Win A Holiday Skelanimals Prize Pack!

Win A Holiday Skelanimals Prize Pack!

As you can tell by now, JJJ loves giving away lots of stuff — and when we saw the super cute holiday Skelanimals, we had to offer them up to our readers!

To celebrate the upcoming holidays, is giving TWO lucky readers a chance to win a Skelanimals Holiday Prize Pack full of goodies. Just think of what great gifts these would make!

HERE’S WHAT’S INSIDE: Gloves/scarf set, Hat/scarf set, two (2) small t-shirts, socks, key chain, playing cards, book, one (1) pair of stripped red pants, stuffed skelanimal backpack, plus two (2) large plush and six (6) small holiday plush skelanimals!

HOW TO ENTER: Leave a comment here with a valid email address (will not be published) and TWO lucky winners will be chosen at random at the end of the contest, which ends on Tuesday, December 15 @ 4:59PM EST. USA Only. Enter as many times as you want!!! Good luck!

UPDATE: Winners have been notified. Thanks for entering!

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  • Beth

    Merry Christmas!!

  • Pearl

    They are sooo cuteee :)

  • tamaira


  • Cas

    i’d love one of these, they don’t have that store where i’m from.

  • Patrycja

    I love it.
    I hope i’ll win.
    I hane never ever won anthng in my life..

  • Ondine

    So cute! (: I really like the stuffed animals.

  • Charlene zamarripa

    Wishing JJJ happy holidays!
    xoxo-Charlene =D

  • steffanie x

    Awh.soo adorable..pick meeee!! (;

  • steffanie x

    Awh so adorabllee.pickk meee!(;

  • Caitlyn

    Those are super cute.

  • steffanie x

    Awh..btw meerry christmas JJJ! <3

  • sipulka

    urgh.. “USA only” again.. it hurts ! :D

  • kathrym Buckley

    wow they are so adorable, just wanted to say i wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year i hope you all get what you wished for!

  • vivian

    aww they are cute :) even though its not for a while i hope everyone has a lovely holiday

  • kathryn Buckley

    sorry i got the spelling of my name wrong last time, my bad. Merry christmas every one its so great only 2 weeks to christmas yay have a wonderfull time.

  • Licia

    they are just CUTE! I ‘d really like to win one!

  • :P

    Love them! Are so adorable

  • Ericka Desouza

    Ooh! That looks so cool. I wish I could have it : )

  • Ashlee

    Merry Christmas, JJJ.

  • Mariam

    Yes, please!

  • Laura

    Sooo cute :]
    happy holiday to everyone <3

  • Mariam

    Thanks for offering this. :)

  • Jasmine P.

    I lost the other contest dealing with Skelanimals, I’m in the Harry Potter contest right now and I saw this and I just had to enter! SO CUTE!!!

  • Ciara :)

    I wanna win wonn! the penguin one! :D i lovee penguins :P
    Merry Christmass :)

  • Ciara :)


  • Jasmine P.

    Skelanimals are sooo cute! They have sad background stories, but they’re really cute.. . .Maybe this time I’ll have a chance of winning. . . TWO lucky winners. . .Please oh please oh please. . . :)

  • Jasmine P.

    Oh yeah, did I mention I’m at school right now? Everyone is at lunch right now, including the teacher, so I’m here in the computer lab with my buddy Ashley :)

  • Jasmine P.

    I’m posting as much as I can before a teacher busts in here and sees what I’m doing or the bell for everyone to come back sounds. . .And you can get on to JJJ on a SCHOOL computer! Yeah!! :)

  • Yael

    Good Luck :D

  • Jasmine P.

    Can you believe it? A fire drill!!! Geez . . . :)

  • Monica

    those are so rad!

  • Sarah P.

    I would love to win!!

  • Barb c

    These skelanimals would be a great gift for my neice who loves stuff animals unusual ones at that. Pick me so I can give them to her. It will be a nice Christmas surprise for her. Thank you.


  • Mary Ward

    I never heard of these before but they are really cute! I think my niece would love it.

  • Margaret Smith

    How adorable! These are so cute. Thanks so much for offering this giveaway and Happy Holidays.

  • Sharon Serrano

    merry CHRISTmas

  • susan varney

    this is totally lovely

  • Mellissa C

    I would Love to win! Super Cute!

  • Mellissa C

    Oh I want to win This!

  • Mellissa C

    Hope I win!

  • Mellissa C

    I really like the stuffed animals

  • Mellissa C

    These Skelanimals are cute!

  • Mellissa C

    I really like the hat and scarf!

  • Mellissa C

    They are just so cute my nieces would love them!

  • Mellissa C

    This is such a great prize!

  • Mellissa C

    I hope I win! That would be great!

  • lyn

    aww i want :)

  • lyn

    so cute

  • McKim

    I’d never seen these before, but my daughter would love this. They are cute!

  • Cindy

    these are so cute!

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