Taylor Squared: Valentine's Day Trailer #2!

Taylor Squared: Valentine's Day Trailer #2!

Check out the cool new poster for the upcoming Valentine’s Day!

The ensemble cast movie follows intertwining couples and singles in Los Angeles break-up and make-up based on the pressures and expectations of Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day stars Emma Roberts, Carter Jenkins, Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner among many, many others like Emma‘s aunt Julia Roberts.

The romantic holiday comedy hits theaters everywhere on Friday, February 12th.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the new poster and trailer?

“Valentine’s Day” Official Trailer #2
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Credit: Moviefone; Photos: New Line Cinema
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  • elise

    (: cant wait

  • elise

    woo, number one !

  • youbelongwithme

    The movie looks really great. You got all the known actors then you got young talented ones like Emma and Taylor L. And lastly super star Taylor Swift is in it too.

  • Xinnnzxc.

    is Joe Jonas inside?

  • erica ;]

    It looks really good! But I don’t understand why both the Taylors are in the movie poster. They have like a minimal part. Probably just for promotion reasons. They left Kathy Bates and Hector Elizondo out!!

  • Daniyah

    omg! wow! yes!! cant wait! taylors!! :)

  • Team seth clearwaterr!

    does it mean 2nd december 2010 or 12 febuary 2010?

  • evalynn

    can’t wait to see it!!

  • http://nowebsite ALexandra

    omg i waanna go see this really badley it looks so good :D

  • lexie

    @erica ;]:
    i know, right?
    i mean i love both the taylors, but dont they have like a really small role?
    oh well, they are both really popular right now, so i guess theyre trying to get the younger crowd to come watch it.

  • nikki

    @erica ;]: thats true, but also, they prob werent gonna be in the poster but they had to fill up the heart, taylor lautner is a REALLY bad actor!

  • Alexandra

    looks fun dunno if i a gonna go see it though

  • claire

    haha i think they put both the taylors on the poster in order to get more young people to see it…heck they are probably in the movie for like 10 minutes yet they are in the freaking center of the heart!! how does that work? dont get me wrong, i love them but it seems kinda undeserving…and plus their make out in the movie looks so fake!!

  • Misa

    SCREW TAYLOR SQUARED LOOK AT ALL THE OTHER BIGGER AND BETTER ACTORS IN THIS FREAKING MOVIE! *( PS taylor swift is gonna ruin it because she not an actress. In Csi Miami and SNL she showed that she was REALLY bad acting skilss. Stick To Writing TeenBooper Songs!)*

  • maddie

    Can someone shoot Taylor Swift? She can’t act, barely even sing, she can’t even hold a note.

  • Dalovely

    I guarantee by the time this movie is out the director has been instructed to re-edit the movie to include more footage of Taylor Squared…

    that red carpet for this movie is going to be crazy sick and Taylor will be there!

  • okk

    woww this movie looks really good! great cast! cant wait to see it!

  • olivia

    @maddie: I think that’s a bit extreme.

  • s.ashlyn

    hehehehehehehe((: just had a 5 minute giggle-fest. Cant Wait!!

  • Em

    Stop hating on Taylor Swift, you can tell you’re just extremely jealous and ignorant. Get over yourselves. She’s amazing, and you’ll never amount to anything :)

    Anyways, I can tell already this is going to be a reallly, reallllllly, realllllalalalaly, good movie! I can’t wait to see this. haha, it looks amazing. :)
    And I love how there’s all these popular actors in it, funny.

  • tlautnerlover

    i love taylor squared! they are so cute

  • Alexandra

    CSI Miami?? Wasnt it CSI Las Vegas?…and honestly…I think she’s pretty good…think about it…There has been worse..

  • Alexandra


  • anne

    @maddie: hahaha i agree :)

  • annasaurus

    Talk about cashing in. Let’s hope they’re still a couple when the movie comes out.

  • Andrew

    I love great ensemble movies

  • suzy

    looks cute.

  • caitlin

    looks good..

  • lulu

    im fed up of all these disney stars singing AND acting! i love the jobros and their show but some1 else who’s trying to be an actor could take their place. taylor swift shouldn’t be in this, she’s annoys me anyway, but that’s not the point. some1 is dying to act, and she’s taking their place, it’s just not fair

  • L

    This is going to be an absolutely amazing movie. It has EVERYONE that I love in it. Taylor Squared, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Garner, Bradley Cooper, Ashton Kutcher, Emma Roberts, Julia Roberts, Carter Jenkins, Patrick Dempsey, Eric Dane, Topher Grace, Jessica Biel… the list is endless! I love them all.

  • nathalia


  • melai

    ilove how the crowd stop and just stared at them with awe in thier face..they cant even believe how awesome and great they are together..i really hope and wish that john mayer change and then mybe they can be together..he said on ellen that this 2010 he will be good..i hope its because of taylor since theyre talking about her..and ilove how he praises her..ilove love this song i love to think that he wrote this for her.im fine with 2taylors now,whoever tay2 love/want im there too:)HAPPYBDAY TAY

  • http://none Elle

    Umm Taylor Swift and Taylor Launter don’t really star in this movie. They probably only have like a good ten min in the movie yet there on the poster. Funny what people do for advertisement. Even if they are on the poster im not going to watch this. If they actually had like a good 20 min in the movie id consider.

  • Madison

    All this complaining from who is on the poster. The trailer was just released, almost everyone that was shown in the trailer is on the poster. We don’t know how big anyone’s role is. You saw pictures of Taylor squared doesn’t mean that’s all they shot. Ya’ll are complaing really over nothing.

  • http://dressliketaylor.net Emily

    @LuLu, Taylor’s not a Disney star. Taylor L isn’t really, either. Emma Roberts was a Nick star. None. Are. Disney. Stars.

    It looks good. I can’t wait. I love Taylor Swift & Taylor Lautner (and Jess Biel, Julia Roberts, Patrick Dempsey..everyone haha). The line up is amazing. :D I think they put T squared in because the movie is about all different relationships on Valentines Day. So you have the young couple that’s totally in love. The only other young couple I really noticed, was Emma Roberts. They can’t just have all adults. Because teens are involved with Valentines Day, too..

    As for Taylor’s acting skills. I think she’s a great actress. If you think her acting on CSI was bad, that’s just ignorant. I know a lot of people thought she was great. Her writing skills are amazing. Her singing skills are great. She’s a great rolemodel. I don’t understand why people have to be so rude.

  • youbelongwithme

    lulu @ 4:31 am on 12/19/2009

    im fed up of all these disney stars singing AND acting! i love the jobros and their show but some1 else who’s trying to be an actor could take their place. taylor swift shouldn’t be in this, she’s annoys me anyway, but that’s not the point. some1 is dying to act, and she’s taking their place, it’s just not fair
    Taylor Swift is not a disney star. Disney is stupid now. And I hate it. She just has a small role it is not like she has a TV show. Don’t worry it is a very small role.

  • youbelongwithme

    None of the young stars are from Disney. Thank the lord.

  • http://www.twitter.com/Mareikexoxo Mareike

    Gaah it looks sooo good, I love almost every person up there lol

  • http://www.twitter.com/Mareikexoxo Mareike

    Gaah it looks sooo good, I love almost every person from that movie lol

  • haley

    this movie is all about taylor squared from the looks of the hype and the movie poster…they’re face2face in the middle of the heart…they’re in the CENTRE of the poster to be exact.

  • haley

    This movie is all about Taylor Squared due from the hype and they’re in the middle of the heart. In the CENTRE to be exact.

  • twilight lover

    they kiss… ç_____ç I knew they would kiss, because I saw photos, but still… ç______ç

    anyway, can’t wait 4 the movie!

  • vanessa

    ok ppl taylor swift ,launter don’t star in this movie okay there not even in the movie poster and lets keep it that way there kind of annoying me now…..taylors this taylors that blah! i think they play the stupid popular kids in emmas roberts character school and i mean stupid did u see how there characters acted lol

  • vanessa


  • jasmine

    Hey I think Taylor swift is pretty good and plus she pretty and not like other people and I think Tay is a really good actress I mean there has been worser

  • hello

    Hmmm….i think i may see this movie :) im a fan of taylor but im going to see this cuz of Patrick Dempsey hes one of my fave actors and so is Emma Roberts

  • Dalovely

    My goodness get over it people so they put Taylor-Taylor’s pic on the poster. The movie is like an all American version of the British film ‘Love Actually’ a large ensemble with different stories tied together in one movie..and since this movie was filmed before both Taylor’s current fame status shot to the moon in lightening speed…the producer’s are trying to wisely cash in on the two Taylor’s rising fan base.
    I love the 2 Taylor’s but I realize they are indeed only going to be in the movie for a few minutes…So what, it’s a cute movie to see around Valentine’s Day!

  • Emily

    ok. to all the Taylor Swift haters out there, why don’t you go complain to someone who cares. y’al are just jealous.

  • go sox

    @Dalovely: Well said!! “Love Actually ” was a cute movie, with many different storylines, as this one will be revolving around Valentine’s Day. Why do people have to be so darn critical?? Geez, chill!!!

  • ann

    i can’t wait!!! i think it’s gonna be great!!!!!