Tom Felton: Draco Has Very High Standards

Tom Felton: Draco Has Very High Standards

Harry Potter costars Tom Felton and Bonnie Wright recently stopped to chat with Ink Splot about their experience working on HP and the new DVD release of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

The duo joked about all the love connections going on in the movie when they realized Draco didn’t have one! Tom shared, “Oh what’s that? Can you believe it! I didn’t even realize all this stuff was going on because I was doing the whole evil walk down the corridor thing and when we saw the film everyone sort of. . .of course I’m jealous! I like to think Draco had offers but he was too busy with his evil task at hand.”

Bonnie added on, saying, “Or they weren’t good enough.”

“Very high standards for Draco. I can’t imagine why any female on the planet would want to spend the day with him,” Tom agreed.

Check out the full article at and don’t worry — JJJ‘s interview with Tom is coming up soon!

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  • Leah

    I would :D

  • Celia

    LMFAO!! I love Tom. Draco is too selfish for a girlfriend. But he does sort of have on in the book. Her name is Pansy Parkinson.
    I can’t wait to see Deathly Hallows!!! :D

  • gabenceto


  • addy

    Errr Draco does have a “girlfriend” and her name is Pansy Parkinson. In the sixth book, Draco was describeed as laying his head on Pansy’s lap and Pansy was stroking him in the train to Hogwarts. Lol I think he married her in the end or something.

  • jenny

    lol I love Tom and Bonnie. I bet Draco has high standards.

  • sydnee

    i would love to spend the day w/ draco malfoy lol

  • mari

    He kinda does have some love connection with Pansy Parkinson….in the last movie u can kind of see the girl who plays as pansy was concern for draco’s character as he was going through sumthing he did not want to do.
    but yes, i <3 draco =)

  • asdfghjkl;

    is that his natural hair color?

  • scorpius07

    @addy: Actually no, Pansy Parkinson wasn’t Draco Malfoy’s baby mama. According to JK Rowling in the press circuit she did for Deathly Hallows, Pansy represented every horrid girl who made fun of her in her youth and didn’t let her end up with Draco because she hated her.

    The woman who was actually fortunate enough to become Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy’s mother would be Astoria (or Asteria) Greengrass, younger sister of Draco’s schoolmate Daphne.

    @asdfghjkl;: It’s not. From what I’ve gathered, Emma Watson is a blonde whose hair has to be dyed brown for Hermione while Tom has brown hair which has to be bleached to be Draco.

  • Becka

    ROFLMAO! Like Tom Felton has high standards. Have you seen him lately?

    Oi! Of course Draco’s standards are too high for any female. Boy’s too prissy to be straight.

  • Carol

    LOL I think Pansy was sorta of gf but he was too busy XP I would not mind spending a day with him neither =)

  • Xauen

    Uh, you realize these guys aren’t real, right? I don’t care how prissy Draco is, he isn’t real. The actor is, girls, if you want to fall in love with him.

  • Giorgy

    @asdfghjkl; you can see his real hair colour at my fansite for him, !!! :D
    He’s knows about us, he tweeted me last week about it! (I freaked out!! hahahaa)

  • mary

    they didn’t get married
    he married some other girl i forgot her name though

  • Youknowwho:P

    are you ever going to post tom’s interview????

  • laurenn


    he marries astoria greengrass cause JK Rowling HATED Pansy, but didn’t Draco that much to make him spend the rest of his life with her.

    That and the fact the Malfoys get a sort of redemption but Pansy chooses to fight on the dark side.

  • siriusgirlstar

    He married Astoria Greengrass… her sister Daphne is in Draco and Harry’s year, Astoria is in Ginny and Luna’s.. she’s a ravenclaw, logically she’d be in Luna’s dorm cos they’re the same year. Pansy annoyed me, especially at the end. No wonder Draco married Astoria.