Taylor Swift is AP's Entertainer of the Year

Taylor Swift is AP's Entertainer of the Year

Taylor Swift just keeps winning the hearts of America.

The 20-year-old musician was just announced as AP’s Entertainer of the Year earlier this morning. Taylor shared with AP about the honor, “I am so honored and so excited. This was so unexpected, and I could not be more grateful.”

Taylor also dished that she’s already to work on her third studio album, saying, “The second that I put out Fearless, the moment that album came out and I was done with it, I started writing for my next album. I love to plan 20 steps ahead of myself, and it’s really fun competition game that I play with myself, trying to top what I’ve done last. For this next record, that’s all that I’ve been thinking about, that’s all that my mind has been fixated on for the last year, and it’s all that I’m going to be thinking about for this next year.”

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  • zanessafanforever

    Yay! I’m so excited for the album! I wanna buy it!

  • Alexa_r

    I used to luv Taylor’s music, but right now I star get a little sick of her.

  • JNCX



    OMG love taylor
    cant wait for her next album!

  • youbelongwithme


  • maddie

    She doesn’t deserve anything she’s won this year after the whole Kanye thing happened. People felt sorry for her that’s basically it. It’s a shame that she got all the awards out of pity. She wouldn’t have won or been recognized so much if it weren’t for Kanye, I liked her better before, now she’s just getting annoying. If I were her, I would feel bad for myself for the fact that she only won stuff because of Kanye, she didn’t deserve any.

  • Bob Brown

    Yes I am happy for our Princess. Yes she deserves the honor.

    But no, I don’t give a tinker’s damn for Hyper left wing Associated Press, Al Gore boot lickers or other state owned media.

    Taylor hasn’t “Jumped The Shark” but the left-over half baked remnants of newsies, Olbermann loyalists and Seductionists are attempting to steer her.

    Careful my Princess. They are coming for you are all angles of attack.

  • maddie

    I’m gonna continue when she said “I am so honored and so excited. This was so unexpected, and I could not be more grateful.” SHE obviously knew it was coming, she’s getting everything handed to her. Gosh what happened to her? I used to love seeing her win awards but now, she doesn’t deserve any.

  • Ms ANonymous


    You really don’t get it, do you. She has worked her ass off for the success she has earned. People don’t feel sorry for her.

  • overated.

    @Alexa_r: Thank you.. all I hear about now a days is “Taylor Swift this” and “Taylor Swift that”. I really try to avoid everything she’s in. But she’s EVERYWHERE. Whatever happened to the other talented musicians ?

  • wildcats

    I love taylor swift..her concert was amazing…she is an amazing performer..try going three and a half hours singing and dancing, LIVE and still sounding good!!! That is NOT an easy task….she deserves Entertainer of the Year! GO TAYLOR!!

  • tlautnerlover

    cant wait for her next album! im so excited! i love all of taylors songs. she deserves every award she has gotten. her career keeps getting better and better. im so happy for her.

  • Bob Brown

    Maddie, I respectfully disagree with your comment, “She doesn’t deserve any.”

    Yes I understand the typical celeb handler quote, “I am so honored and so excited,” and yes I share the disdian of our recognized and responsive eye roll at the commercial aspect reflex.

    But Taylor does indeed deserve any and all rewards and recognition. The kid worked her music and her story is quite captivating and interesting. I look foward to Taylor Swift new releases.



  • http://justjaredjr.com nathalie

    im not excited,
    Im VERY VERY VERY excited!

  • cam

    it is really sad how people like you cannot refrain from bashing someone as sweet and deserving of all of her awards. Taylor Swift is an amazing artist/songwriter and her Fearless album is certified 5 X platinum 9over 5 million copies sold) – it was already 4 x platinum before the Kayne incident (& she has sold more than 10 million records altogether so far) – or all you pathetic people who think that incident caused her popularity. Taylor is popular not only for her music but for her class and humility. It is so nice to see someone climb the record charts and remain so humble. Taylor is so appreciative of her fans & all the blessings she has received. Taylor proves that you don’t have to take your clothes off & jump every guy you see in order to be popular.

  • nathalia

    she deserves it. I can’t wait for the third album.

  • Tiffany

    I can hardly wait for her third album. I am so proud of her. Get all of her clothes here http://outfitidentifier.com/?cat=905

  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    @maddie: i agree

  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    @overated.: thx to you !

  • saudia

    Congrats Taylor!! She deserves all the success. I’m excited for her new album :)

  • Alex

    I agree with @Maddie,@Alexa_r, & @overated. She doesn’t deserve any of the awards she has gotten this year. Just because that happened to her doesn’t mean she is the greatest artist and deserves to get every award. There are a lot of artist that deserves to get notice other than her. Im so sick and tired of people talking about her and what happen. Just because of one little incident she gets every award and she DOESN’T even sing country music! Her music is more pop than country, yet she still wins for both country and pop. She is not even close to being country. She should be thanking Kayne for what he has done because that is the only reason she is so big right now. & yes i do understand she sold a lot of awards before the incident but I do believe that she got popularity from what happend. She is honored in so many things that she does not even deserve. Even online she is honored for things. @overated – “Whatever happened to the other talented musicians ?” Good question. I wanna know that same. I hope that up coming awards will know better music than the others we had this year, but i highly doubt they will. I bet she will win everything. (You don’t understand how annoyed i was watching an award show and hearing her name throught out the whole award. Even my mom is annoyed by her.)
    – This is from MY own opinion & trust me i know most of you are probably not going to agree, but like I said this is MY opinion.

  • lucy

    @maddie: i agree w/ u!

  • :)

    @cam perfectly said!!!! plus she writes or co-writes every single one of her songs, so that definitely sets her apart from everyone else!! and all of her songs are so relatable ’cause they’re so personal!

  • niki

    @ maddie

    go get a life please?
    seriously you don’t know how much i LAUGHED at your comments. your so pathetic it is unbelievable. taylor works so hard to get where she is right now and all you can do is slam it in her face. idk how some people can be so ungreatful. SHE DOES NOT GET ANYTHING HANDED TO HER. how do you know?! she works for it. she puts her heart and soul into it. you know what. im not even gunna bother to say anything else. if people like you think so little of her. im gunan do the same for you.

  • cory

    I think people are buying too much into her public persona of being this super sweet, adorable princess. After all she is a celebrity in the end and has a image to maintain…I think people should look at whats really important and thats her talent as a singer. She is an average singer at best. Her voice is simply not that great. Her songs are a bit juvenile coming from a 20 year old, but I give it to her for making catchy songs that young girls can relate to…But how does THAT grant her the right to win all these awards??? It simply doesnt. She is just being overhyped by everyone and that is making her overrated if anything..