Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Birthday Kiss!

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Birthday Kiss!

Zac Efron gives his birthday girl Vanessa Hudgens a sweet kiss on the cheek in this new photo from People.

Surprised by about 100 of her closest friends and family including Corbin Bleu and Sterling Knight, Vanessa celebrated her 21st birthday at East Lounge and Restaurant in Los Angeles on Monday night.

A source tells People, “She seemed overjoyed and grateful for the whole experience. Zac and Vanessa were adorable together. They were smiling at each other and laughing and are really sweet to each other. Great couple.”

Guests munched on crab cakes and scallops on the half shell and later on in the evening, a red velvet birthday cake for Vanessa. DJ Zen Freeman turned tables for the evening.

So what did Zac get Vanessa for her 21st? A high-tech digital camera, E Online says.

What a great party!

Grandma Hudgens Wishes Vanessa Happy Birthday
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Photos: Christa Renee/People
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  • carly

    yes first =D OMG i love the picture and vanessa’s grandmother so sweet……. I love zanessa

  • kiara

    why would he get her a camera….. i wonder how many comments this is going to get?

  • heat


  • Megan

    awwwwwwwwww=))) he is the sweetest boyfriend everrr. v is soo luckyyy and i hope she had an amazingg birthday<33 they are ADORABLE!!

  • sara12

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    become Fan and Invite your friends

    so sweet .. love you Vanessa

  • masbonita

    This is my favorite picture ever!!!!

  • clara

    BRAZIL! :D

  • Valery

    loooove that pciture!! they look adorable and cute! bst couple ever!!!

  • asdf

    Aww, thats adorable! i hope she had a wonderful birthday (and later that night with zac *cough* cough*)

  • jo

    OMG!!! sooo sweet

  • zanessaforever

    omg they are soo cute! happy birthday nessa, ily!! zanessa forever!

  • kiara

    yes they are cute, but why do u guy say he is the best boyfriend ever u dont even know him

    i know it sounds like im hating but he is a human too, who im sure has had a couple of fights with v

    but it was nice of him to throw her a party

  • Lydia

    Vanessa è fortunata.
    zac i love u

  • EvErY1rOxX

    LOL! maybe she sundenly has a interest in doing photos, so he wanted to get the best camara out for her! idono I would think it would be hard to pick out gifts for somebody that has “a lot” of things/money.

    but that kiss looks superrrr SWEET! & IM NOT EVEN A “ZANESSA” FAN!

  • Kristin

    Aww that’s so cute!

  • jenny

    OMG! they are so adorable.
    he is the most thoughtful BF ever.
    so cute and i hope that they last
    forever and ever haha :)


    @kiara: because he already give a big b day party . and also i doubt that is the only present zac give nessa. you never know what zac have under is selves? maybe when they reach home could have give her even more present like for sex…

  • nikki

    OOMMGGG THATS THE CUTEST THING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!!! ohh zacc<33 hes the best!
    and a camera is probally something vanessa reeeeeaaallllyyyy REALLLYY wanted, and im sure thats not all, i mean its e!online, they werent at the parrty, they dont know what zac got her so yah,
    BUT OMMGGG wen i saw this i screamed in joyyy!!!

  • Megz

    Cute picture! I love Vanessa!

  • VhuddyRiSH

    i should be the first of jjr didin’t get a problem!

    that’s so sweet! cutie zanessa in there!

    i’m sure nessa had a blast! that’s maybe one of the best days of her life!

    let’s wait for the next big kiss .. the kiss after someone says, ” you may now kmiss the bride” lawls xD

    xoxo , R <3

  • florencia

    ouh woooow … they all look soooooooooooooooooooo be-au-ti-fulllll !!!!! … selena & nessa they r so so so so so pretty girlsss !!!! …

  • Tiptoes

    very sweet….so much cuteness…

  • Babiivfanforeva

    awwwww too cute!!!!! eeeeeepppp this photo has been making me all giggly all morning…gosh they are cute!!

  • EvErY1rOxX

    haha I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU @kiara :)

    NO HATE. but lets be real ppl, im sure he’s a good boyfriend. . . . .that’s why there still together. but I wouldn’t say “OMG HE’S THE BESTEST BOYFRIEND EVERRR!” lol

    u guys don’t know what goes on between them.. .

  • marie

    they’re adorable!

  • jade

    This is the cutest pic in the history of pics!!!!!! They are adorable together. I’m so happy for Zac and Vanessa.

    BTW, People also said that Zac held a heartbreaking speech. How cute is that?!

  • amanda

    oowwn… beautiful picture, REALLY beautiful. Vanessa has so lucky to have a bf like Zac and so many nice friends. She deserves it. I love you Hudgens.

  • bad

    OHH XD i am like giggling right now, this is the cutest thing in the world…. XD LOL ohh so dayum cute! and vanessa probally asked zac fr a cmera really badly so he got her the best one!
    zac’s so cute!

  • brad

    ohh i acciedentally put my name in as BAD not BRAD LOL

  • lili


    Hi karen…im pretty sure this is u!

    hehehehe….i love them!!!

  • e

    Just Awww, so sweet, I love this picture.

    Zac proably gave Vanessa a camera because he knows that she’s been really interested in cinematography and photography lately, I think it’s a great gift, that way Vanessa can use it to document her life with her family, friends and of course Zac, it’s a sweet gift. Besides, he also threw her this party, which is really another gift from him.

  • gaby

    omg that picture is TOOOOO CUTE!
    he seems like the perfect boyfriend!

  • may

    oh god!he’s soooo sweet

    i love them

  • mykamicks

    @nicci AKA ZANESSA FAN:

    How old are you dear? Guard yourself in making comments in here. Maybe you yourself that is the only way your BF could afford you to give.

  • soph.x

    Maybe Zac got her the camera because Vanessa loves photography? it seems like that could be it.. so in a way.. it was probably ideal!

    Zanessa is just cute!!

  • Daniyah

    omg omg I LOVE ZANESSA!!!!! :) THEY look sooo cute!! aww! SELENA WENT!!! :) OMG so nice! Vanessa looked so pretty! and OMG wth?! ive been wanting a digital cam for my 16th bday so bad lol!!! soo cooL!! zanessa forever!!!

  • meme!!

    soooooo sweet…. I LOVE VANESSA HUDGENS…

  • adcgordon

    Love them and love this picture! Hope they’ll stay in the limelight for a longtime, just because of the simplicity of their love and relationship. Heartwarming and inspirational. Hang in there Zac and Vanessa we ‘crazed fans’ love you both!

    Love Gramma Hudgens too! :D

  • bettybaby


    cause she would be into it……

    besides…….he likely wanted to give her something she would feel comfortable opening in front of people, or talking about….

    plus hello, the party in and of itself is a present people!

  • b


  • http://yahoo Zanessalover


  • Jordan

    OMG Thud…..there goes my heart

  • Lilyan

    awwwwwwww!!! sooo sweet, beautiful picture ^__^

  • mykamicks

    Undying admiration for both of them and they are so lucky to have each other. Zac pleases her girlfriend especially on her special day. He is so sweet.

    Months back, Vanessa mentioned that she loves into photography if she had not entered showbusiness. And I believe that it is the reason why Zac gave him that birthday present.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Lol, aw, why this just made me WHOLE week !! I’ll be staring at this picture for a while now while aw-ing over it. :D

  • justine

    Their seriously the cutest couple in the WORLD!…… i cant stop smiling at the picture! <33<333<33333<3333
    zac’s the best!

  • Jazmin

    Grandma is so adorable….Sweet photo. They do make a lovely couple I really don’t care what other say. These two makes me believe that anything is possible…like finding true love at a young age. Wish them the best of everything that life has to offer. Be true to one another.

    Thanks JJjr

  • Andreea

    Awwwwwwwwwwww they’re sooooooooo cute together ^^ love them..

  • justine

    @Jazmin: SSOO true girlfriend LOL,,,, they really are the most loving to eachother!

  • nikki

    OOOOOOMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aahh im just squeling away in my chair right now!!!!!!!! OMGOMGOMGOMG OMG OMG!!!<33
    zacs the best i love him

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