Miley Cyrus Re-Records 'Every Rose Has Its Thorn'

Miley Cyrus Re-Records 'Every Rose Has Its Thorn'

Miley Cyrus bundles up in her new fave leopard print coat as she arrives at the George V hotel in Paris on Thursday morning (December 10).

The 17-year-old starlet, who just performed and met the Queen of England, is really in love with the 80s era. Miley just remade the Poison‘s “Every Rose Has Its Thorn.”

Momager Tish tells People, “‘Every Rose’ is one of her all-time favorite songs and she is really excited about cutting it.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Miley covering the 80s rock ballad?

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Credit: Eliot Press; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • Kayla

    She looks soo pretty, im glad she is over here, but i thought she was going to be in England because she said in an interview that she was going to be here in England from December 4th till January something soo, i never knew that she would go to Paris!!
    Btw I love Miley <3

  • haley

    that leopard print shawl is so ugly

  • ronnie

    They took the train to Paris. With the Eurostar London Paris is a bit over 2 hrs ride. Probably some extensive christmas shopping going on.
    Love Miley. Love & Peace.

  • heat

    every rose has it’s thorn just like every night has it’s dawn <3

    flove that song, can’t wait to hear Miles version :D

  • jocyrusfan


    Me to.

  • Lesly

    I haven’t heard the song but I hope miley covers it nicely (:
    she looks pretty btw.

  • rania

    Her coat is ugly, she is cute

  • NileyFan

    That’s song remember me a song of Nick J & The Ad. – Rose Garden!

  • none

    I love the song. I just hope that the remake hasn’t be trashed.

  • lifesgood

    she’s so gorgeous:)

  • chastity

    miley… enough with the grandma-leopard-coat.

    hmm, is it me or was it just yesterday that her hair was brown? jeez. dying, straightening, curling, and extensions… give your hair a break or those beautiful locks will turn into fried straw!

  • Zizzerzazzerzuz

    lmao bret michaels is a joke

  • Noneyabizz

    That coat looks expensive.

  • oopsie

    I totally hear her voice with that song! I’m sure it’ll be amazing!

  • Paola

    she is sooo pretty!

  • Troy

    I have nothing against Miley but tthe idea of her covering “Every Rose Has It’s Thornes” makes die a little bit inside. Okay that’s an exaggeration but she’s all wrong for the song. It requires a world weariness that at seventeen years old I don’t think she can even begin to pull off. There are some some songs that were meant to be sung by grown-ups and this is one of them. Maybe if she did this ten years from now she could pull it off but this is why to soon.

  • billythekid


    Can you like calm down a second here? We haven’t even heard the cover of it and yet, you are trashing the idea on pretense alone. Personally, I really want to hear this cover because I know Miley can sing; I just don’t know if she can sing this particular song, but I still want to hear it. She did great on the Sheryl Crow song, so I know Miley can handle a “grown up” song. Plus, wish some people would stop treating her like a little kid. She is 17 which, biologically speaking, is all grown up. Mentally, we are ALL constantly growing up at different rates. She seems pretty grown up to me.

    On another note: I’m not liking the outfit, nor that coat in particular. Terribly tacky on an otherwise pretty girl.

  • diana

    i love miley! and every song she sings comes out beautiful & perfect!
    so im pretty sure shes going to do great! i really dont think that you need to be a certain age to sing a song i guess you just have to do it wit paasion and the right mood i guess i could say! any way i ove her and im her biggest fan ever lol well almost! ok bye :D love ya!

  • morgan

    love miley, but what the heck is she wearing?? it looks terrible.

  • Jainibah

    she’s like copying Nick Jonas’ every move.

    JB- Fly With Me
    Miley tweeted: hoping to dream my favourite peterpan dream again tonight!

    Nick Jonas & The Administration- Rose Garden
    Miley: Every ROSE Has Its Thorn?

  • shannon

    i’m a big fan of 80s music and i like Poison, can’t wait to hear miley’s cover version…i know she’ll sing it great :)

  • bee

    Soooo loving Miley’s Madonna top. Soooo buying it tomorrow.
    I love Madonna.<3

  • pam

    when do we actually get to hear the song. I’ve been on her myspace, facebook I can’t find it anywhere

  • danny89

    great she is recording one of my favorite songs now it will never be the same for me I don’t think I will ever like the song again don’t get me wrong I can see why she likes the song and the 80s style music but why reck something that is already really good I don’t think I’ll ever be able to listen to the song again thanks