Vanessa Hudgens Kicks It Up for Skechers

Vanessa Hudgens Kicks It Up for Skechers

Vanessa Hudgens pops her knee up to show off her sweet EckoRed high tops at the Skechers store at Universal City Walk in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon (December 20).

The 21-year-old actress sported the “Ceejay” sneaker with hot purple laces while she signed autographs for the first 300 fans that showed up.

Vanessa was joined by lil’ sis Stella as well as BooBoo and Fivel Stewart (not pictured).

Aren’t Vanessa‘s sneakers hot?

More pics at X17!

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  • memyselfandi

    I was there :)
    She was such a sweetheart to all the fans

  • star

    First? She looks stunning like usual!

  • heat

    love her eye makeup!

  • star

    There are some more pics here and some with Stella too

  • sara12

    love her ..

  • Katty

    So pretty. Love her.
    I saw Bandslam recently, she was so good in it. Can’t wait for Beastly even more now!

  • live in love kuuipo

    She’s super hot.

  • b

    She’s amazing !

  • jess

    she looks hot! I love her sneaker!
    love her so much <3

  • boji

    She must have chosen this ensemble to go with those sneakers. I like her t-shirt, sexy! Anyway, she looks real good in shorts. Those thigh length socks are so harajuku.

  • gracemarie

    BooBoo is in the Twilight saga – V must know the whole cast pretty well.

  • Jordan

    Love Vanessa and Stella :) I was beginning to wonder if this set was going to get posted here :) Thanks JJj

  • sara12

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  • ady

    hoottt! :)
    shes wearing her ring:))
    i want more pictures of zanessa! :P

  • Carol

    Love her!!!

  • Babiivfanforeva

    She’s so gorgeous!! I love her and Stella and Vanessa …her eyes are stunning :D!!

  • Tree

    Vanessa looks great. I love her sneakers and the thigh socks. Always so beautiful.

  • xoxo

    she looks gorgeous!!! Such a beuatiful talented young woman!! Happy Holidays to Vanessa and anyone else who reads this!!!

  • Jess!

    finally!!!!! i love her!!

  • Belle

    She looks good in a t shirt and short with long socks and sneakers.

  • zanessaholic

    woooh! she’s gorgeous!!

  • zanessaholic

    she’s sooo pretty!

  • Jess!

    Leaving a Sketchers Store in Universal CityWalk with Stella!

  • VhuddyRiSH

    geez! they’re so lucky! i wish i was there & meet her .. i could tell by the pix that she’s the SWEETEST GIRL EVER! nessa SO MUCHEE <3

  • carly

    aw she looks amazing =D i love zanesa

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Uh, everything she wears is HOT. If she wore a garbage bag, it would still look hot on her. She’s gorgeous. :D

  • J

    Love this girl she’s so gr8

  • jess1


  • Caro

    Love her (:

  • Jazmin

    HOT…HOT….HOT …she looks amazing….gorgeous!!!!!!!

    Thanks for posting JJjr!!!!!!!!!

  • jo

    she’s got some big muscles now. all that training is working off

  • ZNlover

    Gorgeous, I want to own one sneaker too!

  • ashnessalahv

    Not hating or anything but what is up with all the vah fans on here? Like all of them are. There are 100 + comments all the time for her. I love Vanessa, shes gorgeous but Ash is just as popular.

  • fearless

    gosh this girl is so sexy and looks like she upgraded her kuipo ring

  • marie

    she’s beautifulll

  • kami

    she’s cool and pretty. love her gorgeous brown eyes. so expressive.

  • Samantha

    I went there
    she was really nice
    she hugged me
    I gave her a bear that’s like wearing a red superhero outfit
    I hope she still has it

  • Michelle

    she’s beautiful and Gorgeous and i love the new kuipo ring she wears in the past four years she as grown into her own person i just love her movies and her music when she gets back doing that keep up the great work Nessa

  • LG

    The sneakers weren’t the only thing that was hot.

  • mykamicks

    Lovely sisters! Too hot for that get up. Those legs are really shouting out!

  • ZanessaFanForever

    Vanessa Hudgens is my role model!
    I love her outfit, so cute! :]

    Hope she gets to spend Christmas with Zac! But Zac already gave Vanessa, probably, one of the best 21st birthday parties ever!

  • Vanessa lover

    She is hot!

    And I couldn’t go to the autograph signing! :(

    but my mom said I can go the beastly premiere of they have it any where around LA :)

  • lslsharon

    Her eyes are amazing!!!

  • ZanessaFreak

    I love her, she’s always gorgeous, to die for.

  • xoxo

    why are ppl saying she got a new kuuipo ring? it looks the exact same? it has always been yellow gold with black writing on it :S:S

  • sharmaine

    she is so stunning…

    very beautiful….

    i love vanessa so so much….

  • Andy

    Oh I like!

  • tata

    it’s 100% new ring and she is wearing it since her BD :) maybe somebody’s present ;) she is a cutie!

  • kate

    I went to that. She was so awesome and down-to-earth. she gave me a hug too. *sighs with a happy memory* and to be honest, i think she signed for more than 300 people. they were giving out wrist bands and they ran out but kept going till three thirty. it was awesome!

  • athena

    She looks well toned but also a little fuller and rounder all over, than usual….I guess that happens when you turn 21…lol…she looks great as usual though.