Kristen Stewart: The Twilight Keystone

Kristen Stewart: The Twilight Keystone

Kristen Stewart keeps her head down as she hops, skips and jumps to an awaiting SUV outside her parents home in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon (December 12).

Despite the rain, the 19-year-old actress darted back inside her family home to get something she forgot before returning to the car.

Kristen‘s costar Kellan Lutz credits her and leading man Robert Pattinson for making Twilight as popular as it’s been.

Kellan shared with Zap2It, “The rest of us, we could suck probably. It’s Rob and Kristen who have the amazing chemistry. Without those two keystones, Twilight could have flopped.”

25+ pics inside of Kristen Stewart

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Photos: Mavrix Online
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  • Paulina

    She’s alive! Yaaaay! ;)

  • ninnia

    she is back :)

    I really like how she look like anyone alse, natural, like my friends… not like others celebrity, they cant go to bathroom without make up..

    She is lovely :)

  • CS

    finally she’s out of her cave! She’s the REALEST girl in Hollywood, and I love her for that :)

  • kesha

    OMG !!! my k GORGEOUS is back. . missed her so much

    I love you kristen stewart

  • migui


  • Suz

    It’s such a relief to see Kristen again! I wonder where she’s going – maybe getting ready to go to England w/RPattz for Christmas? We haven’t seen them together since 11-23, but I guess that’s a good sign – they’re in hiding together! I hope. Love her.

  • crmomof2

    I think that she looks lovely. I love the way she dresses like any other young woman her age and doesn’t put on a show all the time. But I don’t I understand how fans got into a twitter protest because the paps were invading Rpatz privacy when he was coming out of a club into a public garage on December 4. Yet this young woman can’t leave her or parent’s house without having her photo taken. RPatz was in a public place, she is in a private space. Double standard?

  • Andrea

    She is awesome! I love that she’s real and that she’s talented. She’s my favorite actress!

  • F.

    Totally agree with Kellan :)

  • Dede

    I love Kristen!!!! You know whats sad though how people made such a big deal about Rob being papped outside of a public concert but yet it’s okay for paps to stalk Kristen outside of her family home….Double Standard?!?!?

  • OH

    me too love her for Rob’s sake

  • kami

    where is that vampire guy she is not dating?

  • bieh

    I love her she soo awsame& real she’s a great actress!

  • ross

    Looking fresh and stunning, I think she’s fully recharged after some down time from all the crazy papz hounding them.

    Good to have you back Kris, may you have the best Christmas and New Year ever with…..well……we all know who?????

  • jess

    yes kristennnnnnn we love you. i miss youuu xoxo

  • Leah

    It’s not really a double standard. If Kristen fans are upset, then they should step up and do something instead of waiting for the Rob fans to do it.

  • Anna

    wtf . rob and kristen have no chemistry whatsoever in twilight. they make me yawn.

  • Anon

    The checkered shirt – isn’t that Rob’s?!? She gained a little weight – she looks good.

  • Dalovely

    I have no idea what this guy Kellan is talking about. There were other actors/actresses in Twilight who made the films, and as far as chemistry Kristen and Robert were boring as day old oatmeal…The paparrazzi media was selling ROBSTEN which lead right into marketing of New Moon..and then we all saw how dull those two were on screen. Taylor was the surprise hit…along with Dakota, Ashley and Michael Sheen.
    Kellan is trying to kiss up in order to get press for himself..because whenever someone mentions Rob and Kristen’s name they get their own name published.

  • min

    finally Kristen …miss you so much

  • sussy

    althought i am not a twilight fan i think she is a good actress and from what i see in the press unlike other actors she acts more like a person and not a celebrity.

  • true fact

    …. she’s not wearing a bra

  • naree

    Happy to see her again. She’s my favorite actrees..!!!

  • kaz

    she looks good

  • malak♥

    love love love her !!! she is sooo real :D

  • ZNlover

    She’s pretty and natrual I must admit, bt I don’t believe she’s with rob, think they’re just doing it for the show’s sake

  • new moon

    Finally! Kstew is back! miss you, Kristine!

    You look pretty and stunning and so natural!

  • new moon


    Kellan is just stating a FACT! it is because of Robsten plus the book that twilight is so popular. Taylor was not even a factor in the first film I didnt even see him in the movie because i was so focus on Rob and Kristine , their chemistry is just amazing! :lol: so we come back more because of the chemistry between Robsten. And Rob is already a hit just as he is, taylor has to act like an adult and have an adult body just so people can notice him, without the abs there is nothing left, i mean what is taylor with his clothes on??? :lol:

  • iellidy

    Bem e dificil de desvendar mais e bom ela sair por que não tem que esconder-se essa e sua vida,,tudo que fizer sendo verdade ou não vai se torna publico,o negocio e saber joga e interpreta a vida com num filme sendo atores.Ela e o Robert com certaza estam juntos mais fazem bem não divugarem agora por que ainda vai sai o terceiro fime e com certeza ele tiveram um acordo de não se involver ate o termino das gravações.E agora ja passou a pressão do lançamento,so paz.

  • Floridat

    I think that it’s very disturbing that she can’t go visit her parents without a bodyguard (or 2). For all of you who say “Yay! She’s so normal!” Maybe she is, but her life certainly isn’t and while movie-stardom brings about a public life, trying to get out to visit your parents shouldn’t be available to anyone. No wonder why she and Rob hide out. And the scary part is, she’s only 19.

  • Ali

    I think it’s terrible that paps can take photos of her at her parent’s house without her knowledge and there’s nothing wrong with that. Not only is it way creepy, it’s an invasion of her privacy! It’s one thing to be in public, or doing press, but to be leaving your parent’s and having some creeper n the bushes taking pictures of you?!?!?! What’s wrong with us?! How is that ok to do?

  • gigi_vampire

    i love you KRISTEN STEWART !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jayckson lucy

    She´s alive! No, it´s so good for them that they have rest and aren´t chased by the papz. Probably because they hardly come outside. Kristen looks amazing! I really love her style and hair. In the Christmas break I´m gonna let my hair cut again, and I want something just like her. Love her, and Rob.

  • ninnia

    twilght is much better movie from new moon! :)

  • Used to be Robsten believer

    I used to be a Robsten believer but no pictures with the two of them since Nov. 14th, not a believer anymore. It really sucks. They hyped it all up for us since May to bring us down at X’mas. I wish we could see her and Rob on their way to London, that would make me a believer again.

  • kstew fan

    Love Kristen Stewart as an actress! So sad to see she can’t even step outside without a multitude of paparazzi there. \

    So sad she is always hunched over hiding. Wish she would stand up and pose, maybe after a while the photographers would leave her alone then.

    The chemistry between Kristen and Rob in Twilight and New Moon was amazing!!!!! So convincing that most people want them to be together in real life even if thery are not.

  • Mayra

    kristen is the best. and wtf her nd robert do have chemistry whether u admit it or not they do. thats why alot of people clearly like her

  • flora

    She not alive she’s dead
    we hired a double i mean come on her hair is to brown
    if she’s not dead she’s in London with Rob x