Zac Efron is Aspen Amazing

Zac Efron is Aspen Amazing

Zac Efron heads into a lodge before getting geared up for some snowboarding with friends in Aspen, Colorado on Sunday afternoon (December 20).

The 22-year-old actor has been enjoying a weekend in the snow. Zac and a couple of his friends attended the 2009 USPA World Snow Polo Championship earlier in the weekend (more pics included), where he posed for some pics with the winning team.

Zac was also spotted at Audi’s Aspen TDI Clean Diesel Dinner later in the evening.

Good friend Miley Cyrus recently dished to Sirius XM’s The Morning Mash Up that Zac is the kind of guy she would love to have.

Miley shared, “Zac could get any girl…and do whatever, and he is so loyal and a really good friend…He’s just like super good looking. I think Zac Efron is the hottest person in the world. I really, really like him.”

20+ pics inside of Zac Efron

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Photos: Fame Pictures, GSI Media
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  • ashytisdalefan

    hes so hot <3

  • http://justjaredjr shamilah

    awwh hes soo hot!!!

  • Karen

    He’s looking good, I wonder how long he will be staying in Aspen?

  • sunny

    aww he looks so hot !!! totally :D

  • Lydia

    i love u zac

    he is so hot

  • sunny

    aww he looks so hot !! totally :D

  • natalia

    he is amaaaazing, always so gorgeous *-*
    brazil loves u, zac. come back soon ! ♥

  • peggy

    His brother brother Dylan and what seems to be in his dad are in one pix and the blonde looks like his his mom. So it’s not just friends.

    And part of Mileys quote included how he is with Vanessa conveniently excluded here. And as much as I love Miley’s quote I really don’t think Vanessa would have any trouble getting another man.

  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    why is it so hot in here ? oh wait sorry i forgot there are ZACCY pix!! hehe kdg ! love him

  • annie ryan

    ZANESSA FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thats all i got!<3lol:p


    i think miley is right!
    He should be my boyfriend! <3

  • nathalia


  • bella

    The leg is terrible

  • ak

    Peggy – No need to get defensive about Miley’s quote. Of course Vanessa could find another guy. But why would she want to? It’s not easy finding a young man who is willing to be in a committed relationship for four years, especially in Hollywood these days. So many guys Zac’s age play the field, but he isn’t like other guys. Vanessa is lucky to have him, and he’s lucky to have her.

  • carly

    ak i totally agree and miley is not that kind of person she has her own man now anyways but vanessa and zac are both lucky to find each ther at a young age <3 i love zanessa

  • Mi-Mi

    @ ak I totally agree with you, they are made for each other and they are still happy so no worries! I like the clothes that he wears here. He’s is hot, and Miley should stop being a stalker like this. It is kinda scary.

  • pop86


    There’s no need to get defensive about anything Miley says or how the quote is presented. Everyone here knows Zac and Vanessa are together. You know the truth so why get defensive.

    Hope Zac and his family has a nice winter vacation.

  • Jazmin

    He just get hotter as he gets older. Both Zac and Vanessa are luck to have found love and each other at a young age.


    @ Ak, I agree with every thing you say about Zac and Vanessa , and Zac only likes Miley as a friend, I think jj want to cause drama leaving out Miley said how loyal he is to Vanessa and besides that its a old story about 4 weeks ago. Vanessa and Miley are close friends, and Vanessa and Miley always support each other. Zac loves Vanessa very deeply, Don’t you remember the birthday party for Vanessa, when Zac kissed Vanessa cheek and her hand in the car, shows how deeply he loves her, and gave her the best birthbay party ever, which she will never forget.

  • Bradley Bobst

    Zac looks amazing. Gold he is amazing time here in Colorado.

  • lilly

    Actually the whole quote from Miley is really cute where she goes onto say how amazing it is that they are so strong and in love after 4 years and that it makes Zac even more sexy…or something like that. There is no harm in her saying she finds him hot, it’s only what most of his fans think anyway. It’s harmless.

    Zac looks amazing in these pics, he is there with his family, it is an Audi event and he was invited. I bet they will be returning to SLO or Zac to LA before Christmas, looks like he took the family on a mini break to coincide with the event he was invited too. Co is not far from Cali after all. Looks like they had fun nevertheless.

  • athenais

    Zac is cool …

    I think maybe he will spends Christmas in Aspen with his family … It’s a great place to celebrate Christmas, with snow and winter sport …

  • gracemarie

    Miley is a cutee and btw that guy Liam isn’t bad either LOL

  • keN

    . . . . dang..! ..when will someone cast this guy
    as a young ‘James Bond’. He’s not get’n younger.

  • gracemarie

    Miley is a cutee and BTW that guy Liam is just as handsome as his brother LOL

  • kami


    yep. one of the reasons miley said she admired zac is because of his loyalty to vanessa. and didn’t she make that quote about two months ago? i don’t really think she repeated it yesterday or even in the past week. so, i’m totally confused as to why it is relevant on this thread.

  • moot to the sun

    yall just stop @peggy wasnt being defensive about nothing.. goodness, yea just beat people down on words…just chill

  • ryanefron

    zac should just stay in colorado please lol.

  • nikki

    ohh he snowboards, THATS MY KIND OF GUY!!! :) wooaahooo!!

  • jocelyynn


  • Mandy

    “I think he’s the hottest person in the world.” So do alot of people, Cyrus. Be grateful for what you have and not what others do. It’s Christmas for crying out loud.

  • athena

    Great that he’s spending time with his family. He looks great with his short hair….long or short, hairy face or not…he looks great…now that’s when you can tell a guy is good looking…Zac’s all that.

  • athena

    Y’know, I don’t see any of Zac’s family members in any of these pics…the woman in front of Zac is not his mother. There’s no Dylan or Dad around either…are there pics elsewhere that aren’t being seen?

  • e


    You can see David (Zac’s dad) and Dylan (Zac’s bro) in the pics of Zac by the car, #2 and #13 among others, they are the once Zac’s looking at that’s standing behind the car with their backs towards the camera.

    Zac looks good eally good in these pictures.

  • e


    Looking at it again pic #2 is really the best picture, David is the guy with the red socks and Dylan is the other guy you see with light brown pants.

  • fearless

    step off miley, he is taken :) lol

  • mouhzac


  • Katty

    Zac looks cu-ute. You can tell his family is there with them, if you know who they are you can see that they are in the pix.

    I know this is a Zac post, but V did something JJJ didn’t post about. If you want to look here are the pix and info:

  • hunny

    Wireimage has pics of David Efron, Dylan Efron, and Zac at the Audi dinner.

  • beatriz

    zac is HOT!

    ilove youuuuuuuu Zac Efron!

  • kami

    i’m pretty sure this is dylan with the red socks.

  • kami
  • den

    LOL…I know what David and Dylan Efron look like, but I guess I have never seen the back of David’s head or the top of Dylan’s-wearing a hat no less! Lol…
    Wireimage has a face front pic of David and Dylan at the dinner with a Michael Patrick. I didn’t see one of Zac at the dinner.

    Glad Zac was able to have some family time at this invited event. He looks sooo sexy in that turtleneck! eee!!


  • gaby

    this kid is too hot for his own good :]
    love himmmm. :]

  • beatriz


    zac you are HOTTT!

    and my idol!

  • boji

    Miley is right, Zac is 100% boyfriend material. He’s handsome, has the body, intellect, and is thoughtful,kind, romantic, polite, politically correct and is totally faithful and has a sense of humour. Besides, he can act, sing and dance and has enough money to keep any girl happy. The other plus factor is he owns his own house. What more could a girl want. Lastly, he’s filial and amiable. So sorry but he is well and truly taken, hook, line and sinker. He’s swimming in Vanessa’s fish tank right now. : )

  • mykamicks

    You are so damn right Boji! I like your last line! It gets stinks my heart. Im hurt because he is taken! lol!


    Zac, i hope you and your family have avery merry christmas and a great time in Colo. I live here and Aspen is ao beautiful and so are the mountains of Colo. When i’m sking the beautiful scenery makes you feel your closer to God.

  • Soni Hannigan

    Can you send a link to wireimage so we can see the pictures of the audi dinner with Zac and his father and brother? Thank you

  • susan1

    look amazing zac. i hope you enjoy your mini holiday in Aspen Colorado with your family and Wishing you Wonderful Christmas
    and your love one.