Taylor Lautner: I Took My Shirt Off Way Too Much

Taylor Lautner: I Took My Shirt Off Way Too Much

Taylor Lautner peeks out into the distance in this shot from his hosting gig on Saturday Night Live over the weekend.

The 17-year-old actor joked in his opening monologue about joking with the future babies in heaven about hosting the show and how he took his shirt off way too much.

Taylor shared, “There are also rumors going around that I’m linked to a certain country singer. I want to clear those up. Reba [McEntire] are just friends…with benefits of course.”

Check out all the vids below!

WHAT DID YOU THINK of Taylor hosting SNL?

Taylor Lautner – Opening Monologue SNL, 12/12

Taylor Lautner – SNL – “Football” 12/12

Taylor Lautner – SNL – “Awkward Love” 12/12

Taylor Lautner – SNL – “Michael Jackson” 12/12

Taylor Lautner – SNL – “Having A Baby” 12/12

Taylor Lautner – SNL – “Poking fun at Jacob Black” 12/12
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  • Alexandra

    Lol…that was funny….and those moves…

    were sexy :P..haha

  • xoxo

    lmao, omg!
    he was soo good (L)

  • http://ad.com Taylor

    I love Taylor Swift n all but Taylor Lautner’s monologue was much funnier haha I love both Taylors but I think they don’t look cute together he should date Sel…They both look AMAZING!!!
    But anyways One of the best Saturday Night Live shows ever!!!

    No comment to ugly guys eeeewww….
    Taylor Swift derserves everything

  • megz

    if you ask me he didnt take his shirt off enough ;)

  • tess

    very funny, he is incredible, real action star!!!

  • ashleyT FAN

    @megz: totally agree

  • Dee

    I thought he did really good. So cool that Bon Jovi was the performer and Richie Sambora is part of that group and he took his daughter to the LA New Moon premiere, small world.

    The Twilight sketch was so funny.

  • mrsefron.

    especially when he did those moves on kayne. lmao
    && he was soo funnnyy.

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com LG

    That was pretty funny.

  • Kim

    haha that was adoraaable (:

  • Alexandra

    he was great :D

  • nathalia

    @megz: i agree with you haha

  • emmaleigh.

    He was genuinely funny :)

  • Lisa L.

    Taylor was HILARIOUS on SNL. His dancing and karate was soo hot! Check out the writeup below on the luscious Jacob. TEAM JACOB



  • Katie

    There is nothing left if friendship or relationship built on benefit.
    Maybe call ” business buzz”

  • Noelle

    Haha, I loved him! He’s precious!

  • http://twitter.com/eliizaabeet Andreea

    I loved it!!♥ He is so HOT!

  • zanessa4eva

    omg tht was so awsum, neva knew he cld do tht and he kinda jus addmited hes dating taylor swift

  • lynnmaus

    I just looooove him!

    Not better than Zac but still veeeery funny! XD

    Love this clip with Team Edward vs. Team Jacob!
    ‘Than they guy who plays jacob deserves an Oscar!”

    OMG! Loved it!<3

    The opening monologue was great !!
    How he makes fun of himself in this videos from the VMAs with Taylor Swift and Kayne West, awesome!

  • Kris

    I didn’t laugh once in the show..
    it’s probably just me..
    i think taylor is a nice boy and he’s definitley a hottie
    but, he just didn’t come as funny to me at all.. like he was trying too hard..
    but i give him props for effort i guess.

    SNL hasn’t been funny for awhile,
    but that’s just me .. not hating on Taylor i just didn’t find it funny.

    I liked how he poked fun at Jacob though.. It’s true half the people that are now team jacob are because of taylor’s hot body :/

  • Dalovely

    He was GREAT! Loved the Team edward vs. Team Jacob skit!

  • amy

    I loved the show – Taylor was very funny, especially the Twlight skit. Taylor & Taylor are the cutest couple – love them.


    aaahahah that was funnnyyy !!
    so basically he’s sayinn he really
    is wit taylor swift !! (:
    they’re cute together.

  • ryanefron

    yeah that was pretty much the saddest snl episode ever. it was nevr funny. never.

  • Zaina

    I think he was trying too hard.

    I don’t mean to be rude tho

  • brad

    @lynnmaus: haha yeah zac efron’s was pretty funny haha i almost pee’d my pants to Zac’s LOL.

  • :P

    i loveddd iiitt coughttt cought HATERZ IN TH HOUSE AND THEY R ROBBERT FANS ….. I AM BOTH TEAM TAYLOR AND ROBERT BUT MOSTLY TAYLOR <3<3 <3 i thought it was funny..

  • Angela Chen

    taylor’s soo talented!

  • bea

    I love him. He did amazing! :)

  • jess

    hahahahaaa this is sooo funny haha lol

  • Alice

    i dont think swifty’s and lautner’s monologues should be compared. both were AWESOME. besides, tlautner’s was about swift…sooo…..and swift’s was a song so theyre different. love tswift, and launter is making me love him….nooo i cant fall 4 him cause i love tswiftt lol

  • sarah

    Gee, what a shock that he did a Twilight skit. Isn’t he tired of that being all his life is about?

    Also, he didn’t look any different as the girl in the skit than he does as Jacob.

  • Mila

    Taylor squared is cute just like Zanessa <3
    He call Swifty ‘honey’ <3

  • Kimberly

    LMAO that was hilarious!! :D

  • haley

    he’s a protective boyfriend to Swift. How sweet just like how Jacob is protective of Bella, He call her honey :D

  • leeloo

    wow.. his sooooo sweet! love his guy! i don’t know why, but love him so much! GO TEAM TAYLOR! :))

  • Me!!! :P

    BEST SNL EVER!!!! I loved the monologe and poking fun at Jacob Black!!

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