is, I admire her greatly for her talent and music . I think she sings well and her acting is very very good. I just wish she would give off a good message because even though she didnt ask for it, shes a role model.

  • disapointed

    @missdestinyhope: Her outfit is suitable for an ADULT and technically SHES NOT ONE YET.

  • Mel

    I don’t know about this shorts-trend Miley has had going for the past few months. =/
    I mean, this outfit would be cute to wear if it was spring/summer, but she started wearing all these shorts at the beginning of fall, and is continuing to wear them into winter!!
    Brrrr!!! Isn’t she cold?? Haha! =P

  • jlene

    @Bob Brown: I agree with you, it will not stop. These grown ups that market these kids because of the almighty $$ don’t realize that whether or not they want to be role models for 7,8 or 9 yr. olds, etc. they really are because they are exposed. What they do, wear, say, etc. these youngsters are picking it up because of exposure and a thing they call, “FAD”. Don’t blame the parents, blame it on television and the people behind the scenes. There is so much pressure these days of the almighty $$, they don’t really care who it affects, who sees it and so on just as long as they buy it and the moola comes rolling in, society sucks these days.

  • lulu

    she looks nice, but does she only own shorts? x

  • fearless

    @carley: she is a natural hooker, remember?

  • why

    ENOUGH with the short shorts! it’s frickin winter, she is in desperate need of a makeover! and i wont EVEN get into the hair extensions!

  • pharmacy weight loss

    she looks amazing :)

  • beci

    she looks amazing… and i wuld luv her outfit even more… if she wore a shirt that wen she moved didnt reveal her whole damn bra!!!! im a fan relly but come on thats not classy at all, its hot yes for a 21 yr old but its just slutty and inappropriate for a 17 yr old

  • twilightzz

    She looks beautiful but still don’t like her!

  • wow

    & @bobbrown

    some of what you say is a sad truth – but in Miley’s case – it is all Miley – she likes dressing like a s**t – especially ever since she made that movie this summer & started going out with the aussie – she has turned into a little pig. It is a shame – but I do not blame her handlers – except her parents who obviously approve of all of her actions.

  • http://iamgettingsotired emily

    i love her but ugh im getting soo tired of seeing her face everywhere & shes starting to make me say shes ugly!

  • Tiffany

    When you get into this business, especially Disney Channel, you should know that there will be millions looking up to you. So yes, it is partly her responsibility to be a good role model. And she knows that, she just is trying to grow up way to fast. But dressing like a hooker is showing she’s not doing it in a very mature way.

  • basanova

    i don’t think she’s photogenic…but it’s okay and fair enough…. yeah She is great entertainer…

  • lol

    I agree & I am getting sick of seeing her wearing her bra as an outter garment too. you said it – she dresses like a hooker both on stage & off. If that was my daughter I would be ashamed of her appearance.

  • crazy4jonas

    she looks amazing but thoes shorts are too short! and whats up with that bra showing?!

  • miserybusinessx3

    first of all, none of you know anything. miley isn’t going to an event. she’s performing there. that’s the jingle bell ball in the uk. it’s not some hollywood party.

    secondly, she’s not responsible for teaching your kids. why don’t you get off your butt & do the parenting instead of letting a 17-year-old superstar do it for you.

    & thirdly, do you really think she cares about anything you say? face it. every word you type, miley gets more & more famous. haters are always gona be haters. & she’s never gona give a damn.

    but whatever. cuz no matter what you do & no matter what you say… miley cyrus is ALWAYS gona be bigger than you. (:


    she so hot i love her !