Twilight's Forks, Washington To Get Reality Show?

Twilight's Forks, Washington To Get Reality Show?

The Twilight Saga was a major hit when it debuted in theaters in November 2008, but is it enough for a reality show in the small town it was filmed?

The Wrap reports that the town of Forks, Washington might just be getting it’s own reality show.

Producer Zig Gauthier has begun casting for an unscripted project and shared, “We’re not going up there looking to cast people who have claims to the supernatural. We want people who have a true connection to the community. We want to avoid people with outlandish claims.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of a Forks reality show?

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  • zanessafanforever

    oh and i hope so :)

  • lana

    second! :D

  • mags

    Im sorry but that sounds like a really stupid idea, I dont think I would watch something like that

  • viv

    god, when is this goin’ to end?!?

  • eLLa


  • itsmeagain

    I son’t know what’s more overrated. Twilight, or that Justin Beaver kid.

  • LC

    think that would ruin twilight! so DON’T do that!

  • LC

    i think it would ruin everything about twilight…so don’t do it !!

  • Annie

    @itsmeagain: I don’t know either.

  • Cbloss

    Uhhhhh….I’ve gotta ask why? I’ve been to forks and trust me, it’s not that interesting. It’s awesome to see just to say that u have been there but for a reality show? Sorry. No.

  • fearless

    @itsmeagain: i agree..

  • nathalia

    i don’t know but I love realitys

  • erin

    How can you have a reality show based in Forks? There’s absolutely nothing to do there.
    And since when is it “Twilight’s Forks, WA” I’m pretty sure it was around before Twilight existed.

  • emily

    that has got to be the dumbest idea i have heard in a while

  • Bailee

    NO! I love Twilight and this is going to be stupid.

  • Niala

    i would not want to create a lame ass reality show of the town just because its popular to the twilight series. jesus christ get a life!

  • alex

    I live in Washington and Forks has made enough fools out of us. NO thank you.

  • skeezy

    that would be stupid, like jersey shore

  • emmaleigh.

    Hmmm, I think that Twilight was great. The series is fantastic, but I cannot really judge the idea of this mentioned project until I am given more details as to what it is going to be about. What is the show? I’d like details if anyone finds out anything…

  • hannah

    I live in Washington as well – a few hours a way from Forks and this is the stupidest idea ever.
    I have friends who went to Forks BEFORE twilight and they’ve said that the changes are ridiculous. Restaurants are changing their names and everything and the small logging town is now turning into a bigger media-based one.
    What is Forks going to do when Twilight has run its corse???

  • Lats

    They had better drop this idea and bury it 10 feet under.

  • Kay

    it wasnt even filmed in forks, it was filmed in canada.

  • ximena

    omg please dont.. its lame

  • jess

    I think is that is going to ruin twilight… I mean the people going to get tired, sick with so twilight twilight… include me even I am a fan. so please dont!!

  • olivia

    @itsmeagain: lol

  • chloe

    This is the DUMBEST idea I have ever heard. I don’t really care that it will “ruin Twilight” as so many of you are saying. Who cares? What it will really ruin is the small town of Forks. I’ve spent my entire life in Washington. I’ve been all over the state, including Forks, and it is NOTHING special. If producers are desperate for a Washington-based reality show, come up with some ridiculous idea for Seattle, where all the action really is. At least media wouldn’t be a new concept to the city, whereas Forks doesn’t need anymore attention drawn to it.

  • nikki

    Id love 2 c forks but not this way please don’t do it its a stupid idea it will kill twilight 4 most people

  • Rose


>>>>>>> staging1