Ashley Tisdale's Guilty Pleasure Tops Readers Polls

Ashley Tisdale's Guilty Pleasure Tops Readers Polls
  • Ashley Tisdale scores #7 Album of the Year on‘s Reader Polls
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  • gracemarie

    The chart is a Readers Poll – though neither single from Ashley’s album break the top 50 on the Single chart. THe album makes it to #12 on the album charts which is very good.

  • Josh

    Congrats Ashley!!! :D

  • ashytisdalefan

    yay, Ashley!!!!! :D

  • Jannii

    YAY!!! GOOO ASH =***************

  • raysa


  • Just Jill

    @gracemarie: So you didn’t read the title did you?

  • Brittany

    Amazing results, Ash!!!
    u’re the best
    much love <3

  • thelittlebadangel(z.a.b.)

    Wujuuuu ! Congrats Ashleey You ROCK!!!
    u deservee iit!

  • nina caplan

    yayyyy, ashley deserves #1

  • ZJ207

    YAY! :D
    The fans did great on the voting part!! :D and they definitely showed, once again, their huge amount of support for Ash!!!

  • kami

    Ashley Tisdale scores #7 Album of the Year on
    i couldn’t find it at #7 on any of the billboard charts. which chart is it on?

  • SSr

    Yaya!!!!! i am sooooooooooooooo happyyyyyyy!!!!!! she did a gr8 job,….. but i hope she gets more famouss… miley’s songs r gr8 but ashleys album rocked!!!!! cant wait for her next movie!!!!

  • tinay

    @Just Jill:

    Actually that was just a title to tell you the truth. But if you look on the Billboard chart its nowhere near to #7 at all. You are misleading the fans for that information. The poll was just like voting unless her album is in the actual billboard number then it is. So stop misleading people not all people are stupid you know.

    If she reach number twelve in the poll good for her theres a fair chance shell be in the billboard. I dont see her name on it or album in the bill just in the poll. So what does makes you a liar? If you can explain it to me clearly i`ll apologise to you in here. But dont give us an arrogant answer that you make it sound like you know better.

  • mzindochick


    it isn’t about what you scored on the billboard chart. Whether you came first of 5th or anything else is about the sales.

    Ashley album only sold 25,000 copies on her first week which was BAD. cause her first album sold 64,000 copies. Its like double.

    and it was just the release date and good timing. I swear if more albums were release on that week. She would’ve of scored less.

    Vanessa album sold 22,000 and her number on the billboard was 23. That’s only a 3,000 different and ashley jumped half of vanessa score.

    and the bright side. Ashley & Vanessa are even. They both charted #7 on the Billboard Album on the list.


    (sorry for bringing vanessa in. Just that I don’t have anyone to compare too. )

    and congrats ashley for the album. (:

  • Just Jill

    @tinay: No, I sourced the Readers Polls and titled it as such. There’s no misleading anyone here

  • billythekid

    I have no idea what is meant by “Readers Poll” because I have never even heard of such a thing on Billboard. Regardless, the so-called readers poll has nothing to do with sales/charting etc as the album in question – Guilty Pleasure – completely tanked on the charts. It still amazes me to this day because of her enormous twitter popularity, at that time, and now didn’t translate into added sales.

  • tinay


    I quiet agree. Anyone can just vote for that readers poll and not bother understanding it. Im a music lover any kind of music doesnt worry me but once in a while i do check the billboard and get email notification and mine doesnt have Ashleys album either the billboard missed hers or someone made a mistakes.

    not to be nasty or anything the truth is her album wasnt even recognise at all in europe although she promote heavily here. That actually surprise cos in there her album didnt actually reach my exceed expectation although her record company are much better.

  • Solange

    You know what? If ‘Guilty Pleasure’ had been released in US in an appropriate time, it would have peaked a higher position in Billboard chart.

    The album is amazing, edgy and more mature of Ashley herself. In my opinion, the album is more well-known in Europe and Latin America than US.

  • pharmacy weight loss

    She is really pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (:

  • osama

    yay ashley its also top 7 album of the decade!

  • osama


    vanessa never had top 7 album who said tht besided Guilty pleasure is very GOod album she will promtoe it throught crankK it Up! in usa !!

    its is also the BEst Album Of deCade!! whoaa!

  • silvy

    ashley is the best sing !!!

  • silvy

    ashley is the best singer !!!

  • Kat

    Albums of the decade and she gt number 7!!!! im so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • aleksandar SRB

    Ash is awesome!!!!!! People in Serbia love ASHLEY, that result mean that she have a loot of fans worldwide!!!!!!!!!!

  • kami

    to make it to #7 on billboard then the album had to sell somewhere around 300,000 million copies. wow!!! i had no idea it sold that well since it was never on any of the charts. taylor swift who was #1 sold around 500,000 million copies. but i think susan boyle reached 700,000 million and is now #1. so how many copies did guilty pleasure sell?

  • Kat

    Wooooo Go Ash! the girl rules the world!!!

    If you find out let me know! :D xxxx


    @kami: Dear, don’t be stupid! The link is there. in the post!
    There was some kind of a poll that was held a while ago with a list of, first of all, all albums from 2009, and second of all, with all albums from the decade (2000s). People voted which albums are the BEST and the results came out as you can see in the link. It didn’t have to sell a lot, but people knew it was a great job she did, and the album was very good, if you ask me. So no matter how much it sold, the READERS voted (and that’s why it’s the readers’ poll) and it came out #7 on the Top Albums of the decade, and the #7 top album of 2009.

    Understand now?
    P.S: Vanessa isn’t anywhere on the Top album charts that were posted on… Not hating but just saying.

    and this message was to EVERYONE who couldn’t understand what was this about… it’s just that kami was the last one who posted!

  • sunni

    this is only about ashley
    she did great
    its not about how much she solded
    its about what she doing and she good
    and + van essa is NO WHERE is this
    post!!!! get ur fact stright

  • Anabel (:


    He’s Not Lying

    Last month, asked readers to vote for the Top Albums del 2009 and theAlbums of the Decade. We voted guys, Ashley was found on both lists with”Guilty Pleasure”, ranking #7. Congratulations Ashley!!!!

    Top 10 Albums of 2009
    01. Lady Gaga – The Fame
    02. Michael Jackson – This Is It
    03. Britney Spears – Circus
    04. Adam Lambert – For Your Entertainment
    05. Taylor Swift – Fearless
    06. Beyonce – I Am … Sasha Fierce
    07. Ashley Tisdale – Guilty Pleasure
    08. Green Day – 21st Century Breakdown
    09. Rihanna – Rated R
    10. Pearl Jam – Backspace

    Best Albums of the Decade
    01. Michael Jackson – Invincible
    02. Lady Gaga – The Fame
    03. Britney Spears – Blackout
    04. Taylor Swift – Taylor Swift
    05. Taylor Swift – Fearless
    06. Adam Lambert – For Your Entertainment
    07. Ashley Tisdale – Guilty Pleasure
    08. Britney Spears – Circus
    09. Green Day – American Idiot
    10. Linkin Park – Hybrid

    Found this information on