Kevin Jonas & Danielle Deleasa: Mexico Magic

Kevin Jonas & Danielle Deleasa: Mexico Magic

Kevin Jonas wraps an arm around wife Danielle Deleasa as they make their way back into their hotel while on their honeymoon in Mexico on Tuesday afternoon (December 22).

The newlyweds were spotted earlier today sunbathing around the pool at the resort.

Kevin and Danielle exchanged vows over the weekend at Oheka Castle in Long Island, New York where his brothers Nick and Joe serving as the Best Men.

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Credit:; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • lover


  • Nada

    1st ha! I love them!

  • kiera

    Dang, Kevin has some sexy legs.

  • Anna

    uh, kevin needs longer shorts o.o
    haha .

  • Viviana

    They look so happy together!!!!!!!!!

  • shan

    dayummmmm, those shorts.
    that’s made my day!
    &congrats to the couple, they are too cute.

  • hi

    bow chica wow woooooow

  • DinoGirl

    Awww, I was hoping the paparazzi wouldn’t find them on their honeymoon. :[

    And those shorts 0_o
    I love you Kevin but….

    Danielle is gorgeous.

  • Jessica

    daummm his shorts are short!!! lmaoo

  • abby

    Ehhh Kevin looks like a girl from the back. Not good…

  • http://justjared lele

    Kevin…nice shorts! :D A bit short tho but hey! if you’ve got it FLAUNT IT… lol

  • Courtney

    who wheres short shorts!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH! This is why I hate the Jonas brothers.

  • DinoGirl

    What a legitimate reason to hate someone.

  • emaan

    what part of mexico is it?

  • briana

    okay his shorts, are just to short for a guy…

  • Megan

    ok. i love kevin with all my heart, but those shorts are not flattering him in any way. wayy too much leg kev…hahaha=) but him and dani arwe so cute…i hope they have a great honeymoon<3

  • Laurisa

    Shorts are way too short!!
    Like really tooooooo short
    Someone needs to help him out with those

  • danielle

    you’ve gotta love those smexy shorts;).
    and erm, she isn’t called danielle deleasa, they’re married so her name is now danielle jonas! lmaaao.

  • bizmark

    There should be a law that a guy can’t wear shorts like that right after he just gets married. That poor girl!


    im really happy for kevin and danielle. they look so cute together. but kevin’s shorts are like WAY TO SHORT for him and for any guy. im not trying to be mean. well anyways, congrates to kevin jonas and danielle jonas

  • mrs.nickj!

    aw they’re beyond adorable together
    kevins shorts are just a little too short for me…but i still love him♥

  • lilo

    Are those flowers on his shorts?!
    That’s worse than the last pair.
    & with that murse, or W/E, he looks like a girl. /:

  • m

    aww cuteness! Wish they’d get privacy on their honeymoon though.

  • xoxo

    @danielle: just because they are married doesnt make her a jonas…some girls keep their maiden names!

  • Agu

    omfg!! those shorts are HORRIBLE kevin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you need to check your clothes before heading to the beach…if I were danielle i would have told him how ridiculous he looks!!

  • fearless

    HIS SHORTS LMAO.. and her hair looks like she was out of a photoshoot

  • linaaa

    please get some normal shorts kevin. we love you and all, but thats pushing it

  • Tbear

    his shorts!!
    i couldn’t stop laughing when i saw this
    kind of reminded me of a girl.. :S

  • rock_chic_chick

    no “straight” guy should be wearing floral short shorts. they look like 2 women from the back.

  • ilovemusic

    Aww, Kanielle<3
    And Kevin’s short are a bit weird, but I still love him xD

  • ilovemusic

    Aww Kanielle<3
    And Kevin’s shorts are a bit odd, but I still love him xD

  • paige

    i love kevin and all[not more than nick]but those shorts are wayyyy tooo high

  • Francy

    He Is Adorable And Everything.
    But Sorry The Shorts Have To Go.
    Dude He Looks Like A Girl.
    And She Looks Taller Than Him o_0
    But I Still Dig Him ;)

  • ashleyy


    she’s still a jonas even if she keeps her maiden name duh.


    he’s already on his honeymoon? that was a sneaky fast wedding.

  • xoxo

    @ashleyy: not if you keep your maiden name. I kept my maiden name and never legally changed it so therefore in this case i wouldnt be a “jonas”…get the facts straight hunn

  • Nicole

    I think Kevin needs longer shorts..

  • karem carolina

    psz no pude leer naaadaaa por que no se ingles
    puesz xfa ponganlo traducuidoooo
    good bye

  • kay

    those shorts are out of control. danielle, your first job as a wife is to burn every last one of those swim shorts and replace with new longer ones. please and thanks. just tryin to look out girl.

  • Jessie

    That is totally….just no, Kev, no. Where does one even BUY shorts like that?!

  • Shaunette

    Oh. Em. Gee. Leave um ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =\

  • StayBeautiful

    Kevin needs some new shorts.
    Those things are too short.

  • lis

    whoaa i thought kevin was a woman for a sec. there

  • Jennie

    @xoxo: What girl WOULDN’T want her second name to be Jonas? Come on!

  • Jennie

    ohhhmygosh i’m so happy for them :D
    LOVING the shorts Kevin, seriously ♥ :)

    Does this mean they won’t be spending Christmas with the rest of the family? :(

  • jonaslove

    I love the Jonas’ short shorts, you gotta love these boys, it takes a REAL man to wear short shorts like THAT and still manages to look extremly jumpable I mean not only Kevin but look at Joe and Nick FREAKIN HOTTIES
    we should definitely make a fan club for these shorts,.. just sayin
    I’m so happy for kanielle, I was hoping they’d have a peaceful honeymoon but he’s a Jonas brother !!

  • jane

    Gosh this makes me so mad! Leave them alone…they’re on their freaking honeymoon. I would be mad if it were me. I mean I know he’s a celebrity and things like that happen, but those paparazzi should learn about integrity. They’re people too and I’m sure they don’t want their honeymoon pictures posted all over the internet!

  • Treasure

    yeah briana. you are right those shorts are too short for a guy. seriously. why wear short shorts? why? they have cute long and sexy shorts. and they need to leave them alone. they are on their own honeymood. that is redicious. that people would at least bother people on their honeymoon. they really need to get a damn life.

  • Courtney

    We hope that Kevin and Dani are having a lot of fun!

  • lucy

    let’s be honest… kevin is gay…

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