AJ Michalka: Aly & I are a Package Deal

AJ Michalka: Aly & I are a Package Deal

AJ Michalka scrunches up her nose in laughter as she chats with Teen.com about her role in the upcoming The Lovely Bones. Check out what the 18-year-old starlet had to say:

On her best friend: “It may sound cliche, buy my best friend is my sister Aly. We’re super close and do everything together, not just music and film, but everything. We’re always attached at the hip. We’re kind of a package deal (laughs). If you get one of us, you get the other.”

On her favorite scene in the movie: “One of my favorites is the scene with the glass bottle and the ship inside and how it’s breaking. It really symbolizes how Mark Wahlberg’s character is feeling.”

On her type of books to read: “I’m such a book nerd! My sister and I will go into Barnes and Noble for hours surrounded by books…’The Lovely Bones’ is one of my favorite books. I’m a big fan of Charles Bakowski, I read a lot of his books. They get a little intense so I have to take a break sometimes.”

The Lovely Bones opens in theaters on Friday, January 15.

AJ Michalka Chats “The Lovely Bones”
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  • kimia

    she sounds like kristin cavalari lol

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    She’s ugly!
    Jared you don’t have to delete my comments just because i think she’s ugly.

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    Why do you think she’s ugly,huh?????

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    @Joboots: Because i think she is! that’s my opinion! I’m sorry but I don’t care if you think she’s pretty.

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    @naomi: Her sister is uglier
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    @Joboots: suuuuree w/e you say !!@lauren: haha, I beieve it’s a tie

  • naomi

    @Joboots: suuuuree w/e you say !!
    @lauren: haha, I beieve it’s a tie

  • alex

    why are you people so mean! SHE IS PRETTY! she has natural beauty!


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    i like her personality.. she looks like a really good girl.
    If you don’t have something nice to say… don’t say anything at all.

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    Thanks,Alex…….Naomi doesn’t really know what’s saying about,IMO!!

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    Love her

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