Miley Cyrus is Groucho Gorgeous

Miley Cyrus is Groucho Gorgeous

Holding onto her leopard print coat, Miley Cyrus step out of the infamous London Groucho Club on Tuesday evening (December 8).

Earlier in the week, the 17-year-old actress got a chance to meet the Queen of England during the Royal Variety Performance, but seemed more excited about another attendee — Lady Gaga.

Miley wrote on her official Web site, “I met Lady Gaga!!!” — more than 50 times.

WHO WOULD YOU like to meet more — The Queen or Lady Gaga?

10+ pics inside of Groucho club cutie Miley Cyrus

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  • lauren

    im so sick of her.

  • forson

    she is breath takingly beautiful. There is something special about miley, she so full of life and such a nice hearty girl. You can not take your eyes off her beauty.

  • Mel

    Hmmmm, Meeting the queen would be an honor . . . but Lady Gaga would probably be more exciting cause you never know what she is going to do next! =P Haha!

  • dante

    Poor miley even in the uk they follow her. she can’t take a break from papz., but am glad to see her smiling. she has the best smile is like you look at her and you want to smile. she is always so happy and positive.

    She really is beautiful……

  • Hanna

    She looks beautiful ♥
    But I hate that coat!

  • chloe

    i live in england – and yeah of course it would be amazing to meet the queen and lady gaga and especially miley being from the usa metting the queen from england is a big deal but not a big as meeting a world famous entertaing which is in the same industry and she it – but writting on her blog saying over and over that omg i meet lady gag i think is an insult to england as she has came to are country to meet her…..

  • Bruce

    Then why are you checking out this story??

    Do you always check out stories about people you hate??


  • ruby

    I agree this is kind of insulting to me and my country. Yeah metting lady gaga would be cool but it’s not an honour- which meeting the Queen would be. Don’t get me wrong I actually quite like miley, she’s beautiful and talented but I think she should show a little respect. It like me going to the US and meeting Obama and then going on about how I just met (e.g) lady gaga.
    Still hope she has a nice time over here.

  • annie

    Both suck!!!
    GAGA AND MILEY SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

  • phoebe

    @lauren: I am sick of you haters!
    If you don’t like Miley that’s your opinion and that’s fine but if you don’t why bother to check out what she’s doing?
    I love Miley she’s a great role model. Everybody makes mistakes, AND everybody wears shorts! come on! Miley looks great and she does have a beautiful smile:]

  • pauli

    ewwww miley is soo nasty to me… her face are too fat and ugly, she always use a lot of make up and shes only a teenager, her skin must be so horrible!!!! and her hair is so ewwwwwwww fake with all those extension…..

  • pauli

    @forson hahaha i just can stop to laughing for your comment…. beauty??? yeah right, vyrus always looks so trashy and like a very ugly travesty…. hahahahahahaha

  • hjhk

    she looks amazing the best disney star ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • m

    Haters have low self-esteem

  • joecool

    @annie: @lauren: @pauli: Meow,Meow,Meow, or should I say who let the “dogs” out!!!


  • jaya

    she seriously needs a slap…does she actually realise how rude she is?!

  • countryGirl

    miley is a pretty girl, im not a fan of hers im not crazy about her personality, but she is a child not everyone is mature at 17yrs old. she is a very pretty girl and i aint gonna lie just cause i dont like her…i came to read about gaga…but i had to comment about some of your remarks..because its just MEAN !

  • Vic2763

    She looks beautiful ♥
    And I love that coat:)

  • chastity

    LOL @ pauli – no argument there. she does have lots of extentions. doesn’t look nice. i think she’s a pretty girl but her personality and the way she carries herself makes her really unappealing. i won’t even start with that “role model” crap. it’s both her fault and her parents’.

  • http://justjaredjrr shamilah

    she looks cool!
    i would love to meet the Jonas Brothers!!
    & miley why say OVER 50times i met lady gaga i mean whats so BIG about her??? more like you should be saying OMGOMG i met the GUEEEN UR IN England!!

  • http://justjaredjrr shamilah

    * i mean the queen not Gueeen lmao

  • Anele

    Well..! That’s hard … Really hard! But I think that met the BOTH would be nice!! ;P

  • Tiffany

    Get her cute leopard coat here

  • Morgan

    LOL ! Offended ! Miley didn’t seem that happy 2 meet the queen. I live in London, England and how dare she like Lady Gaga more than the queen ! …. Joking :) Our queen aint all that ! a couple of years ago, she reused to go 2 her son’s wedding….cruel. I personally would have been much more excited 2 see Gaga :)

  • Carol

    Seriously, I have a lot of respect for the Queen, she does a lot socially and politically for the country, but some of you guys are talking about her like she’s God. I don’t see why you expect Miley to be anymore excited about meeting the hereditary Head of State in England, than she would be meeting the Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

  • Carol

    And I have nothing against the Prime Minister, either, just to clear that up! haha

  • lifesgood

    omgg i love her coat:) she has great fashion taste:)
    lol meeting lady gaga would be SOO AMAZING:) & the queen would be such an honor!
    im happy that miley is recognized world wide:)
    soo proud of her!!:)

  • Sandy

    We wanna win! We wanna Win!!!! We love Ooh la la, totally texty and Noie and Ems!!!

  • wow

    Well Queen Elizabeth has been the queen of the UK for more than 60 years (she is over 80 years old) and is much loved and respected by her people & the UK/England is the closet of allies that the USA has. If they taught history and respect in school like they should, perhaps teens would know that. During WWII the US fought side by side with the UK & France & other allies & liberated England and France, etc. Another good reason to show respect. I was raised in a family with a history of serving in the armed forces & have much respect for the history of our country. But in the world of teenies & Hollywood there it is hard to see any respect – just people with big egos & living life in the fast lane – which is what we see happening to Miley – 17 years old & out clubbing & where was mommy? Was Miley out with her 29 year old guy friend with whom she seems joined at the hip these days? I used to have a lot of respect for & always defended Miley – but I can’t anymore – she has turned into some spoiled, self centered hollywood fast chic.

  • ronnie

    Of course she was exited to see Lady Gaga, especially since they both sing. If somebody would ask me if I wanted to meet the queen or John Mayer, I wouldn’t think for a second. Bye bye queen. And I don’t even sing. Why would I want to met an 83 year old woman I can’t even talk too.
    And she was in a members club, not in a dance club. Blah.

  • Daniel

    Miley Dancing

    Bad Romance Lady gaga single
    at London :)

  • emele

    oh miley, did your purity slip off your finger? you havn’t been wearing it lately.

  • alyza geraldine

    …nYc miLey cyruz….

    ur zo very beautiful….

    ur zo perfect…

    im ur very no 1 fan…

    i love your songz…

  • Carol

    @wow: i see what you’re saying. i just don’t Miley talking about how awesome lady gaga in any way means that she disrespects the queen. i don’t know.

  • Carol

    oh wow lots of typos in that post haha. well its 7 am what do you expect

  • LA

    @jaya: Oh, c’mon, she is 17! what do you expect? It’s pretty normal that she thinks that meet Lady Gaga is cooler than meet the Queen… and this doesn’t mean that she has been rude! and I’m sure that she is glad to meet the queen, because for me it would be a pleasure and I think for everyone too

  • itsmeagain

    @lauren: and I’m so sick of haters like U

  • itsmeagain

    @pauli: so does your mom. How amny did she squeeze before you popped?

  • helen w

    of course she is more exited about meeting lady gaga. I’m sorry, but she’s never said anything smarter than ‘oh, don’t let fame get you big headed’ which is the celebrity motto, by the way. she wouldn’t understand the importance of meeting the QUEEN of a COUNTRY. god… I’d give anything to meet her. life is so unfair.

  • anonymous

    of course shes not wearing her purity ring, she needs to establish herself as a “mature artist” and probably wants to ditch her purity ring image, or else shes gave in to temptation.

  • wow

    I agree; Liking Lady Ga Ga is not disrespectful – but showing your bare chest to the Queen is & let’s face it , if you are a celeb & doing the music thing like Miley, you can meet Ga Ga anytime – But meeting the Queen of England or any Head of State is a once in a lifetime special event – you would think she would place more importance on that event. But if she was not taught proper respect at home, I guess she would pick Ga Ga.

  • stacey

    MIley is amazinggg and i would rather meet lady gaga too!


    Countrygirl yu are totally right. I really dont like Miley that much.but i wud not talk bout her like she doesnt even exsist.i jus think she is too blah…..