Gage Golightly Gets Christmas Kisses

Gage Golightly Gets Christmas Kisses

Gage Golightly welcomes quick kisses from her Troop costars David Del Rio and Nick Purcell during Nickelodeon’s new holiday commercial.

The Troop trio join other stars like Keke Palmer, James Maslow and Victoria Justice in the commercial who all lend their voices to the popular Christmas carol “Jingle Bells.”

This makes JJJ very excited for the holidays!

TELL JJJ: What is your favorite Christmas/Holiday song?

Nickelodeon Stars Sing “Jingle Bells”
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  • jessica

    this is a cute commercial, but the nickelodeon stars are not that interesting as the disney stars. and im not a fan of disney or nick.

  • lisa

    awezome Nickelodeon iz way much better than disney there is no way disney can beat this . this is really cute and fun.

  • lisa

    btw love mirandaz outfit soooo cut i wish i had that dress.

  • sunni

    i loved it
    lmao nathan kress was soo
    loud when her said IN A ONE HORSE
    OPEN SLEHGH haha. keke was cute
    and i love her. and pluys aww
    jenntte and nathhan looked pretty
    aww danceing together


    @lisa: hahahaha, i’m sorry for laughing at your comment, but…ahahhahahah!

    Disney >>>>>>>>>>>>> Nickelodeon

  • Lisa

    @KOOLKAT: excuze me but the only reason you think disney iz better becuse they have bigger stars but all the nick shows are way better and funny. Don’t get me wrong I like disney too but nick stars are cooler and more down to earth. I’m a fan of demi selena and the jonas brothers from disney and I like all nickelodeon stars.

  • Lisa

    disney<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< nickelodeon!!!!!

  • liz

    i love nathan! he is so cute!!

  • bela

    nick beats disney everytime

  • natalia

    me encanto me gusto mas la parte donde se rien el guero && el negro && igual en la parte donde canta fredie

>>>>>>> staging1