Julianne Hough Wants You to Dance With Her

Julianne Hough Wants You to Dance With Her

Julianne Hough is breaking out her dancing shoes — but not for another season of Dancing With The Stars.

This time, the 21-year-old singer/actress is dancing into your own home with her new dance fitness DVD, Dance with Julianne: Cardio Ballroom. Check out what Juli shared with TVGuide.com about her newest project:

On her new dance DVD: “You’re working out things that, if you were just lifting weights, you probably couldn’t get certain muscles that you’d get when you dance. It’s just full-body. You also learn a skill and you can do it by yourself. Have fun with it like a dance class!”

On how she came up with making the DVD: “Every time I meet a Dancing with the Stars fan, they’re like, ‘Man, I wish I could dance like that. Is that how you stay in shape?’ I say [yes] and they go, ‘I wish I could take lessons from you or a pro.’ So I thought, why not do something that’s dance-related? It was absolutely intense, but it was really fun. I wasn’t doing this for any other reason than I truly had fun doing this and I really wanted people, especially my fans, to feel like they’re part of the show somehow. Certain things that I do on the DVD, I teach my partners on the show.”

On her character, Georgia, in the upcoming Burlesque: “She’s really, really sweet. She gets into a little pickle and ends up having to leave, but she comes back. I have a scene where they all come to my wedding and I come back at the end.”

Dance with Julianne: Cardio Ballroom is available NOW!

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  • Brooke

    wow she has an amazing body!! good for her. hope she does well.

  • Tom

    What an incredible body on her.

  • http://www.twitter.com/Ana_liza Sherbertlemon934

    So this is totally awesome! She’s super sweet and it will be a great workout…but if I were to try to do that right now I”d probably fall over within the first five minutes. hahahaha!

    This is exciting! Thanks for sharing with us Julianne!


    did she have to wear that? i mean we all know she has a great body but a cami and leggings or yoga pants would be better

  • Willian

    shes on Christina Aguilera Movie *-* burlesque

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    Beautiful and classy

  • malei02

    tswiftlover…r u over 65 years old or what? keep up w/the times n don’t b an old fuddy duddy. Geez!! Don’t live in the dark ages!!
    Julianne looks great. Glad she’s putting out this DVD for her fans.
    I’m a huffing n a puffing already…love it.

  • hahaha

    where do you buy this dvd

  • malei02

    u can get this dvd on amazon.com

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