Selena Gomez: Boys Give Me A Headache

Selena Gomez: Boys Give Me A Headache

Selena Gomez shows off her stunning smile as she appears on The Bonnie Hunt Show on Wednesday afternoon (December 16).

The 17-year-old dished about her TV series, being a role model and her stepdad Brian. Check it:

On the responsibility of being looked up to: I still remember the first time a little girl came up to me and said she wants to be just like me when she gets older. At first that’s a lot, hearing a little girl say that they want to be you. At first it is a little scary, but I love my job and I love little kids, and they’re the whole reason that I’m here. So my job is to be the best I can be for those kids.”

On boys in general: “Boys kind of give me headaches right now. I’ve got a really good stepdad [Brian] who looks out for me.”

Bonnie even shows some of Selena‘s first Disney audition! Check it out in the vids below…

Selena Gomez – The Bonnie Hunt Show, 12/16 Clip

Selena Gomez – The Bonnie Hunt Show, 12/16
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  • cam

    First – I think. anyway – Selena is the sweetest, I’m sure parents as well as children just love her. I believe that Selena has just begun on the way to an amazing career, movie, music & more TV.

  • selizcool

    im typing on my dsi so cool selena is awesomeeee

  • #1 Jonas Brother Fan!

    OMG! Same here!

  • diane n.

    she is so adorable.

  • itsmeagain

    She’s so cute!

  • aldi

    gosh i love her more and more every day…. shes so sweetie and cute!!! the best disney girl ever!!! shes extremly talented!!!

  • aldi

    oh btw how its possible that she always looks so stunning?? seriously im so jelous of her natural beauty ;)

  • Justena

    Justena; Selena Gomez & Justine Bieber

    Good or bad?

  • none

    @Justena: Bad Justin Bieber is a womanizing jerk.

  • Jess!

    so cute!

  • maggie

    justin bieber is 2 young 4 selena.I like david henrie 4 her.

    agree or diagree ?

  • selaly

    OMG! I love her, I think Disney is so lucky to have her, She is the best and I agree I do love her more every day too.

  • Selenafan

    I love Selena.She is so sweet and cute.She is a role model for everyone.She is the BEST person ever.Love her !!!!!!!

  • Lisaaa

    shes an amazingly sweet girl and good role :)

  • delena fan

    i agree delena rules!!!

  • Kayla

    I love Selena! She is so sweet & amazing. It’s so funny to see how she’s grown in the past like 6 years! Lol. “Funny how everyday you say nothing changes but when you look back on things everything is so different.”

  • http:/// Teamselena

    She is too cute

  • nathalia

    gosh, i love her.

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    aww she´s so sweet ^^

  • Suraj

    Hey Selena…if you read my messages please try to reply me…..I wanted to meet you. I will come to USA to meet you…..I will come to meet you from India. My email id is I will come there and meet you…Please reply

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    i know moderators will delete my comments but moderators please let the comment be displayed…….please…..

  • Keke Maria

    I really love selena,she’s so sweet , and nice. i was shocked when i heard that she doesnt go on the internet no more. myspace and facebook are the only ways i can reach her. i wish oneday i meet selena….it would really mean alot to me.♥ selena youra wesome and your the best.

  • Keke Maria

    I lovee you selena.♥

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    wow i i think i liek her now.. i used to haate her :|

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    cute <3

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