Selena Gomez - Naturally Official Music Video!

Selena Gomez - Naturally Official Music Video!

Check out how hot Selena Gomez & The Scene‘s new music video, “Naturally” is!

With the 17-year-old signer/actress and her band getting duplicated every second, you can’t take your eyes off the video! The Scene dished that they had to re-record this track especially for the video.

The video will premiere on Friday, December 11th on Disney Channel.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Sel & The Scene’s new video — HOT or NOT?

Selena Gomez & The Scene – “Naturally” Official Music Video
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  • nuria.

    awwwwwww, I really love the video ‘nd I LOOOOOOVE Selena ♥

  • Selena fan :)

    I love it!
    Selena is amazing :)

  • annie

    LOVE IT!!!

  • sabrina diniz

    aaaaaawn, so pretty *-* i love selena ♥

  • mileylover

    i loke selena, but she make a videos so…i don’t know…so stupid! I expected something more

  • http://waaw London

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw l love sooo much goog work Selena Gomez

  • Jan4ik

    Sooooo Great!!!!
    I Love it!

  • alex

    I like it but I wanna see her do something like Demi did. Just her and the bad, very little effects. I was distracted half the time on this one.

  • pauli

    yayyyy shes definitely the best…. love love the video… so amazing!!! and she looks absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!

  • lauren

    this is a better music video then any of demi’s or miley’s. SELENA FTW.

  • Eliza

    this video is so AWESOME!

  • Taya


  • blabla

    it’s like a fashoinshow haha get’s boring after a few time and too many effects…she’s pretty though :)

  • Mae

    There are parts in the video that has the same idea as “Insomnia” by Craig David. I think anyone who viewed the video can tell what part is that. :)

    Anyway, I love the video. I really can’t take my eyes off the video.

  • Lailey

    Kinda. Selena looked gorgeous. I love the song but the video isn’t so great. The effects are weird at times.

    And I hope her next music video will have a story-line.

  • CS

    wow, it’s really good

  • http://deleted MAri

    i love Selena and i love this song but video…… i don’t like it

  • lq

    Selena is the best!the music video ROCKS!

  • Izzah

    I love Selena, and I love this song…
    But, there’s just too much going on with the background..
    Do it a couple of times, that’s ok… But this is kinda just too much…
    Love the song though…

  • emily

    THIS VIDEO ROCKS!!!!!! IT’S AWESOME!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nate

    Love it! :D

  • hjhk

    Seriously she needs to stop singing

  • Jess!

    i love Selena!
    cute video!

  • pauli

    @hjhk seriously you need to be a pathetic hater…..

  • funnygirl

    the video is awesome!!!
    she looked reallly pretty
    and the effects are kinda cool :)

  • lauraa

    i love it
    she’s the best

  • yelrac

    love her as an actress,
    buuuut can’t say i like her as a singer.
    i feel like she’s doing it, because that’s what everybody is doing.
    :s sorry

  • BeautyQueen

    I really love the song and of course Selena,but this video is not that good….:S

  • love

    i love her.
    i love the song
    i don’t love the effects…
    she deserves a GOOD music video director, not something that i could do on sony vegas

  • The Under Ground REviewer

    You people need to get out more. the video was cheap and had nothing to it but lame over used effects and nothing but a green screen video that takes no effort or thought. typical disney really make it cheap and get it out to sell to capitalize on money it looks like a fan made video. And selena needs to stop with the whole “my band” they are not even singed to the label or are at cd signings or hardly even seen in her two videos. if they were so important then where are they and who are they? she would have had the same level of success even with out naming them she just opened herself up to more hate and name calling by naming them “the scene”. The music is great i do love the beat and rhythm lyrically a little simple and predictable but in the end a sad result for such a rising star this video sadly will not help her win over many more people but will only serve as fodder for the haters.

  • jaya

    kinda like it, bet it was cheap

  • m

    It’s better than I thought it would be

  • sophie

    I love her!!

  • Lailey

    @love: i agree

  • Rosie

    I watched the live version of this song. Well, to be honest, she didnt sound good live at all. I could hardly tell it was the same song with what I had watched before that. But the vid is kinda catchy and creative.

  • claire

    well i liked it!!!

  • gabriella

    @hjhk: exactly ;D

  • joe’swife

    i love itt!
    Selena is my idol!
    she looks so pretty!

    MY IDOL!

  • Z

    LOVE It! I always appreciate things like this — you can tell everyone worked really hard. :)

  • fearless

    the video and the song are great, unfortunately we know that is not selena’s voice, its super edited! when she sings live she sounds squeaky like ashley tisdale..

  • mel

    way better than falling down… song and video…

  • samm

    that is such a cool video! love the song and that’s a really well done vid!

  • Cammi ;)

    aaam; i think the song is very beautiful &cool, i connect with her in all sense, but the video is boring, is something monotone, does not show what I want, and i hope more of she, because is wooo; amazing for me :)

  • http://Selenee122iemeu lizzlq

    was eager to see the video, tá very beautiful, the selena is so pretty, and also very beautiful *-*

  • boosh

    no it sucks who is she anyways

  • Sweetmalakrock♥

    love it !! she is realy cute !! <3

    NOW that’s a good role model =)

  • angiee

    Great Video && Song! Selena is so cool! Love it :D

  • sipulka

    wow, I REALLY like it ! plus.. I adore her style :D

  • yaya

    i like the video and the song. selena looks really pretty.

  • Robinson

    It’s a shame she is lip syncing. Two video’s in a row where it is apparent. Shes mouthing the words, but not in a manner that would be someone singing.

    She does it like she is just talking her song. The song itself isn’t bad, kind of literal. It feels to me like a bad britney song.

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