Justin Bieber: Much Music Merry Christmas!

Justin Bieber: Much Music Merry Christmas!

Justin Bieber sweetly serenades fan Amanda Lin as he performs on MuchMusic in Toronto on Tuesday evening (December 22).

The 15-year-old musician has been one busy bee this past week. Justin performed with Jasmine earlier in the week in Florida before jetting off to Tulsa for another concert.

After his performance on MuchMusic, Justin arrived back at his hotel to awaiting fans and Christmas gifts!

Be sure to download Justin‘s new song, “One Time (My Heart)” on iTunes.

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Credit: Stephen Fernandez; Photos: George Pimentel/WireImage, SplashNewsOnline
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  • farahF



    I love the last picture!

  • http://www.twitter.com/shanneyanners Shaneanne sabarillo

    that girl is soooo lucky !

  • ariana

    For the person who wrote the first comment, why do you hate justin so much, you don’t know him so you need to stop talking bs about him

  • alex

    aww is that girl crying?

    but acctually i think girls are just too crazy to justin they are like screaming and they would kill just to see justin! and that is so weird!

    im not abig fan of justin because i WANT TO FOKUS ON SOMETHING IMPORTANT!

  • anony

    I thought he was downright rude yesterday a few times.
    He back talked the host of the show a couple of times (for instance ‘what makes you think I am best friends with obama?’) the way he said that was full of ego and it was clear she was making a joke.
    Then when he was going outside he was rude to some fans ‘hang on, back up, you will get your turn, I will be back’ in this horribly rude tone of voice.
    This boy has too much fame too fast and its clearly gone to his head.


    HOW DID THAT GIRL GET UP THERE IF SHE JUST A FAN?????? that’s not fair. :(

  • nikki

    Idk what’s with this kid, but he really isnt good at singing, and people just like his hair prob, cuz he had short hair and he looked uggllyy. This kid is really OVERRATED!, just wait till he FINALLY hits puberty, noone will remember who this kid is :) THANK GOD!


    This kid is too much into himself, just like Usher and look where he’s at, nowhere!!!!
    He’s irritating in so many ways and truly stardum has gotten to his head as well as his attitude, if he keeps it up they’ll turn a cheek and no more house for his mother, he’ll be back to where he started from.

  • http://www.thejuliaandnikkishow.webs.com Jess

    I really like J.B., but on the other hand, i do think lots of ppl just like him for his looks (esp. his hair). It really buggs me.

  • http://buzznet.com Bellz

    Wow it sounds like justin can be a jerk, but still he is sooooo hot!!!
    Plz come 2 mo sooon justin!!!!
    from, ur favorite fan

  • Abi

    Aww, bless her!
    She is so lucky!!
    I love Justin so much!!
    Wish i can meet him someday :D xx

  • JoRae handboy

    To all of you who r making fun and dissing Justin Bieber,u r very rude. He really does sing. You guys r just jealous of him. He is my role model. I love him a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • oriana

    u have sorta a point, i love justin and all but he did give a bit of attitude probably cuz it was late…
    but if u rewatched closely, this girl like give him a hat, she tried to put it on him but he took it off and put it on the floor (even though he was preforming) but it still felt a bit rude…
    btw ppl, that girl got to be on stage cuz she won the contest to be serendaed :D so theres your answer!

  • http://justinbieber brenda

    you are very cute justin bieber and u are are hot too………
    merry christmas and a happy new year eve
    ho ho ho,

  • none

    I have had two coments removed because I stated my beliefs. So I will say it again. He is a womanizing jerk and has a big ego. He is so overrated.

  • sam

    i know the girl

  • http://www.theentertainmentempire.com Trey

    And even if he did say that none of you have been through fame to know what he’s going through.

  • urmusicalex

    OMG Justin Bieber was so amazing on MuchMusic last night!

    Hey, don’t miss out next time!
    Just fan Rogers urMusic on facebook so you’re in the loop for the next amazing promotion…
    Happy holidays everyone!

    xx urmusicalex

  • tutti

    he s so sweet .cute and handsome!
    i like his shirt~!! i love justin~
    & merry christmas everyone~* :D


    ya he is so sweet tottally!!!!!!




    Ha my last name is Rogers!!!!



  • mariah

    ur so hot in all the pics…you seem really sweet tooo:)

  • Neko

    he did seem a bit rude. i thought he was nicer, he can’t even take a joke..

  • J- wuuuuuu ;)

    Shes not “just a fan from the crowd” ..she is a special fan,,sarah taylor said that eirlier

  • http://hotmail kadi becker

    All u ppl that said that mean stuff are rude and and mean.He was only that waybecause he deals with it all the time.He just wants to be a normal kid.Uwould be the same way if u were his so think about what u said and say.U ppl that dont like him just keep ur coments to ur self.So ya thats all i have to say.ps i love u justin bieber:}

  • http://aol brittany

    well anony he’s probly really tired with all he’s going through

  • sweetie

    i think justin is hot and everything but i cant say that i like him bc i never even met him but i wuld like to one day and i no i aint the prettiest gurl ever but i am willing to bet that if wasent famous then no one wuld like him jst bc he aint famous. and i gots a question what does justin reli look for in a gurl and does he like country gurlz???

  • http://yahoo.com sweetie

    @Trey: im wid u on dat 1 dude:)

  • http://yahoo.com sweetie

    all i want is sum1 to luv me for who i reli am

  • brig

    hes good but hes gonna loose his career when he hits puberty and gets a low voice

  • nunyagh

    I so agree. I mean how did he get so freakin famous in like three months? So wat he’s cute? doesn’t mean he’s a good guy.

  • http://aol.com Joey

    Justin Bieber sings horridly and he is ugly, but what’s good about him is for a gay kid he puts his foot down. He also dissed Obama the goat so that’s another good feature.

  • klaina nagoy

    ahmmm……..nice .good well… i love your song’s so much….. i hope many song that you can make and more people that you can to smile…. bye…. reply …plz

  • http://justjaredjr. kitty

    Justin you are so nice and i love your songs. I love one less lownly girl
    i love it makes my haert sore up in the sky.

    love tor
    ps i ma kitty xoxo

  • Faraday COLEMAN

    i love you!!!! <3 xxxx

  • http://www.casiangelesmacedonianweb.piczo.com Smikybieber

    Yes , i will write here too , becuse i will do anything just to spend one day with you anything Justin, i love you boy , i love your smile , your voice ,your talent ,you hair i love you the way you are , i love everything about you ! You mean a lot to me , a better life , world , everything , all of my friends know how much i love you even my parents too , xD they need to listen your songs everyday even they don’t want ! Please chose me to be one of the girls who you will meet , becuse i can’t go to Canada it’s soo far and my parents will don’t let me too but wwhen you will chose me to meet you then i will cry and do anything to my parents let me , and they will let me and come with me maybe , maybe not becuse i have a aunt and uncle in Canada and i will sleep there . Justin if you think and you see this that i’m writing and you say to me to do something more about , and i will make everything , a video , i can write a song for you i’m a good writer , i will make you more popular here , and more things everything that you want for me , everything ! love youu soo damn muchhh boy you mean a lot to this people your like my star in the sky , you are like a angel send from above ! And know that you mean a lot to this world , and don’t watch that haters who are just jelous on you , you just continue to sing for your fans , for your people , for the people who adore you !

    Ps. if you just read this one please go on and read this too is the last one i think , if it doesn’t look the one for SmikyBiber..


    *Happy Holidays

  • http://GOOGLE jENNIFER

    HE IS SO SWEET,KEWT,ADORABLE,FINE, AND LASTLY HE IS SO TOTALLY H-O-T <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<333333333333333333333333

  • http://gmail barbara

    hi what’s up you can sing a lot Justin

  • katrina

    that is so nice of you.

  • http://google teytahni

    hi justin bieber he is so hot and cute and sexy

  • Justin Bieber

    Hey, this is Justin Bieber here just saying thank you for the comments i love all my fans! working on a new song! hope y’all love it!

  • http://idk tutii martinz dhee only 1

    y0 dat niqqa is fresh i l0v3 him ,. maq banqin n shit

  • http://justinallday judith

    i cant wate

  • http://Google fatmata

    @anony: i’m not trying to be rude but what show are you talking about because i want to watch it. and plus i don’t know if you took his words the wrong way but Justin Bieber is way too cute and way more better mannered than that so that no disrespect to that. plus that is one thing that i have to hear or see for my-self in order to believe.

  • http://.................... yourfan

    let’s juz say i am a big fan of u…well everyone says dat..lol! teehe:Durggggghhh i wish i cud be with u everyday….well everygals dream is dat .well mostly….teehe;D

  • http://www.justdjr.buzznet.com stephanie

    I really like J.B and it not juste because of his hair and look but he is really hooottttt and have a great voice and is really good at dancing and singing and wow is that girl luky i wish that was me!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxox

  • justinsgirl