Justin Bieber: Knicks & Nobu in NYC

Justin Bieber: Knicks & Nobu in NYC

Justin Bieber quickly snaps a pic with country singer Shania Twain as they attend the launch of held at Skylight Studio in NYC on Tuesday evening (December 8).

The 15-year-old “One Less Lonely Girl” singer came out of Nobu with smeared lipstick on his left cheek. Justin admitted on his Twitter, “Just got a kiss from Rihanna!! Hahahahaha. Life is amazing!!”

Justin also got to rub shoulders with Celine Dion on Monday night at the New York Knicks basketball game at Madison Square Garden.

He tweeted, “Just left the knick game and met my fellow Canadian Celine Dion. @dankanter will be jealous.”

15+ pics inside of Justin Bieber

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Credit: Justin Campbell; Photos: BuzzFoto, Nick Laham/Theo Wargo/Jason Kempin/Getty
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  • Angelica

    YAY! First!!!!!!

  • Angelica

    Justin Bieber is so cute but he’s 1 year younger than meh, so…:(
    but yah…he’s cool…he sings good!

  • Brittany

    God, he annoys me so much, he’s just ugly spoiled kid…and no more…and what’s wrong with that everybody keeps sayin “he’s to talanted”…i’m sorry, what? u mean, he’s 9 y/o girly voice is so talanted…oh yeah, like never mind…

  • Brittany

    oh yeah, and dear Justin, stop lickin Taylor Swift’s and Shania Twain’s ass…it’s not gonna help you, so get the fuck out! I’m so tired of these absolutely NO talant boys and girls like Justin Bieber who are tryin to look like they’re eally big and famous in the music industry…who the hell cares about Justin Bieber? like his 10-14 y/o fans? oh yeah, whatever…

  • Brittany

    Music industry today, needs some REALLY talanted people like MJ, Madonna, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, J.Lo and more…these people are just super talanted, and they have an amazing voices, they can sing, they can dance, they’re just idols…but what about some stupid and boring stars like Justin? nothing…as i said, he sings like 9 y/o (i can’t believe that was a gyt, when i heard his song for the first time), he can’t dance, he’s lickin everyone’s ass in Hollywood, cuz he thinks it’s gonna make him more popular…like, NO! so get the fuck out…NEXT!

  • none

    Justin Bieber has an over inflated ego and is a womanizer. Virgin girls everywhere run to save yourselfs before this jerk deflowers you. Everytime he opens his mouth he puts his foot into it. He is no good. Run before he deflowers you.

  • whatever


    He’s such a cutie.

  • Rosieee


    hes so cuute and fit!

    and i love him dearly!:’)<3

  • Rosieee


  • Rosieee


  • jlene

    Attention seeker, I’ll be honest, this kid is just mediocer, nothing big about him but he’s got the right idea, now days it’s who’s ass youkiss big time to get ahead, it’s not about talent, everybody has some of that, it’s about how brown your nose can get not matter who you step one or rub on. It’s so pathetic that the music industry is getting so darn hard up for money that they’ll take anyone and anything, even Taylor Swift who can’t sing either but because she had alot of concerts and appeal to the young crowds whose parents support that sort of behavior it’s showing how America is so weak to all this BS. Theree is no real talent anymore.

  • Ana

    OMG, why are you people just criticizing him? ok, if you don’t like him that’s fine, but you have to admit that he has a really good voice.

    i aGree with brittany on how no talented boys and girls are famous when they have no talent but this kid has. ok, he may sound like a young little boy, but guess what?? HE IS A YOUNG LITTLE BOY!!

    oh, and “none”, whoever you are.. honey you seriously need to grow up. he’s 15 years old. i’m sure that he’s main interest is not to “deflower” ( LOL xD) her fans. but well, you are probably just 9 or 10 who still believes that sex is a big scary monster. haha.. you’re funny xP

  • Ana

    *his fans, i mean.

  • Ana

    *his fans

  • nikki

    @Brittany: i agree he is really bad at singing! so i dont care for him, all my friends make fun of him along with me it is all 10 years and younger that like him

  • Abi

    If you dont like Justin, dont comment, simpal as. Keep it to your self because not that many people want to know.
    The people who like Justin can comment, like me :)

    I think its so funny that he still had the lipstick on his cheek as he got his pictures done Haha!! He look so cute in all of these pictures, Love them :D

  • jasmine

    I agree 100% with Ana on this one.
    Come on, he’s freaking fifteen. He’s doing something that he loves and he’s just living the dream. When did that become illegal? And FYI, singers and performers like MJ, Mariah Carey, Britney Spears and all of them didn’t’ just roll out of bed and become these huge sensations. They actually started somewhere and built themselves up. So why can’t he do that? And, some people, me for example, (and by the way, i’m fifteen) think he has a really nice voice, so what’s the big deal?
    Keep posting stuff on him Jared!
    i love him. and i could care less what all the haters think. He does have talent, alot more than the jobros & them do. Hope he stays farrr away from disney :)

  • jasmine

    oh, & btw, he can deflower me anytime :)))

    jkkk . <3

  • http://www.theentertainmentempire.com Trey

    I agree totally with Jasmine!
    I mean he’s just a kid trying to get his career started!
    And the main point is, he’s not bad, in fact he’s great.
    Go Justin!!
    Keep your awesomeness going :)

  • none

    @Rosieee: I have the right to say whatever I want and he is a womanizing jerk and I for one am sick of girls chasing after jerks when the good guys get dumped on. He has an inflated ego and someone needs to warn people about jerks like him.

  • Tayrosegarden


    actually he’s dated a girl that was 16 and a half so he would date someone a year older

  • Caroline

    I wouldn’t call this kid a womanizer. He sure wishes he were, but talking about getting with Rihanna and actually doing it are two different things. All this kid does is TALK about woman.

  • http://justjaredjr.com #1 Jonas Brother Fan!

    @Brittany: Calm down! Geez if you don’t like Justin, why don’t you get the f*ck out!? Justin ROX!

    I love Justin sooooooo much! :D
    He ROX! His haters SUCK!

    Bye :)

  • http://justjaredjr.com #1 Jonas Brother Fan!

    @Ana: OMG! You’re so right! Bahahaha :P

  • Psyche

    I don’t think Justin answered Brittany’s obsessive fan mail, not to mention she probably is dying of envy! I’ve known Justin since he was ten, and he has been and always will be awesome! YOU ROCK JUSTIN!!!

  • Psyche


    That he can deflower you, Trey? Awkward…

  • http://dfadhilah.blogspot.com Dhea


  • danielle

    youre saying he isnt a role model. he came from a small town in canada and followed his dream. in my opinion, he’s a superb role model ‘cos hes motivated people to go out and follow their dream and never give up.

    alrite, yeah, his singing isn’t the best and there are other people out there who may have better voices than him. youve got to awknowlege the fact that he is signed – if he was that bad, he wouldnt be, would he ? and also bare in mind that he’s fifteen !!

    and oh yeah, his 10/14 year old fans. you do know, that he has fans all over the world ? and most teenagers know who he is. and its understandable that his fans are going to be young, because he’s young. i mean, susan boyle isn’t going to listen to justin bieber and justin bieber isn’t going to listen to susan boyle is he ? !

    and also, he is a huge flirt ! hes a 15 year old guy for god sakes ! hes only having a laugh and doing what all other teenagers do.

    hmmm. you’re saying he’s ugly ? is that why practically every single teenage girl fancies him ? oh, he’s spoilt now is he ? well i’ll have you know, that, *evidently*, he works for his money ! he has more money and things than everyone else his age because he earns it ! thats maybe why he appears to be spoilt. possibly you’re just too bone idle to see that ?

    have a nice daaaay.

  • http://mocospace justin bieber

    justin bieber have to pick us

  • Vannessa

    Okay everyone is arguing JB is Hot <3 Hes voice is beutiful Soo *cough* dont coment if you dont like him <3 *cough*

    ILU JB

  • http://HAHA LISA


  • http://haha lisa

    heey Justin bieber you are so hot and I love you.. are you singel haha :D:D

  • http://google makalia

    hey its makalia u r so hot im your biggest fan

  • http://google makalia

    u coming down this week

  • stephanie mcfadden

    i LOVE Justin he is the best singer around and all u haters are just hatting cause u are not hot like him or cant sing like him and u prob don’t like him cause u don’t like your self so shut up and stop being rude and making fun of other people and check your self cause your a HATER


  • Amanda

    Justin is awesome, i just recently got into him and he has a wonderful voice. I think he is better than the Jonas Brothers and I am a big fan of theirs to. And to all of you who don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it at all, you wouldn’t want someone saying bas stuff about you on the internet so you don’t to him. Hell, I am 19 years old, and I love him, he is a great singer, a great person, and someone who love what he is doing. He is a great example for young kids, and more pop stars should be like him aka Miley Cyrus. So just leave the hell alone him. You keep on going Justin Bieber and hope your foot gets better. Heck, he broke his foot at the beginning of a concert in London, and kept performing until the end, I am pretty sure most of you can’t do that, and I bet that he hurt so much, trust I have broken a bone and it hurts.

  • Randabieber

    WOW haters need to go somewhere hes just trying to live his dream gosh what would you guys do if you were famous and people started hating on you and calling you bad names. And before you start trash talking me think about what i just said and instead of trying to be all bad and giving out “good come-backs” just don’t even bother leave him alone please and thank you!:)

  • Amanda rodrigues Assis

    I love Justin Bieber!♥♥♥

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