Jesse McCartney Wants to Work with Adam Lambert

Jesse McCartney Wants to Work with Adam Lambert

Jesse McCartney may have an obsession to work with American Idol and X Factor performers.

The 22-year-old musician, who has worked with Jordin Sparks and Leona Lewis in the past, wants to write some songs for Adam Lambert.

Jesse shared with MTV, “I feel like there’s so many people like trying to do that thing for him and it’s a little unfocused for me. But I think he’s amazing.”

So just what would he write for Adam? “Well listen, I love the whole sort of kind of glam-rock type thing, and nobody’s doing it. It’s something that fits him, his personality perfectly and he’s got the whole Queen thing going on, which is great, and he can pull it off. He’s badass at it. It would have to be consistent. I wouldn’t do anything too pop-ish, ’cause I don’t think it’s necessary,” Jesse said.

WHAT DO YOU THINK about a possible Jesse and Adam collaboration?

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  • rock_chic_chick

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, i was a huge adam lambert fan during american idol but now i just think he is trying too hard to be shocking just watching his AMA performance makes me cringe and throw up a little (i am not homophobic by the way)

    jesse should focus on people will talent and also focus on his own career. <3 jesse :-)

  • oopsie

    Adam is an amazing artist! and no, before I say anything else I did not like his ama performance. BUT his music is AMAZING!! and fresh and new and at the same time pulls off this good old time 80′s feel. He is one heck of a singer too. and it’s unfortunate that he had to go crazy that one night so now few people take him seriously, but give this guy a chance and he’ll blow the world away with his talent. and it’d be awesome if he and jesse collaborated!

  • Mary

    @rock_chic_chick guess what? Jesse doesn’t care about your opinion, and neither us! If you don’t like him just keep it to your self

    GO ADAM!

  • Sarah

    Adam is way too good for Jesse. Sorry bud :P

  • Maggie

    Adam is a pretty open minded guy and if he wants to try to work with Jesse McCartney on a song then he will. I like the different sounds of Adam. I love his pop music. I love his rock music. I love that he can fuse them together. He doesn’t have to go one way or the other he can do both. “NOBODY PUTS BABY IN THE CORNER”. :-) And no one should try to put Adam into one box. So as long as Jesse remembers that, then let’s see what he’s got.

  • Jay

    Get a life. Just because an artist is promoting their debute album doesn’t mean they are “fame *****” as you put it. That is a jerk thing to say. And one artists display of a sexy song isn’t a bad thing. You shouldn’t judge people off one performance. How many did he do before that, and after that. If you loved him on American Idol then you should be able to get over it all ready and see what he is doing now. Having that damning of a heart is sad. Look in the mirror and ask yourselfs if you’ve ever gone too far or done something people didn’t like.

  • Adam Phan Fropm Philly

    Why didn’t you turn off the AMAs when Janet Jackson grabbed one of her dancers by his crotch, or when the barely dressed Shakira and her nearly naked dancers were doing hip thrusts, or when Rihanna was dressed in what looked like adhesive tape with most of her breasts showing while she was strapped to a B & D wheel, or when so many lyrics were bleeped out of so many songs? Eminem actually sang about his friend raping 17 women. This show started out telling you it was PG14. Perhaps that shpuld have given you a hint about the content. Ya think???

  • SCat

    Well have to agree with “Sarah” on this one. Jesse you wish you could work with the likes of Adam Lambert but sorry bud – I really don’t think you get Mr. Lambert. He is miles ahead of your music.

  • itsmeagain

    Adam’s performance was a TURN OFF, but his CD makes you fall in love again! I love the whole album! And I also adore J MAC.too! I think it would be interesting to see the work together.

  • Jenn

    @itsmeagain get a grip. If you want to judge an artists who has done over 100 televised appearances in the last year on one 4 minute performance than you are just unintelligent. Adam has been recognized as one of the most talented vocalist in the rock/pop genre by most in the music industry and working with him is on a lot of people’s agenda. Adam is a creative artist with his own ideas and some writing ability as well, so anyone who tries to put him in a box is going to find he doesn’t really fit. Adam is classically trained and truly gifted as a vocal artist and may not choose to go in just one direction. Jesse has made his wished clear and maybe he and Adam will decide working together works or maybe not – their choice!

  • Jenn

    I think Jessie has made his wishes clear, and if Adam wants to make that collaboration great, if not great. Adam has done close to 100 performances on TV in the last year and to judge him on one 4 minute performance is just narrow minded and unintelligent. What can not be underestimated about Adam is his sheer talent. Love him or not, he has some of the best pipes in the pop/rock world! That is fact recognized by most in the music industry. His vocal control, ability to move to a counter tenor with no breaks going from falsetto to head to chest is a rare gift, and his range is a true 4 octaves. Adam will have many choices on who to work with, but it would be ashamed to ever try to put him in a box, because his talent is broad and it makes sense to explore it from many artistic and musical angles. I love the eclectic but am game for whatever Adam wants to do.

  • Kelly

    All these musicians are calling Adam “badass” . I love it. Rock on Adam!

  • lucie derryani

    ahaha.. . clearly Adam is a hate love guy…..

  • gina

    “Well listen, I love the whole sort of kind of glam-rock type thing, and nobody’s doing it.

    That’s the most ridiculous thing i’ve ever read! Really? Nobody is doing it? Where has Jessie been living all these years?!

  • Angel

    @rock_chick_chick – Sorry but you are simply narrow minded and close minded if you’re judging ADAM and changed your mind with that 1 performance and have not moved on. Surely ADAM is not for everyone and I am sure you’re one of them if you can’t see how dynamic ADAM is, not one-dimensional as you.

  • karina

    all Jesse’s songs are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. no matter who he works with, it’s gonna be awesome

  • GaGa

    @Mary: guess what? nobody cares about your opinion either.

  • Bruce

    Shoot me but I have no idea who Jesse McCartney is. Is he a singer, writer, both, actor or what? So I can’t tell you about a collaboration with the two.

    I like Adam Lambert’s style and his music. His CD is very eccletic. There’s something on there for everyone. He’s different. He isn’t boring like the usual load of teeny bopper, bubble-gum crap that is pushed on us every year.

  • rob

    Adam Lambert is a phoney. Sorry but its true. Adam only wants people to judge him if their judgments are that hes great. This is why he got all bent out of shape when god forbid he was critisized for his boring predictable AMA “in the moment” crappy performance. (which by the way was never in the moment but was totally planned in advance)
    Ofcourse he is going to be judged on that performance. Instead of showing off his voice he deliberately tried to shock because he thought it would make him hugely famous and people would run to buy his album. But it backfired because tons of people thought it was stupid and disgusting so he said if people judge him on THAT performance alone they are ignorant. Well first off you shouldnt have chosen that path to go down..and secondly now that hes toned it down he has no problem with people “judging” him now.
    Sorry but hes just another phoney egomaniac wanna be huge famous celeb with no class. A real shame to waste a great voice trying to be “edgy”

  • Rat

    Jesse’s comments are interesting. While I love Adam’s album, I don’t think the pop influence is his style, even though he loves it personally. His voice can do anything, but I think Jesse’s ideas are valid about doing the 70′s glam rock sound. Now whether Jesse can do this is another question. Adam’s FYE album is wonderfully eclectic, but I personally don’t like the pop sound. He doesn’t need the electronic emblishment. While it certainly adds a contemporary sound, it deminishes his gorgeous voice. Many artists need augmentation. Adam doesn’t. Just my opinion, but I wish he would just sing. People fell in love with that voice. We don’t need all the other.


    two of the hottest people in hoyllywood, i would live it :D

  • zac

    jesses perfect girl: her name is Katarina Baker. she is PERFECT for jesse way more then you could ever imagine or fathom. she truly and completely loves jesse and would be good for him. she’s an amazing and gorgeous girl. they belong together and will be together. Kat is beautiful inside and out and she loves him for the person that he is and will take care of him. she’s the future mrs. jesse mccartney

  • peacelovejesus

    i honestly think jesse and adam are EXTREMELY good and i wasnt a big adam fan in the beginning but i think they wud make something very unique together. i never saw adams performance but i did see all his american idol performances and they were beast. i love jesse with all my heart and hes an amazing person and a great singer. im sure he’d come up with an awesome song for adam. the thing is, jesses just so….different than adam that idk if the song will fit adam like all his other songs. my fave song by adam is for your entertainment and im not sure if jesse can make a song like that or of that genre. of course hes capable of making one anyone is if they set their mind to it but jesse…..idk son hes gotta kinda go out of the way to make that kind of song in my opinion

  • peacelovejesus

    @Bruce: hey bruce jesse mccartney is a singer go look him up on youtube or something and i believe he writes his own songs as well. hes been on many tours as well and has many albums. have u ever heard of dream street?? he originated from that band in the 90′s but he was only about 13 so he was a lot more childish then than now. but yeahh jesses an amazing singer to me and i love him. i do agree with u about adam and all and i posted a comment recently about adam.

  • mychemicalromance

    my two fave singers… but they are completely different. i wish they would do a song together, but i do think that it would be kind of weird, because of the styles of music, and i love jesse and adam equally, but i have to say, adam is way out of jesse’s league. and for the people that said his performance was a turn off, or made them want to throw up, f off! most people dont even care if two girls kiss on stage or something, thats completely natural, but when a gay guy does it theres this huge controversy! its so stupid! no one should even care about that! but that is why most people didnt like his performance. i agree that the guys on the leashes and stuff were a bit much, but for that type of song with that type of (sexy) guy, i thought it went very well.

  • *Hailey:)

    ok this is my opinion and i personally don’t care who likes it or not!!! you CAN NOT judge somebody by a 4 minute performance. tha people who did are just plain out idiots!!!!! his performance happened at 11 o’clock that night and people were complaining that their children saw adam’s performance, well you know what? it was 11 freaking o’clock those children should have been in bed so if you wanna get technical it’s the parents fault and i’m pretty sure that most people would agree with me!!!! sooo just leave adam lambert alone. he’s one of the most talented artist that i’ve heard and seen and jesse’s good too!!! sooo if adam and jesse want to work together then so be it. it’s their lives and not anybodies business!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU ADAM LAMBERT!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Alexander Rohoman

    Okay can we stop with the whole AMA performance that is in the past. Choices were made and for you not to like someone cause of what they do on stage or in there personal life is stupid. I love Adam he is so talented. I dont know if the whole Jesse thing would work but you can give it a try I want to see him with GAGA or Xtina

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