All Access To The Jonas Brothers

All Access To The Jonas Brothers

Kevin and Joe Jonas are taking over Radio Disney studios to get the scoop on lil’ bro Nick‘s new project — Nick Jonas and The Administration THIS weekend.

Over the course of eight on-the-air segments, Kevin and Joe will getting all the details about Nick‘s side project, his concert tour plus new deets on the JoBros themselves.

During the interview, Nick told his brothers that he was grateful for them sticking by his side. He shared, “It made me feel a lot more comfortable looking out there and seeing you guys…in the audience.”

Kevin added, “I’m going to make a homemade t-shirt that says ‘Nick Jonas Be My Brother!’”

Jonas Brothers: Radio Disney All Access will TOMORROW, December 12 and Sunday, December 13, starting @ 5PM ET/2PM PT, followed by the premiere single “Who I Am.”

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Photos: Adam Rose/Radio Disney
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  • dddd

    wow, it looks like joe has a bread….

  • Taylorswift

    wow, it looks like joe is growing a beard

  • Taylorswift

    dddd and taylorswift is meee im mixing it upppp…

  • fearless

    wow he has shorter hair, his past haircut was good, why did he cut it?

    he looks scruffy, ew

  • Amy

    Joe looks TERRIBLE! Bet Taylor Swift won’t be crying about that 27 second break up over the phone anymore…she doesn’t wanna be with a guy who looks like THAT.

  • whateeeeverrr

    i love joe, i really do. he’s hot and my fave. but wtf, his haircut looked good when he FIRST got it, but now he just looks like a scruffy, tight pants wearing gay! WHY JOEEEE?! WHYY?! GET RID OF THE GROWING BEARD/STACHE. LOOK CLEAN! STOP SPIKING UR HAIR. omg if he stopped spiking it and just had it down it would loook nice :D pleasee joee stoppp urr changing my wholee thoughtss on you! lol

  • overated.

    Kevin looks much younger than Joe. That’s it.


    Joe needs to do me repeatedly. Kthxbai

    (PS when do they get upgraded from JJJ to regular? I need to bemore graphic than this)

  • SJS

    @Amy: You’re obviously not biased. *note the sarcasm*

    They look great & I can’t wait to hear the interview in full! It’s an interesting idea to have his brothers interview him. I hope they play some clips from Nick’s upcoming album. I’m dying to hearing more. I especially wanna know what “Stronger,” the one he penned with Leeland, sounds like. :)

  • Courtney

    They are amazing!
    I love it!

  • Olivia

    ok i agree… joe get rid of the growing beard…

    lol its okay.,.. as long as one of them looks cute there (nick hehe) its allllll good.

  • Eva

    I think they are awesome.


    And to people whos ays Joe look terrible..the picture isnt the best quality.

    I think Joe is hot, all of them are.

  • Ella

    Last picture of Joe.. Gosh… HEAVEN!!!!! <3
    It’s good to see them together again in one picture..
    And their brotherly love is the sweetest!!!
    You know, for Nick to say that he feels more comfortable seeing his brothers watching and supporting him from the audience area and Kevin to say that he will be doing a homemade shirt saying, ‘Nick be my brother!!’


  • nathalia

    kevin’s funny hahaha

  • Nazeefa

    They are amazing. <3

  • jonaslove

    Awww, I listened to a part of the interview, these boys are amazing<3
    and Joe looks soo HOT like that, he looks like a man he became buffer and sexier if that was even possible, I love his voice it’s so husky :)

  • Treasure

    omg joe looks so damn sexy. oh my god! he is so sexy! i just said omg i am losing it. but damn he growing a beard already? wow. go joe! love all of them joe is just so damn sexy he gonna make me faint. seriously. oh my god. joe is on my mind! nick is suppose to be on my mind. but i kinda wonder what joe is up to? nick is about to go on tour and cd about to come out. kevin is planning is wedding.with you know who…..but what about joe? well that’s all i wanted to say. peace ;)

  • Bethany

    I might be the only one saying this, but Kevin is just gorgeous. I want one of thos shirts he was talking about :)

  • http://justjaredjrr shamilah

    Joe looks sooooo HOT!!!!! i think your wrong about that! its not like Joe cares about taylor anymore hahah! he can do MUCH BETTER!
    they all love sooo good ahhh finally New Joe pic :)

  • lexi


  • juliette

    if you’re gonna address their looks, do it right.
    kevin looks very cute here!
    joe’s beard needs to go.
    nick’s hair is .. wtf?

  • dina darvishi

    hello I love joe I:m 11 from Iran.

  • Alice

    I think he looks yummy now with his scruffy-ness (:
    …Just as long as it doesn’t get tooo scruffy:]

  • Amber

    Joe you are so cute and sos funny. Nick you are the cute stylish one. And you are all really cute funny and great singers.

  • Sa5m

    love them all
    they are awesome <3

  • Sarah

    i think Joe looks hot!!!! can’t wait 4 Nick’s cd!!!! ☺ :)

  • http://myspace Angie goroyia

    All of them look great – no matter how Joe does his hair or grows
    a beard, he is still the same Joe, you cannot hide that beautiful
    face whatever changes he may make. Nick has matured into a
    very cute guy and as for Kevin, I have always believed he is unique,
    in no way does he look like the oldest, he is just absolutely adorable.

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