Tom Felton is HMV Hot

Tom Felton is HMV Hot

Tom Felton pulls costars Jessie Cave and Evanna Lynch close to him as they stop by the HMV store on Oxford Street in London for the DVD/Blu-ray launch the of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on Sunday evening (December 6).

The 22-year-old actor recently sat down with MTV earlier this week and chatted about what’s to come in the final two films, how much he enjoys playing the bad guy and wrap parties. Check it:

On filming the future scenes: “We haven’t shot that yet, and I still haven’t had the confirmation whether I’m doing it or we’re going to get someone else to do it. I haven’t heard too much. I guess they’re still making decisions about it now. It is a very exciting scene. I know Daniel [Radcliffe] and I have talked about it and said it’d be a lot of fun to do.”

On working with Helena Bonham Carter: “I’ve rarely had an opportunity to work with the evil family. I’m working with Helena Bonham Carter, who’s a lovely lady and also a completely scary witch when she wants to be. I’m enjoying working with adult cast tremendously.”

On the climatic combat scene in Deathly Hallows: “It’s kind of cool, because this is the first time we’ve had so many castmembers on one set at one time, especially everyone from the evil camp and everyone from the good camp in a Western-style showdown — without revealing too much. It’s an amazing last scene, what we’ve shot of it so far. It’s very exciting.”

Keep leaving us questions for Tom – We talk with him tomorrow!

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is out on DVD NOW!

Tom Felton Chats Harry Potter
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  • Mina

    I’d like to ask Tom what is his favourite movie and actor ever? And who is his celebrity crush? Ohh, and also, could he ever be in a relationship with a fan? =)
    Love from Mina! I can’t wait for Deathly Hallows!!!

  • yourfriends

    hrm from diana :

    what’s in the future after harry potter ? ( i know he get question like this all the time haha )

    do u think you will keep blonde hair or return to brown when all filming is done ?

    how come is no longer seem personal anymore ? haha I used to visit that site long time ago when it’s seem personal, now it’s more like a resume site…… of course it’s not something he has to do, I just wonder…

  • iam

    i like to ask who is he celeb crush on and if he had heard abt emma watson had a crush on him what does he think abt that

  • Seranya

    I’d like to ask him if he has a best friend , someone he can trust completely? If he has, since when did he have him/her?

    Oh and if he has anything planned already, acting-wise. Does he have any other projects in plan? Does he want to continue acting? What kind of characters would he like to play?

    I have so many questions but these were the first that came to mind :)

  • fizzingwhizzbee

    who do you get on most with on set?
    do u think you potray the character of malfoy accurately?
    would you have liked to have had more scenes throughout the series had they followed the book?
    did u enjoy workin on the borrowers nd working with the man who plays arthur weasley?
    i think u looked better with pulled back hair, which do u prefer nd why did they move ur hair forward?
    if you play malfoy in the epilogue scene would u chop off the blond nd use ur real hair as it is already receding which will be realistic in the film?
    would ever consider modelling like emma watson?
    who do u think will be the most successful after the franchise ends?
    do u keep in contact with robert pattinson?

  • Ella Wynn

    Will he be spending the upcoming holidays with his family in Surrey, or traveling again?

  • Steph

    Who is he closest to on the set of HP?

    Has he ever had a crush on any of his Harry Potter cast mates? (If so, who?) Haha :)

    And is he sad to see it all come to an end.

  • helen w

    tom felton is SO adorable. SO adorable. it’s kind of dizzying to watch tom after you’ve watched draco. they’re SO different. he’s an amazing actor.

  • asdfghjkl;

    is that his natural hair color?

  • Nazeefa

    Tom Felton is amazing! I got the DVD yesterday and I love the movie obviously after seeing it in theaters twice! In this movie his acting is incredible cause he shows the struggle that Draco is feeling.

    I want to know if he plans to come to Toronto anytime soon and if he is going to be doing any other movies in the future?
    Also what type of music does he like?

  • fruity:)

    Hey Tom !! <3 :D

    My name is @fr@ ….
    please tweet me at afra_1991….i have tweeted u couple of times now, but have never gotten a reply ! :( i wld appreciate it SO MUCH !!
    I saw u when u came to Canada in July at the Mtv Studios…but u came late because of the Toronto traffic :( hope u remember !!
    My top 4-5 questions for you are as follows:-
    1) What advice would you give some one who wants to go into the media industry ?
    2) Who do you look upto, what has been your favorite memory so far on the HP set ?
    3) Who would you like to work with in the future ? What are the top 5 songs on your ipod right now?
    4) If you could be stranded in a place, where would it be ? I think you have a great voice :), you should really do a deut or something with McFly since you are friends with them :) any plans for a tour or CD maybe ?
    and lastly…..Can you please give me a shoutout…just say my name….
    my name is afra ! :) and come 2 canada also to promote for the DVD !! And this time i will meet you :) hopefully you dont get stuck in the traffic again !! :p …
    THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!! i will appreciate if you ask any of these questions or all of them….just please please please…make him atleast say my name or a hey on twitter….THANK YOU SO MUCH !! LODZ OF LUV FROM CANADA…!! Luv your website :)

  • fruity:)

    Which was the last movie you saw in theatres or DVD ? :)
    p.s- u sld get Jade the new Gucci fragnance, Dior, or Nina Ricci :) if she lives fragnance…or a very cute necklace or bracelet :) girls always adore accessories !!
    Any plans for coming to Canada,Toronto anytime soon ? :)
    Which are your top favorite brands to shop at or places ?
    What’s the funniest thing Dan or Rupert has ever done to you on the set or anybody else ?
    Thank you SO much :D appreciate the answers….!!
    Luv u lodz Tom !! :) I have loved Draco for 6half yrs now !! And i havent been to any HP premiere…or havent met any of you ! :(

  • Youknowwho:P

    can you ask him what does he think about the Feltbeats Army????

  • amy

    1) Who is the biggest prankster on set?
    2) If he should describe Daniel, Rupert, Emma and himself with one word what would it be?
    3) Which one of the HP movies is his favorite?- and which one of the books?

  • Becka

    I have to disagree.