Ashley Tisdale & Scott Speer: Going To Disneyland!

Ashley Tisdale & Scott Speer: Going To Disneyland!

Scott Speer ducks his head as he leads girlfriend Ashley Tisdale away from one of her favorite places on Earth, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf on Monday morning (December 28) in Toluca Lake, Calif.

The darling duo picked up a quick muffin and coffee before heading their way to the happiest place on Earth — DisneyLand! Ash tweeted the news, “I’m goin to Disneyland!!!!!!”

Scott and Ash were spotted out over the weekend, sharing a meal with her family at a local diner.

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  • andrea

    omg…this place is only her,every day thing ashley tisdale O:

  • fearless

    ew her hair looks gross, and btw she lives there or what? boring life of hers

  • taylor

    A lot of people get coffee everyday, so I don’t get why people find it so strange that Ashley does too. It doesn’t mean she has no life, it just means she likes to have a caffeine boost in the morning. Get over it.

  • marie

    Andrea & Fearless you’re jealous cuz you make your own coffe cuz you dont have the money to get it every morning hahaha

  • julide

    i wonder how much money she has already given out for coffee..
    but…i love her tho..

  • florence

    you are so right.. and i looove her.. disneyland is one of my favourite places from argentina!! and i went once and i loveee it :)

    lov u ashley! :)
    what a cute couple

  • Taya


  • Kayla

    Theres nothing wrong with getting a coffee in the morning and going to Disneyland, i LOVE Disneyland, there is NOTHING wrong with it!!!!


  • Jannii

    GO ASH… she is so pretty =)

  • Caro

    well, i think that she is a stupid

  • Lats

    sure there’s no problem getting coffee but damn this couple sucks to death.boredom is written all over them.shish! are they like stuck to the hip or something

  • fearless

    @marie: yeah right , like you know me.. she cant get coffe at her house and she likes the daily photo op of getting coffe

  • Solange

    Oh Gosh you stupid haters just shup up pls? I guess if this was your idol, you would be praising like slaves.

    She can do whatever she wants. You are jealous because you don’t have enough money to buy coffee every day like her? How long will it take for you guys to be much more mature than sitting here jugding others’ life?


    It’s nice that she always let’s people know where she’s going so they can get pictures.

  • http://none Elle


    your just a jealous betch like all the other haters. get over your selfs. ur so pathetic you crave on post like these so u can go and bash on ashley.

  • Caro

    as I will be jealous of her? of what? your daily coffee? go! one is not jealous of the famous, is ridiculous, one says what he sees. as your hair is dirty & neglected

  • Breane

    I like Ashley Tisdale I don’t love her I like her little things I’ve seen of her on shows she’s funny and quite charming but I hope she’s not one of those girls who ditches all her friends when she has a boyfriend cause it kind of seems like it. I never see pics of her with girl friends. But who knows!? I get coffee everyday too btw I just don’t have photographers following me around. lol

  • WuzZ

    I LOV U!!!!
    please justjaredjr put paparazzi videos of Ash!!!!

  • WuzZ

    And fu**ck u!! Fearless

  • Ashley

    Why does she always tweet where she’s going?

  • osama

    i love her go away haters!!!!!! if u cant afford disney land or coffee so what can she do?


    Ashley: BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT TWITTER IS ABOUT!!!!!!!!! ohmygod!!!! jeez! haters are pathetic. if you find them boring, then go live your “exciting life” and don’t come along in this “boredom”… if you don’t like them, go do something you freakin like idiots!!! if she likes to have coffee everyday, let her have coffee everyday!! Maybe if someday she meets you and find something that you love to do (like getting on JJJ for ex) and she doesn’t do that everyday, she’ll tell you how much your life is boring… every person have their own things they like to do everyday! LEARN TO ACCEPT OTHER PEOPLE!!!!!!

    Read more:


    I love you Ashleyyyyyyy!! :)
    hope you having fun at disney land LOL

  • ZJ207

    Aw, they’re always so cute!
    Ashley looks hot!!


    @Breane: Ash is always hanging out with her friends and family. If you check out her twitter page, the last thing she tweeted about her friends is that she’s going out to dinner with her friends then she was going to see Avatar! :)

  • http://ashleytisdale john


  • nathalia

    i love her.

  • Tiffany

    I love that they are going to Disney that is too cute. Get all of Ashley’s clothes here

  • http://hotmail Des

    i do not think she is stupid or that she does not have life, it is only because she likes this place ans she goes. That is all you have to know. Omg avatar, i love that film (L)

  • kate

    Im so curious as to what this guy does when his not taging along with ashley everywhere she goes like a lost (ugly) puppy… I know he has a job but it doesn’t seem like it (+ his not very good at it) btw im sure ashley took him with her when she went out with that friend of hers, she never mentions him in her tweets (eg vaness’a bday, hang’n with family, disney land etc..) btw not every1 uses twitter to tell the paps wer they r gonna be at, so check urself.

  • nina caplan

    i like her outfit

  • http://none Olivia

    I went yesterday and when we were coming out of Indiana Jones we saw her :) We had to do a double take like, ashley tisdale? everyone like stopped and started following her. weird, we moved on but i didn’t even believe my friend at first!


    @Elle: And I’ve got what to be jealous about? I didn’t say anything bad about the young lady, it’s just nice that she tweets her where abouts, isn’t that what tweeting is about.
    I’m so sick and tired of you Ashley fans chopping off the heads of any negative comment that you see on her posts, why the hell are you defending her, she’s a grown up young lady she’s doing fine for herself. Ashley will not please everyone who comes onto her posts so get off it and stop with the police business, she can handle herself.

  • lucia

    i like when she wears her converse
    she is adorable

  • ZJ207

    @JLENE: So you think Ashley would come here and defend herself?
    I think we have part of the job to defend her here, since haters usually don’t know the real deal about the rumors and even make some fans believe the rumors. We’re fighting those haters because their intention is not to give an opinion but spread a bad image about Ashley and i’m never ok with that!

  • Tarshia

    U TELL THEM ZJ207 :D

  • B123

    I saw her at disneyland! she’s short in person with converses and had 2 security guards following her haha