Selena Gomez is Mizz Mag Marvelous

Selena Gomez is Mizz Mag Marvelous

Selena Gomez keeps it cute in a oversized sweater on the winter issue of UK’s Mizz magazine.

The 17-year-old actress dished on everything style, inspiration and shopping with Demi Lovato. Check it:

On where she gets her style inspiration: “It’s only in the last year that I’ve started to find my own style. I love the classic chic from the 1940s era. I get inspiration from all kinds of places, like movies I watch, pictures I find online — but I always go back to that period. I think I was born in the wrong time! My friends say that I dress like a 30-year-old woman, as they’re all into skater-chick things!”

On shopping with BFF Demi: “Me and Demi go clothes shopping all the time. In fact, we probably have the same wardrobes as each other, as we’ll get the same thing in a different color! I also have half her clothes in my closet from borrowing them, and vice-versa. I love shopping and she’s probably my favorite shopping buddy, as she knows exactly what I like.”

On going without make up for a day: “I love putting on make-up and trying different looks every morning, but there are days when it’s nice to go natural. It doesn’t bother me if I get photographed on a no-make-up day, as it proves to my fans that I don’t always look perfect. Trust me!”

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  • olivia

    she’s so pretty

  • emily

    she speaks so properly it almost sounds contrived. there’s nothing wrong with being grammatically correct but it’s kind of annoying!

  • nathalia

    i love her. she’s gorgeous.

  • naomi

    Well Selena there’s no need to put on make-up everyday when you’re 17.

  • kayleigh

    you hate how she speaks wow and she can put on make up any day like any other teen

  • wiwin vivia

    selena gomez is so cute i like her face . if i have a chance i think i want kiss her coz her face like baby face when she smile…


    I like girls who speak properly, much cooler, and all this says she has style and etiquette, which I like in a girl- ’40s- awesome- really, she has style, and there is nothing wrong with a lady wearing make-up or being natural as long as it expresses who she is!

    What’s more, I also admire British girls, but in a different way than Selena;)!

    Selena is awesome! Love her!

  • xoxo

    @naomi: whats the big deal with wearing make-up…most 17 year old girls do everyday, and besides…her make-up looks natural…its not like her make-up represents that of a hooker or anything…so chill

  • http://aol Bailey

    i love her, she is a great romodel for all young girls and she is soo pretty!!

  • sail

    what are you talking about selena you always have makeup on all the time. you wear mascara and foundation and lipglossed all the time. Nobody ever caught you without makeup what are you talking about. then again only big stars get follow a lot.

  • Heather

    EEhh excuse mee every normal girl in age of 16-17 ALWAYS wear make-up no big deal yaaa!!!

    Selena is just a natural beauty she always looks perfect she doesn’t need make-up aawwww so beautyful that girl n talented!!

    I love Sel :)

  • Cheesecakefortaylor

    Ayyy I love love love her!!!!!!!!

  • Tyler

    I as a boy personally think that selena is damn hot i don’t care with or without make-up and that fat girl miley is a no-go maybe for girls or I would date miley for money haha she’S rich I mean every boyfriend she had was because she is famous haha
    Selena is hot

  • Babybiebz

    Duddeeeee why is she so beautyfull?????
    I’m jealouussssss haha but I still love her
    such a good role model

  • ANgelina

    J’adore <3

  • miss zanessa

    aww she´s cute i <3 her
    i like that 40´s style ( kinda like “the notebook” )
    it looks great on her
    btw where can i find the whole interview?

  • Taylor


    I saw a lot of pics of her without make-up!
    You’re just jealous becauz she’s so beautyful WITHOUT make-up!

    Sel is amazing better then Miley n everyone who have a brain can agree with me hahaha I’m not a miley hater (kinda like haha) but it’S the truth the only lady who is hotter then selena is angelina :D
    but selena is growing n she will get more beautyful then yet

    I love you Selena thank you for beeing such a good role model!


    ahhh how cute sel!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • naomi

    @xoxo: CHILL? hahaha shut up loser you’re the only one getting all crazy ’cause i said something about that girl. Get a life

  • http://JUSTJARED.COM jen

    selena is SO awesome , shes soooo beautiful and talented and she looked realy pretty in the oversized sweater in the winter issue. i LOVE her style because its always sooo COOL. and shes always sooo confident and sweet which makes her even more amazing . shes my fave disney superstar . i like demi songs expecaily remember december and here we go again but i kinda liked selena songs more just a little bit . my fave is NATURALLY and FALLING DOWN . her first 2 hit singels. KEEP ROCKING SEL YOUR AWESOME

  • Razan

    I Love Selena Gomez!! She’s So Pretty! Brasil Love You Selly!
    U Rock!! I Love Youuuuuu! THEY Love Youuuuuuu! WE Love Youuuuuu!

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