Justin Bieber Gives Roses to Jasmine

Justin Bieber Gives Roses to Jasmine

Justin Bieber sings his song to Radio Disney N.B.T. winner Jasmine during the Radio Disney AM 990 concert at Celebration Town Center’s “Now Snowing Nightly” event in Celebration, Florida on Saturday night (December 19).

The two 15-year-old musicians rocked out to a jam-packed crowd and did a meet-and-greet before their performance. Be sure to listen to Jasmine‘s cover of Jordin Sparks‘ “Battlefield” below — she did great!

Check back to JJJ tomorrow to see how you can become a part of Radio Disney’s N.B.T. competition!

10+ pics inside of Justin and Jasmine

Jasmine – “Battlefield” – 12/19

Justin Bieber – Now Snowing Lightly Event, 12/19
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Photos: Mark Ashman/Radio Disney
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  • Amber

    that isn’t battlefield… thats have yourself a merry little christmas

    oh and first.

  • ariana

    I was at that concert, Justin was so cute and Jasmine is a really good singer, he was really sweet and gave her flowers and sung to her while singing One Less Lonely Girl, but it was just a friendly thing, he performed Love Me, My Favorite Girl, One Less Lonely Girl, One Time and then covered With You by chris brown, he also told us a little story about how he broke his leg and made it sound funny :P

  • ashleyT FAN

    i still think cymphonique or gabi should have won!

  • Leah.

    Just watch, there’s going to be so many rumors that they’re dating.

  • none

    This guy is a womanizer and a jerk. All you ever hear in a interview is about the girls his givien flowers too or kissed or flashed the breasts at him. He is overrated and has an over inflated ego. Enough with this jerk. Run for lifes gilrs before this womanizing jerk deflowers you. He is no good and will ruin you. This guy is a jerk.

  • rae

    jasmine annoys the hell out of me and she’s not even that great
    gabi should have won
    i love her song “my music”

  • ashytisdalefan

    I agree with @none
    he annoys me and is a little player.
    but they would make a cute couple

    lose the big head justin :)

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com viviana

    UGGGHHH!!!! why di she have to win who the heck voted for her she is soooo annoying!!!

  • http://www.theentertainmentempire.com Trey


  • Kali

    I see a couple1!!!

  • tutti


  • justthegirl926

    UGH!!! I am not liking her so far…. she sings okay but Josh Golden more than deserves it. And she has got to back away from Justin, they do not make a good couple :P

  • daniella!!


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  • Hope Bieber

    I WAITED 14 HOURS IN THE FREEZING WEATHER FOR MY FRONT CENTER SEAT (NON-VIP)<3 it was soooo worth it! i touched his hand when he was going backstage bc i had went to go pee and i heard girls screaming their heads off so i hauled butt over to see what was going on because i knew they prolly saw justin. i was like “im trying to find my mom! please move!” ahahahah i wasnt…i ended up rubbing his arm whenever he was passing by going backstage :)<333 i wish i couldve met him again! went to all the events to get v.i.p passes but i didnt win. ohhhh well he will be back (: this was my second time seeing him and it was amazing<333(:

  • Breanne

    I LUVVVVVEEEEEE Justin Bieber!!!! He is so hot! o and Jasmine better watch out! Justin’s Mine!!!!!! I <3 Justin!

  • http://Www.hotmail.com Jdtyuhs

    Why do people write or pusih things about famous people for example justin I bet soon enough those news people will be writing about justin and jasmine .they r just people and human just like us don’t make a big deal. If justin and jasmine are dating then okay it’s their relatship leave them alone:):(

  • nic

    @masline: i know for a fact that he is not your fiance because that would mean you to are Engage when he is not and girls you never get close to justin to date him because he famous and its very hard to that stuff. i think justin likes jasmine he keeps cheeking her out

  • Maida

    I agree with Leah there is going 2 be way 2 many rumors that they r dating and plus they make a cute couple and if they were dating they’ll be hollywoods cutiest couple!!!!!!!!

    Ps. justin you should ask jasmine out

  • Brittany

    Dude! I was at that concert!!! Hah, It was amazing&& so was that town. If you ever have a chance to go to Celebration, Florida, GO! Hah. I wish I could have meet him though. :/ I was so close..

  • Brittany

    I went to this concert too! It was amazing..

  • Laura

    Look stop bashing Jasmine. Im one of her friends.

  • samm

    Hahaha i lovveee Jasmine! srsly ppl, stop bashing her, i know her, shes great, shes awsome/ k?

  • kevin

    i hate both of them i like gabbi willson she was better than jasmine

  • Jasmine

    to all those jasmine haters if you didnt want her to win then you should have voted for gabi or chymphonic to win. instead you just wait for the contest to be over and coplain and mope that your fav singer didnt win. the part just wasnt made for the others alot of people like jasmine so deal with it instead of complaining its not going to help anything

  • http://yahoo.com blanca bieber

    justin bieber plays alot and he kissis alot of girls he make me sick but he is so hot why do people say he is gay people please if u said it please he looks better than u

  • http://facebook stephanie

    justine bieber is so gentle

  • blayana da don

    for all yu haters u need to get ova it cuz justin dont know u and obviously jasmine was better thats why she won and if they are datein let them B……………..hop off jasmine back

  • Sana

    come on
    i think they make a cute couple
    and if u love justin ,u would want him to stay happy
    if hes happy then ur happy (the fans)
    so leave it up to them ,
    and i also think that jasmines voice is the best ,, she is really nice and SOME girls are just jealous ,stop saying i love justin when u dont i mean love isnt about ur happiness ,its abt the happiness of who u love !!

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