Brittany Curran: I Get To Scream at Ray Romano

Brittany Curran: I Get To Scream at Ray Romano

Brittany Curran bends down to snap a pic with Red Fraggle as she arrives at the Fraggle Rock event held at Kitson in West Hollywood on Wednesday night (December 9).

The 19-year-old actress recently sat down to chat with Wild About Movies about her new role on TNT’s Men of A Certain Age.

Brittany shared, “I play Lucy Tranelli, your all-American teenage girl. She’s the daughter of Joe (played by Ray Romano). She’s actually quite normal and sane compared to other characters I’ve played in the past. She is deeply in love… with her Blackberry, that is. She and Joe get along for the most part, although in one episode she has a little bit of a boy problem and through a course of events angrily screams her lungs out at Ray. That was pretty satisfying, getting the chance to yell at Ray Romano and on top of that get paid for it too. My character Lucy was actually named after Ray‘s real-life mother, which I think is pretty cool.”

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  • BMC

    This girl is talented and hot. Saw the first episode of Men Of A Certain Age. Her acting is real & subtle, reminds me of Meryl Streep.

  • Just a Guy

    She is so hot! I think I am in love.
    Now I will have to watch her new show! When is it on?
    Is she dating anyone or does she want to be?
    I just realized she is the girl from Legally Blonde! Woohoo! Dang, I wish I was a muppet. :-P

  • Pma

    I have been a fan of Brittany’s for a while now, watching her on Disney and now on her new show Men of a Certain Age. After seeing her new show I really got to see how much range she is as an actress and really love her work. She is just really amazing and is definitely one to watch in the future, I can’t wait to see the rest of the season and hopefully see more of her on the show!

  • curtis

    Brittany is awesome. Really like her character Chelsea in Suite Life and how nicely mean she is in Legally Blondes(she saved the movie). Didn’t see her new show, but my mom screamed to me to get in the room when she saw Brittany on Men Of A Certain Age because she remembered her from Disney and 13 Going On 30. My mom loved how real she was. I love her in everything!


    WOW. Love the jeans – hot. the top and necklace are hip. Seen Brittany in a lot of stuff. Recently saw an Olive Garden commercial, screamed OMG that’s Brittany. Saw Men of A Certain Age and great to see Brittany acting with Ray Romano. Hopefully more Brittany in future episodes.

  • Success

    This girl is good. Amazing range. Love her goofy character on Suite Life, then troubled girl on Ghost Whisperer, now a normal all-american girl on Men Of Certain Age. Big star to come! Go girl. And she’s beautiful.

  • Mike

    She was great! Funny in the truck with Ray and her younger brother. I’ll continue to watch for sure.

  • COd

    Brittany appears to have a bright future ahead of herself. It is nice to see a young actress with a good head on her shoulders. What a refreshing break from disasters such as Lindsey Lohan. Young aspiring actresses everywhere should model themselves after her.

  • Richard

    So cute. My mom and dad loved the new show. They’re HUGE Ray Romano fans. I watch Everybody Loves Raymond a lot, but will watch this new show to see Brittany. Big Fan. The three guys are good together. Loved the car scene when Lucy says “Oh God.” The possum scene was very funny.

  • Ben Young

    Such a good show. I can’t wait until next week.

  • Suki

    Wow! Brittany is awesome. Seen her in many things. I’d say this is a girl who is going places. She is beautiful and talented. Keep on goin girl. I’m hearing your name everywhere.

  • Southy

    amazing actor. First saw her on 13 Going On 30 and Suite Life. Nicely mean in Legally Blondes! WOW, Ray Romano is her new daddy. LUCKY. I hope she’e in the show a lot. That salesman in the car dealership is cute.

  • ap

    I love the fraggles!!! I’m SO jealous you got to meet them Brit! :)
    Best of luck with the show! -fonz fraggles