Vanessa Hudgens: Red Stocking Silly

Vanessa Hudgens: Red Stocking Silly

Vanessa Hudgens engages in a wrapping paper war with lil sis Stella as they pick up a few last minute items from a store in Studio City, Calif., on Christmas Eve afternoon (Thursday, December 24).

The stunning Filipina sisters, along with gal pal Sammi Hanratty, picked up three rolls of wrapping paper plus an intricate chandelier.

Stella spread the holidays cheer on her official twitter, “MERRRYYY CHRISTMAS EVERRRYYBODYYY!!”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Vanessa’s red stockings — HOT or NOT?

20+ pics inside of Vanessa and Stella Hudgens

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vanessa hudgens red strockings 01
vanessa hudgens red strockings 02
vanessa hudgens red strockings 03
vanessa hudgens red strockings 04
vanessa hudgens red strockings 05
vanessa hudgens red strockings 06
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vanessa hudgens red strockings 08
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vanessa hudgens red strockings 10
vanessa hudgens red strockings 11
vanessa hudgens red strockings 12
vanessa hudgens red strockings 13
vanessa hudgens red strockings 14
vanessa hudgens red strockings 15
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vanessa hudgens red strockings 22

  • cathee

    SO CUTE *-*
    diva <3

  • jamie

    i have to admit it’s not her best
    but i still love her :D

  • VhuddyRiSH

    hahahaha .. CRAZIEEEE Hudgens’ xD

    love the sisters <3

  • allison

    i see london… i see france….

  • val

    stella has a twiter? lol…

  • carly

    she just wants to be comfortable but i still lover her too, she’s my idol =D

  • ella

    ew i can nearly see her va jay jay

  • Tri5ni Efron Hudgens Cipriano

    hhh the hudgens sisters are so cute!
    Of course…Vanessa’s hot :D!

  • Jess!

    OMG!! gorgeous!

  • http://iamgettingsotired emily

    @val: yes its StellaMister she been had a twitter. haha

  • sara12

    hot hot hot

    love her

  • Katty


    Those are short shots… you can tell in the pic where she is bending over she is wearing white short shorts… she isn’t dumb, she knows what people think, she wouldn’t just wear that. Of course, everyone is going to make it out to be underwear. At least she is wearing underwear! But, it is short shorts.

    I find it amazing that she even manages to make that look good. It’s not her best outfit, but it’s not supposed to be, she is allowed to go out in nothing important for just an errand, especially since she can pull it off.

    Zac and her were together the 23. I bet they spent the holidays with their own families, which is good. We’ll prob get pix soon.

    Anyways, love her! I love that her and Stella are so close and cute together.

  • carly

    i love how zac and vanessa share sunglasses it’s cute, zac wore those when they came back home together from Vancouver and now vanessa has them <3

  • ella

    @emily: haha thanks. i didnt know.

  • ella

    @emily: oooh haha thanks, i didnt know

  • val

    @ella: she ws talking to me not you haha FAIL

  • kristy

    they’re cute. i love her

  • jenna

    it looks like she literally forgot her pants. who wears that?

  • ayen

    cute! I would want to play sword fighting w/ Vanessa!!

  • Carol

    LMAO she is too adorable..!!

  • ella

    Oh god is this a joke? NOT hot. Though im sure just because some of the people on this site are overly obsessed with this girl they will praise it, but come on this IS pretty classless even for her…

  • tina

    I think she looks cute and she seems to be in a playful mood.

  • Jess!

    she is wearing white short shorts

  • pri

    hot hahah

    i love her so much, she’s so cute!


    ew she looks gross…what happened? she used to be soo amazingly pretty?

  • fearless

    people are going to critize her like the diesel candids where she used a long plaid shirt and daisy dukes under but everyone thought she was wearing just her undies.. let her be! dont be jealous and let her flaunt her gorgeous body:)

  • Jess!

    hot, and gorgeous! thanks!

  • misty

    a bad clotches day but i love her and her sister is cute too and the paperfight ha lol

  • kgg

    My, my…how quick we are to judge someone based on what they wear. Helllloooo, she is stepping out for a quick errand before Christmas, not walking the Red Carpet. I’m sure she is expecting family and friends over and needed to pick up a gift and some wrapping paper. You guys are making such a big deal of this….as if you’ve never dressed comfortably while out and about doing last minute things. By the way, she does have short shorts on for inquiring minds that want to know…

  • blairr

    not her best, but seriously.. for errands? its fine!

    I love her and stella’s playfulness! i would love to have a sword fightt withh nessa!

  • carmella

    woahh! stella got tall, atleast last time i checked up on this stuff xD
    & i like the stockings. good for christmas(:

  • Katty


    She is amazingly pretty but if she wants to go on an errand in comfy, unmatching clothes like any other person in the world, she can. If she was not a celebrity, no one would care. But since stalkarazzi follow her everywhere, she is gonna be burned for it. I f-ing hate people. Sorry, just do.


    She can wear what she wants. Just because she is famour does not mean she has to look perfect every dam day. It was the day before Christmas, a day everyone is running around, doing last minute things. Excuse her for not looking so amazingly gorgeous to go out and get freaking wrapping paper.

    Sorry I am in a bad mood, I am just sick of people dissing her and ignoring her talent plus beauty because she started out on HSM or because she had those n*de pix she took when she was like fifteen. It’s so annoying, people grow up, make mistakes, learn from them, go on in life. It is so annoying. It’s the same for Zac, but I will not go on in a rant about that.

  • lslsharon

    Not her best outfit,but she still looks cute.
    It looks like Vanessa has changed her style a bit after she met MaryKate Olsen.

  • Luiza

    @kgg: OMG ! you’re sO right ! people love to judge. they don’t seem to think. I agree with you FULLY!

  • Soni Hannigan

    I think she looks cute and i think it so fantastic that she hangs out with her sister. i have 3 sisters and we never did that. Very cute and she looks beautiful ( Vanessa) as always. Stella is starting to look alot like Vanessa.

  • Jess!

    she IS amazingly GORGEOUS!

  • Soni Hannigan

    I can’t wait to see pictures of her and Zac from the 23rd. Also I like the way that Zac and her share things. That is the way couple should be.

  • Jordan

    Looks like they were having a blast together :) So adorable
    Vanessa looks deadly with a wrapping paper roll. Makes me want to see Sucker Punch even more :)

    @TSWITLOVER: Vanessa looks better on her worst day than TSWIFT’s lemon sucking face ever looks.

  • Chloe

    Love her but she isn’t looking her best lately!

  • Anya

    Love her and Stella sword-fighting with the rolls of gift wrap lol. Yeah I think she has shorts on, it’s just hard to tell. She was probably just like WTF and threw something on…don’t blame her for that :)

  • Z&V Fan

    The one she possed for the paparazi with the wrapping is so adorable.

  • Zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    That’s what I love about her. She can wear anything she wants that is comfortable and she won’t care what people think. I think she looks sexy. I mean, who else can pull off something like that !? Plus, I think it’s adorable that she goes crazy like that with her sister. :D

  • ellyne

    All shes wearing is one of Zacs shirts and you can see her underwear lmfao

  • Belle

    Well, then stop looking!
    1) It is probably Zac’s shirt.
    2) She have a short underneath.
    3) She is way more mature than you!
    4) Stop judging her. What if someone do that to you! Would you like that very much? Thing before you type!
    5) If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all!

  • Katie g!

    i agree with some people – not her best outfit but not because of how short the shirt is er whatever… girls wear things that short get over it – because of the red stockings hahah they kind of make her look pale because of how bright they are.

    and the wrapping paper war! adorable! i did that with my cousin but after we knocked over a lamp we stopped – they had it right play outside or dont play at all haha

    love v<3

  • go sox

    @kgg: I totally agree. No, this is not her best look, but she is not out to impress anyone here, and is just being silly with the red socks on Christmas Eve. I think it’s fun, and should not be taken seriously!! She is entitiled to wear whatever she wants, and guess what??? She always gets it right. And if she wants to wear an oversized sweatshirt and red socks on Christmas Eve, so what?? I still LOVE her style, even though I don’t love this look!!

  • sydney

    that blonde girl with them is sammi hanratty(:
    & why do you call them “filipina” when they are barely a quarter filipino…?

  • justine

    whats stellas twitter?

  • marissa

    awwwww love her!
    she will always be my role model..shes such a sweet person:)
    and love her red stockings.
    she looks gorgeous as always!

  • :P


    Not everyone wants to put on a heap of makeup to just go to a local store… She still is gor she just wants to be comfortable!