Taylor Swift & Ke$ha To Collaborate?

Taylor Swift & Ke$ha To Collaborate?

Chart-topper Ke$ha would love to team up with country sweetheart Taylor Swift, she tells MTV.

The blonde singers, who share the same song title of “Stephen,” also performed at Z100′s Jingle Ball 2009 this past weekend in NYC.

Ke$ha shared, “Oh, I love her! Yes! I would totally collaborate with her. But I think I would scare her, to be honest. … But yeah, I really love, love the way she writes, because you can tell it’s real and you can tell it’s honest, so I do think there’s that similarity in our writing styles. You can tell she’s talking about a very specific situation, and you know it’s real.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Taylor and Ke$ha collaborating?

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  • jessica

    i think it will be awsome if they collaborate.

  • amelia

    umm… I don’t know about this one

  • Bob Brown

    Kesha’s Tik Tok sounds like a product. Mostly studio hack wannabe rapper mix. She might be good but until she steps out of the shadows and comes to her own I can’t tell.

    Swifty has a point of view and tells a story, a very good story I must say. Yeah she’s a bit product, but Taylor is authentic at many levels.

    Taylor. Stop trying to merge Pop, Country, Gaga, Rap,… ditto ditto. Just be thee woman you are. And a fine woman indeed.

  • Steph

    anything with taylor i’ll probably love.
    she wouldnt do something unless she knew it was good.

  • Evita

    Taylor swift and her alter ego??? Hmm

  • demifan

    pelase God make them colaborate

  • Cristina

    I totally agree with Bob Brown. Ke$ha is the creation of a music executive. Her music and her image all seem to be created to keep up with the current popular music trends. Until she really shows us who she is and discontinues the overuse of Auto Tune, we will never truly know if she is talented.

    Taylor Swift on the other hand, is a true musician. She tells us a story in her own words (some directly from her journals), never trying to be someone she’s not. I feel that a collaboration with Ke$ha would force her to create something that isn’t natural to her and I don’t think anyone wants to hear that… no matter how much they believe they want to hear it now.

  • jbbb

    my god, shes just a bloody WANNABE LADY GAGA,,,

  • VhuddyRiSH

    ohh! that’s GRAWSOME!! when my sis first saw Ke$ha in tik tok , she thought it was tay-tay! haha xD

    i would love their collab! <3

  • http://www.oceanup.com Itsanogo

    no, just no

  • Amalie

    Everything with Tay in it, is gold, but I don’t really like Ke$ha.

  • Anne

    KE$HA is nothing like GaGa I hate how people are comparing her and Rihanna go GaGa they have nothing similair. Just because they dress with edge and craziness doesn’t mean their wannabe GaGa’s. KE$HA has her own style of music and she is a very unique person.

  • lia

    oh please she looks like a wanna be lady gaga with the feathers and the thing on her eye i do like tik toc though

  • Me!!! :P

    LOVE IT!!!! I want them to collbarate soo bad!!!!!!!!!


    shes a loser and taylors song is hey stephen! they are different

  • Gossipgirllover


    Taylor Swift’s songs are so beautiful and meaningful whereas Ke$ha has no talent at all. Her name pretty much sums her up a trashy, try hard.

    Taylor Swift wouldn’t do it to herself, she’s not stupid.



  • eMILY

    well i LOVE taylor swift i’m a REALLY BIG FAN… i also like ke$ha though they might be good together but they do have different feelings in their songs…..i say go for it !!!!!!



    just my opinion…

  • http://twitter.com/rasecaaa tayleyhaylor

    Whoa. That’s kinda awkward ’cause Taylor isn’t the party type or the drunk girl. She’s the “good girl”. Ke$ha on the other hand is really the complete opposite of Taylor. I love Both Ke$ha’s and Taylor’s music and i would love to hear both of them in a song! lol AND I REALLY THOUGHT THAT THEY LOOK ALIKE! SPECIALLY IN KE$HA’S TIKTOK MUSIC VIDEO!

  • luvsment

    I think it would be interesting. Once in a whikle its nice to see people of two extremes collaborate.. i’m up for this one

  • emma

    it’d be cool like a merge like:

    stop ta ta talkin that blah blah blah
    but, u belong with me

    my mom taught ke$ha!!!!

  • Pheniox

    Kesha is trashy and if you think about her music has the same substance as lady gaga’s its all about getting trashed and getting there brains screwed out. ITS JUST A WHOLE BUNCH OF TRASH. While taylor swift’s music is about something romantic or cute and deffinetly wholesome NOT TRASHY CRAP. Kesha is just an example of how our generation is helping with the demolition of the world.

  • irony

    “Guaranteed Winner” advertisement right under the article – it must be a good omen. lol.

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  • http://www.twitter.com/IsmanKamarul WeluvKesha

    Ke$ha is R-Rated Version of Taylor Swift. They both write the song based on their life but in different way. Taylor Swift’s song is more love book-like. Ke$ha’s song is more hard core and very open up and don’t care what anybody think. If both of them collaborate, it will be a hit and country-dance-electro genre is been made

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