Selena Gomez & The Scene Go 'Natural' on Ellen

Selena Gomez & The Scene Go 'Natural' on Ellen

Selena Gomez (in a Paul & Joe romper) stands front and center as she and The Scene perform “Naturally” on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday morning (December 11).

The band just premiered the music video for “Naturally” a couple days ago, but it makes it’s premiere on Disney Channel tonight so don’t forget to watch!

Selena and The Scene are headed to Tempe, Arizona on Saturday. Sel‘s costar pal David Henrie is even going to come see them. Are you?

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Sel and The Scene’s Ellen performance?

Selena Gomez & The Scene – “Naturally” – Ellen, 12/11
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  • Hopeinsel

    Not only cause you’re the most beuatyful girl ever NO cauz you r so talented!And you’re allready on the way to be more sucessful then Miley nd you don’t need to wear short clothes or something like that to get attention you have your talent!
    You make so many ppl happy and laugh!Hope you’re gonna do a world tour cauz you allready have so many fans out of the USA.

    I love love love you and your voice is unique!

  • jessica

    wow she actually sounds good here

  • Taylor

    Oh my Gosh!!!!!
    That girl blowes me everytime away!!!
    I love her because she’s such a good role model THE BEST!
    Everyone should look up to her and not to othe dumb wannabe girls like Miley!I’m not hating her but seriously Selena has more talent!
    She is the best disney actress she won an alma n all and miley just teen awards….

    Don’t change cause you’re just perfect!
    Yes go pls on tour I love to see one of your show!


  • lq

    wow her voice is amazing!!!

  • anna

    yeah, she rocks!

  • inji

    i love her, but she can’t rock out.

  • Steph

    She sounds great :)

  • pauli

    yayyyyyyyyyy shes extremly gorgeous…. my gosh her outfit definitely rocks!!! her sense of style is unique….. she sounds so good, love her performance!!!! sel the best!!!!

  • Vibeke

    i Love it :D

  • boosh

    sounds like a dying cat

  • pauli

    @boosh hahahah sorry honey but you are in the wrong post, this is not a miley vyrus post…. hahahahahaha

  • Heather


    hahahahaha so right!!!!!!


  • Rebecca

    The music is soo good, i love it ! :)
    And Sel was so beautiful on the show.
    Congrats Sel !
    Selena <3


    She sounds very good live. A little bit boring though.. she didn’t really entertained. But at least she didn’t sound off key.

  • Haley

    what do you understand for ‘entertaining’
    pole dancing?hahah noooooo
    she did amazing she kille sit on the ellen show!!!
    she’s gonna be big!

  • Vhudsupporter

    I think she sounded AMAZING! I loved it!

  • Adri

    i wish selena would stop singing and stick to acting. and what is up with the weird hand thing at :40?

  • Daph

    She sounds great, but didn’t entertained! This song was supposed to rock out, and she made it… boring. As a singer, she’s a good actress!

  • amy

    Her voice is not amazing, but she has gotten a lot better. She still sounds kind of flat though.. It’s not like Demi, that girl has got some lungs. But Selena seems really sweet, and I like both her and Demi :)

  • hinz

    shes pretty good. :D

  • angel

    I think she did so good. She just keeps getting better; I feel so proud. <3 lol

  • kimmie

    Sorry to say but the complete over hyping of her has started and is just going to kill so many real fans so this real fan is walking away from her now before the complete and total over hyping of her takes place in the coming few months. Oh well :( disney has ruined another teen star that could have been something. thanks for killing selena disney :(

  • pauli

    hahahaha i just can stop to laugh with all the stupid things that haters says, all that you can say is that she cant entertained? oh really? and what you mean fot entertained? dance like a bitch just like slutty vyrs does and that always makes a fool with those moves and that not even she can do and only looks like a terrible dancing hahahahaha… the othe hand sel looks so perfect in this performance….

  • dummi

    im going to see selena on dec 20 in san francisco and u dont even know how excited i like totally pumped to see her IN PERSON and seing live. i’ve always wanted to see selena and just watching her on tv is not even the same when she’ll be a few ft away from me. im really really excited and maybe i’ll give her some of her fav candy to go along with her flight back to LA. I CANT WAIT!!! SELENA GOMEZ IS AWESOME!!!

  • tess

    she looks amazing and the song is very cool, her perfomance really improved, it’s not brilliant, but definetely she became better

  • sellythebest

    goshhh im so proud of her…. shes definitely improved more and more with each performance!!!! her outfit was sooo incredibly gorgeous, seriosly i kill for that outfit!!!!
    go sel you definitely rocks!!!

  • sellythebest

    oh and btw plz haters dont be so pathetic and jelosu even all of you knows that she did amazing, and sounds so good!!!

  • sellythebest

    last thing… one more time sel proved that she no need to dress like a bitch to look sexy and show off on stage!!!!
    definitely the class and glam can´t be improvised!!!

  • claire

    she sounds great and she looks beautiful!!! i love her!!!!

  • alina

    yayyy sel you are the best!!!! love your perfomance so proud of you…

  • megan

    i love selena, demi, and miley and i think that she did an awesome job on ellen!

  • alina

    yayyy sel you are best!!! love your performance….so proud of you…

  • Jess!


  • Luvd80s2

    The hate for miley cyrus on this site. Be happy for them both, Selena is the new ” It ” girl for Disney and Miley is done with Disney and wants to take her music in a diferent direction and she has every right to do so. longevity in hollywood is the name of the game, as an actress I think Selena is going to be a serious contender with these other starlets and as for Miley I do see her as the next pop icon if she is not already. Let’s wish them both the best and stop the hate, let them be, let them make mistakes, let them grow up! they wont be at Disney forever.

  • tin

    Selena definitely improved. when she was on dancing with the stars you could tell she was nervous and did fairly well. on this she did amazing but i know she’ll improve more and get a hang with singing

  • Kelsie

    I love Selena so much! Naturally is my favorite song by her. However I think her vocals could use a little work. She will improve as she continues to do more live performances. She hasn’t done many yet. Good luck Selena! I love you!

  • Heather


    What? without disney Miley is nothing for me she is ‘Hannah Montana’ hahahahaahahahaha Believe in 1 or 2 years miley will be out of this business cause Miley just can ‘sing’ BUT selena can sing and the her acting is AMAZING!!!!!!she’s gonna be the next Angelina n for her music career Idon’t know but definetelly she’s gonna be big with acting AND music!!!

  • Heather


    @amy and @Damph

    She entertained!!! Her voice IS amazing! Demi has a wonderful voice but like many girls i know so many girls who sing like Demi BUT Selena has a very very unique voice I must say Miley to but Demi not!

    She will be the next Shakira just with her style of music!!!

  • dani

    @Luvd80s2: you’re right, they’re both great. just wish BOTH of them all the luck!

  • Maddie

    Look at her body :O
    She eats so much and she’s so skinny…..
    Just like Taylor!
    Haha sorry but I have to add not like Miley probably she eats the half of that what they eat and she’s the tibble of them hahahahhahhhahahah

    Ohhhh Miley Miley Miley look at your ex-BFF’s be jelouusss fat guurrrl :D

  • Ryan

    Dream Girl!

  • hopeinsel

    You look stunning without make-up n with make-up whoah ooohh it’s hard to find words you blow me totally away!
    Never give up you’re awesome and beautyful and of course sooo talented!!!I hope you will stay very long in this business cauz I’m so sure you will bring it very far!

    ohh and yes Selena has a very special beautyful voice and Miley also have a special voice BUT demi(all say that she can sing better then the 2)has a usual voice!


  • Kendra

    I wish I would have a voice like her I can’t understand how ppl can say she can’t sing?!
    Next Beyonccee yaaaaaaaayyyy!!!

  • Suri

    She should dance and should have dancers that would be AMAZING
    woohhoooo I love Selena Gomez and her Mom:)


    Now it’s The Ellen Show soon it will be oprah and then WORLD TOUR YAAYYYYY!!

  • Lilly

    It’s hard to not love her she’s so talented acting,singing…….
    I love everything she does!!

  • Megan

    She’s so loveable
    Can’t wait for your tour!
    By the way amazing performance!!!

  • Truesel

    Most amazing performance of Ellen’s history hahaha
    I love you<333

  • Allaboutyou

    she really improved and I mean REALLY REALLY!!!
    She will get bigger for sure!!!

  • Hallo


    A STAR IS BORN!!!!!!!!

>>>>>>> staging1