Nick Jonas Wants Someone To Love Him for 'Who I Am'

Nick Jonas Wants Someone To Love Him for 'Who I Am'

Nick Jonas may be thinking about running for President someday, but it’s the last thing on his mind at the moment — especially with what he says his new single with band The Administration, “Who I Am”, means.

The 17-year-old musician is just looking for a little loving.

Nick shared, “It’s [one of] the first songs we wrote for the record; it means a lot to me personally. It’s a song just about trying to find love and wanting to find that person who understands who you are. I think everyone can relate to something like that. It was also one of the first songs I recorded for the record, so it set the tempo for the sound.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Nick & The Administration’s first single?

Nick Jonas Chats “Who I Am”
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  • KariDD

    i love nick!!!!!!!!!!1 who i am is amazing!

  • Hannah

    I think Seelna should be the one who loves him for who he is ;) x

  • florencia

    ouuuuuhhh … I Love Him !!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • reem

    its so great song

  • reem


  • samantha

    i love this song, its actually on repeat right now!

  • athena

    Okay, puberty and angst…he’ll get over it…calm down Nick…you’re still a bit young to be looking for love…have fun and enjoy the ride of the millions of girl fans.


    Ugh. Nick. It’s not that you’re not talented. It’s that I can’t stand your egotistical personality. It’s only standable when you’re with your bros. Please get over yourself, for your band’s sake. Pretty please?

  • ashley

    @FANNA: omg i agree 100%.he;s talented but i like nicj,joe,and kevin matter what people say they have split up in certain the band is together but not really.kevin spends all hie time with daniella.joe househunting/loking for movie roles.and nicks going solo.they are kinda separated:(

  • but why when what heh ha huh?

    whatttttttttt he already have the person who understand him for who he is and she was there all the time he just should find her and she really loves him so much guss who btw im talkin about me i mean i love him but there is another teen star love him soooooooo much guss who????????/

  • Future Mrs. Nick Jonas

    I love him <3 its all i can say.

  • Elena

    I think that Nick Jonas & TA is a good plan- you can see that Nick wants to make music, just hear to the new sound, it’s groing up with him, and I can understand why does he go solo
    Joe is probably going to do movies
    Kevin is engaged
    I’m fine as long JB still stays together :)

  • kj

    Love this song and see nothing wrong with him doing a solo project as well as the Jonas Brothers. They have things they want to do also. That doesn’t mean they have split up. It means that they have grown up. There’s nothing egotistical about Nick. In fact most people that meet him talk about how down to earth and humble he is. He is a talented musician who also gives a love of himself for good causes. Not many 17 year olds can say that.

  • Florencia

    I love him, he’s so talented, they have really grown up and we support him ♥

  • jonaslove

    I LOVE THIS SONG!! it’s is really good, but MY GOD “rose garden” is AMAZING!!<3 & btw he isn’t doing this solo project beacause he is egotistic he is doing it because he is still young and has alot to do and he wants to continue music, it’s what he lives for. As for Kevin he is getting married and Joe wants to act, we should let them do what they want to and feel happy doing!! Nick is at the top right now with the itunes, the all sold out shows and songs are really good he has a mature fan base now so he is on the right track so let’s just show him some support cause if you’re a Jonas fan technically you support each and every single one of them <3 I LOVE YOU JONAS BROTHERS

  • Nkeeyah

    I love that they are doing seperate things while keeping the band together. I really love Who I Am. Nick is very talented and has a bright future ahead of him.

  • mel

    love the single. that boy was destined to touch people with his music. he has such an incredible talent. im glad hes able to do somthing so special to him, but still be able to keep the band<3

  • missy

    so proud of him. as a seventeen year old as well i can defintiely relate(:

  • cjones

    Wow, Nick Jonas is a musical genius and I look forward to what he has to bring us. I had never even paid attention to the Jonas Brothers until the Teen Choice Awards this year (which I normally never watch). But for some reason I had the TV on that channel when they came out and performed “Much Better”. It was Nick that blew me away……playing the piano, the guitar, and that wonderful voice! And I have since learned that he is also an amazing drummer…..but the songwriting….so-o-o impressive! Beautiful melodies and such meaningful lyrics! I have followed them ever since just waiting for the moment we could experience more of what he had in him……and here it is…..”Who I Am”! I absolutely cannot wait for the album! Thanks and congratulations to Nick for being able to express and share such amazing talent! I WILL be at his first shows in Dallas…..driving all the way from Florida……and I can’t wait!

  • lulu

    he is extremely talented, he should be so proud of himself, he and his brothers are great and great role models for kids. Saw them in concert, words can’t even describe how amazing it was. I love “Who I Am” and “Rose Garden” is soooo good!! Love it!!

    AND I’LL LOVE YOU 4EVA NICK!!!!! x x x

  • Maria

    I think nick should do what ever he feels
    in him and what makes him happy
    by the way I love rose garden
    I think it is amazing because I feel the same way

    LOVEE you NICK

  • http://jonas yvonne

    me and you are born on sept the 16 but im 10

  • http://jonas yvonne

    nick me and u are born on the same i6 of sept but im 10 im not a huge fan but i do watch you on tv you but i know some freinds who hate you beacause you went out with miley and they think shes a skette if u know wat i mean bye for now yvonne

  • Danielle Barnes

    I love the song because i cannot find the person who loves me for me and be proud of that!! So I understand what Nick is going through and at least he is doing something that makes him proud and something to feel good about!! So all you girls who thinks that Nick is on a high horse lay OFF he is making the world a better place by creating good music!!!! So keep at it Nick don’t ever stop because its tough!!!
    love you

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