Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Pucker Up in Paris

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Pucker Up in Paris

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth get caught up in the moment as they stroll along the Champ-Elysees in Paris on Thursday evening (December 10).

The Last Song costars have been romantically linked since they shot the family drama earlier this year in Tybee Island, Georgia.

Miley insisted to Ryan Seacrest during a recent interview, via US Weekly, about her relationship with the Aussie actor. She answered, “I’ll neither confirm nor deny.”

Hmmm, looks like it’s more confirm than deny to us. Check out more pics on!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Miley and Liam coupling up?

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Credit: KCSPresse; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • anna


  • anna

    they’re not cute… at all

  • sarah(france)

    i ilove them <3
    i lovez you miley

  • mac

    Err..ok…whatever but they don look so bad I guess.

  • http://justjaredjrr shamilah


  • nathalia


  • ashley

    Cute :)

  • Andy

    I’m sorry but that guy is not in the least bit attractive

  • justhere

    eh, dont know if it’ll last or fail.

  • syd.

    Wow, she kissing her boyfriend like normal people in relationships do. BIG scandel.

  • dana

    How lucky she is …She is in Paris with her boy and she looks in love …Good for her …They look cute

  • gabenceto


  • dante

    aww they look adorable, they are so cute together, my favorite couple as of now.

  • dante

    aww they look adorable, they are so cute together, my favorite couple as of now.

  • sarah

    They’re boning.

    Nice couple though.

  • heat


  • sam

    she hot and he is handsome they match, awww he seems to treat her nice, is true he gave her a promise ring??

  • debarati

    Miley is amazing :D
    the guy looks pretty ugly XD

  • Liz

    where is the ryan secrest interview

  • billythekid


    Jealousy gets you no where in life young lady! Unless your aim in life is to piss and moan about all the people who are more attractive/successful than yourself? In that case, you are right on target! And yes, it’s jealousy because I got a good pair of eyes and mine eyes don’t deceive me. Miley is quite attractive to any casual, impartial, observer.

    But on another note having nothing to do with the jealousies of Pauli-girl, there is no more doubt that Miley is dating this guy. All the die-hard Niley fans out there gonna have to suck it up and take their bitter pill! It shouldn’t be too hard, Liam seems like a decent enough guy; or at least he has a freakin job, unlike Mr. Gaston, who still seems totally unemployed!

    Finally, BOOO to Miley deciding she isn’t going to the Grammy’s. She has no idea the respect people would have for her if she went there, head held high and just taking it all in. Deciding not to go will only make people think she is bitter over a song – which she didn’t even write – being pulled from the competition. Probably is a shame The Climb got pulled because it almost certainly was going to win. Nothing else nominated was even remotely as good. Unfortunately, the song was written for the film, but instead the film was actually written around the song! Mind-boggling

  • sam

    liam didn’t have a girlfriend they made it up just like they did for justin same story told for both guys. Is gossip is not true.

  • rania

    Miley pays everything to liam, his hotel, trips, food, a boy who lives of a girl has a name …

  • http://... Hannah

    Whatever she does its awesome. However she looks its gorgeous. Whoever she kisses is the luckiest ever :P

  • tay

    lol liam didn’t have a girlfriend, neither did justin, they make up stuff about miley boyfriends, to sell magazines. The said the same exact story about justin that they are saying about liam.
    is fake is not true.

    They do look adorable aww i think is cute he went all the way to paris to see her, they both look good together.

    she is beautiful, and he is very handsome and tall. He towers over everyone.

  • Lesly

    it’s her life, she can do whatever she wants.
    it she’s happy then I’m ok with it(:

  • tay


    she said over a couple a months ago, recently she has not been saying anything and one of the interviews she put a zipper over her mouth and did comment on it. so no she has not lied about, she said she was kicking it. she never said who.

    when she said she was single maybe she was talking to the guy but not official yet.

  • Miche

    @dante: haha i know right! turns out that they do make a cute couple…:) love them..she’s hot, he’s hot, they’re a perfect match!

  • LEAH

    I find this to be incredibly adorable.
    Good luck to them <3.

  • Lesly

    @Debbie: she’s trying to keep her private life private, smart ass.

  • Leah

    AWWW. stfu everyone, they are adorable. let her live her life. love you miley<3

  • annto.

    i’m truly happy for her.
    some of you are just too jealous :). but is your problem.

  • lawl

    @pauli: LOL
    lately she had looked like such a rat.. like her hair, her makeup… she looks better fresh faced and not with so much fake tanner and too-dark foundation on.

  • ronnie

    This is one of the sweetest things. Kissing at a christmas market in Paris. I thought that only happens in movies. The smell, the christmas decorations, the city of love. These are things to remember forever. Sorry for getting so emotional.
    And it looks like they were shopping for a ring, too.

  • Florpis

    I love them!!!!!!!!!! They look perfect together. I think he is the perfect guy for miley. It seems like he really likes her. And she looks very happy!
    Sorry for my bad engllish, i am argentinian.

  • mari

    ele já deve ter comido ela, sinceramente
    porq qe ngm aqe fla portugues? wtf

  • waschal

    as long as THEY been happy.
    It’s non of our business
    And no one should judge her. Couse no one of us has to share his personal life with the whole world.

  • crystal

    Awwwww they r soooo cute! but can’t believe they did PDA knowing it would come out soon. But know the cats out of the bag. It looks like its OFFICIAL. they r a item. They make such a cute couple and Liam is a hottie and around her age Thank God! Justin was cute but too old for her. GO LILEY! LOL!

  • inji

    i love them both together. seriously, its adorable. i just have a gut feeling that it won’t last.

  • rania

    Liam does not have work and needs advertising
    Liam pays to the paparazzi

  • eurofan95

    i still prefering nick and miley “niley”

  • Belle


    Thank you for the link. They look so adorable together.

  • marissa

    there such a cute couple:)
    if there both happy…who cares??
    and its so cute there in the most romantic place….paris:)

  • Paola


  • Vhudsupporter

    I love them together :) I think they’re cute!!!

  • Laura

    People need to stop being so nasty towards this ”couple” airquotes have been used because neither have confirmed the relationship, although it looks from these pictures that they are until we get some sort of confirmation we cannot be sure of anything.

    If they want to be together, let them, people need to stop slagging people off, Miley may have made some mistakes in the past but hasn’t everyone and as for Liam dumping his girlfriend for Miley, then its his choice, he must obviously like her to do that, that takes courage.


  • Vic2763

    Ooo La La!! Liley might not be talking, but a picture tell a story, Dont It? =P

    LILEY<3 xoxo

  • lol


    who knows, it is possible she is paying for everything. that is what everyone said about Justin. seems like she is trying to prove something – not sure what – but the pictures of her hanging on Liam are no different than the pictures this time last year & beyond of her hanging on Justin – the difference – Justin was older & could get into trouble if photgraphed in public kissing her. Miley is a fast little cookie – this will be over soon – if it is really anything other than publicity – ; then on to the next movie & the next male co star.

    I feel sorry for Justin – seems like he is the only one that was hurt here. But in the long run he will eventually end up with a nice girl – not a hoe.

  • Cozy

    Love them together. They seem good together.


    I think it’s just kind of a promotion for there new movie! anyways, wish them luck together

  • thelovelybones

    @billythekid: This SFM. Really, you just took the words right out of my mouth.