Get a Bouquet of Roses from Justin Bieber

Get a Bouquet of Roses from Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber wants to make sure there’s “One Less Lonely Girl” this upcoming Valentine’s Day.

The 15-year-old singer is partnering up with 1-800-FLOWERS to premiere the “One Less Lonely Girl Bouquet,” an arrangement of Red Intuition roses which includes a card from Justin and benefits a good cause — Pencils of Promise, a nonprofit organization that helps build schools in developing countries.

Justin posted on his Facebook, “Proud to be teamed up with to raise money for one of my favorite charities and be able to bring you guys flowers on Valentine’s Day. It’s the same bouquet that I give out at my concerts when I sing ‘Once Less Lonely Girl.’ A real man knows to buy a woman flowers…”

1-800-FLOWERS is also holding a Valentine’s Day sweepstakes in which the grand prize winner will get a bouquet delivered in person by Justin himself!

How sweet!

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  • nikki

    This kid has to be the LAMEST person to walk this earth… UR 14 dude u will find love my god!! SO ANNOYING!

  • Trey


  • lulu

    @nikki: i know! he’s always lyk “shortie” and “homie” in his songs, he’s lyk some ganster wannabe. and all this is fake, andi hear it doesn’t treat girls nicely, but they’re just rumours. waevs, he’s weird!!

  • lulu

    @nikki: i know! he’s always lyk “shortie” and “homie” in his songs, he’s lyk some gangster wannabe, wiv his stupid hat. it’s all fake this and i hear he’s not nice to girls, but they’re just rumours. waevs, he’s weird!!

  • md

    Oh my gosh I really want to win that!

  • Brittany


  • megan

    hehehehehehe i like bagels

  • megan

    @nikki: he’s not lame :P

  • tutti

    that‘s so sweet
    i wanna win tat~
    hes really adoreable*

  • melissa

    i met justin bieber in philly. you all are liars and hating on him. he was incredibly sweet to me and my friends and was kind to all the fans. dont spread rumors.

  • tonya

    i went with my daughters to justins meet in greet in chicago. he is such a nice kid and was kind to all the kids and took time out with one little girl who was crying. kids need more good role models so dont spread gossip to shoot down one of the few my kids have

  • ec

    i think he is really sweet, he seems sincere in all his interviews and everything! i relly want thiss!!!! go justin.. :D<3

  • lulu

    btw please read my story. it’s about a german girl who falls in love with a german boy;

    thanks!! x x

  • Katho

    ummm actually….he 15…..GET IT RIGHT

    love ya justin <3

  • Katho


    TRU DAT!!!

  • megluvzjustin

    awweehh i should get it(: i talk to him on msn and i am friends and have been a fan since 4 eva and i knew with u when it had 38views:D

  • none

    Enough with this womanizing, ego driven, jerk. He is overrated. He thinks that all women want him. Run for your life girls. before he deflowers you. He is a womanizer.

  • sherydan

    the 1-800-flowers sell him!! he just care about money, fame, and girls. seriously, maybe he’s nice idk who know that? but, all I know when he meet his fans, he always say the same like “DON’T FORGET TO BUY MY WORLD ON STORE” or “KEEP MAKE ONE TIME BEING ON ITUNES!!”

  • rianna

    justin is soo cute and all the haters need to get thdere head cheacked cuz’ justin bieber has style and hotness!!!!!!!!!!! justin i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!! <33333333

  • Rachel

    i luv justin bieber i tottly have to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rachel

    he is so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • klaina nagoy

    your so very cute talaga…

  • hannah

    heyyyyyyy(: im hannah and i would love to be ur valentine!! luv yew!

  • v.i.p

    my whole life… ive never gotten one thing on vday

  • Alyssab..

    i give props when they’re due and justin has props. so all u haters best be giving him a round of applause.


    All you Justin haters need to get a life Justin is the funniest and sweetest person i ever knew so stop trying to spred rumers about him, whats the boy ever done to you ?

  • http://dunno Herrohkitteeeh xo

    How do you enter :) I wannaa win and all you hateeers your just jealous of him :) LoveYou Justin :) xxxxxxxxx

  • rachel

    I think that it is pretty true that he’s always like buy my CD my World but still he is a very sweet guy. Remember that Justin once was a kid just like you and he was a fan like you. You shoul’d be happy that he got his dream. Maybe someday it will happen to you to!

  • makayla

    ooo cool……man i wish i got some but i am in kansas city and not really in famous people come anymore…i am SUCH A HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGER FAN THAN ANYBODY turst me my walls i mean my walls are hooked up with justin bieber!!!!!!!!!!:) my dream aka my goal in life is too meet justin…i cry cause i cant meet him i mean freaken cry cause of him…when i look at my posters of him he makes my hole inside my chest fill up…..when boys ask me if i want to be their gf i say no!!! i am waiting for a speacial person to ask me….well i am not aloud to even have boyfriend but if jb ask me i will totally sayy freaken yea..sooo if justin bieber is readin this passage…..plez type back…….:-)



  • kaikai

    justin bieber is so fine its not even funny and u people need to get your eyes checked because once u do dat u could see a sweet cute boy ok dont get it twisted

  • bieberfan

    i met bieber cuz i got backstage passes. you guys are lame. justin is a great person or at least thats what it seemed to me. he’s absolutely gorgeous in person, and he’s adorable, always making lame jokes trying to make people laugh and stuff. he may put on a cocky front but he’s a sweet guy at heart, you guys are lame for not realizing it. JUSTIN RULES. plus he smelled really good! lol

>>>>>>> staging1