Kaya Scodelario: New Skins Promo Pics!

Kaya Scodelario: New Skins Promo Pics!

Kaya Scodelario takes front and center in this new promo pic from series four of the British show, Skins.

Creator Bryan Elsley tells The Sun about the new series, “These stories try to go to the heart of what it means to be young today.”

Skins, which will return in late January on E4, tells the story of a group of British teens who are trying to grow up and find love and happiness despite questionable parenting and teachers who more want to be friends (and lovers) rather than authority figures.

Check out all the promo pics inside…

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Photos: E4
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  • niki

    cant wait

  • hana

    i’m a big fan of skins but why advertise it on a website full of disney stars? this show is full of drugs sex and violence. every episode.
    it’s kinda stupid to put it on here.

  • Ana

    i have to agree with hana. no ofense, but this show is too hard-core for just jared jr…

  • chloe

    i love this show! its a lot more realistic then hannah montana tbh..

  • Lizz.

    Ahh! I can’t wait. Freddie is love!

  • grace

    freddie + cook(L)

  • Jessica

    @chloe: thats cos hannah montana isnt spose to be realistic :L

  • fearless

    @hana: yeah i agree,

    i miss the cast from the 1 season of skins.. cassie tonny, michelle=)

  • cassie

    I love Effy..She’s so pretty :’] and Freddie looks so hot ;]

  • Alexa

    omg i can’t wait till january 28! i really need to see 4 season!

  • http://stargirl-xoxo-mcfly.skyrock.com McFLY GIRL

    Cant wait for the new season,i do miss the first generation,and i know its the last season with them,but i still cant wait

  • pup

    @fearless: SAME! I hope for season 5, they bring them back and update the fans on what’s been going on with the characters since season 2 ended. That would be awesome. =P

  • sinead

    I love Freddie and Cooks. but i miss Tony

  • me

    Yeah I miss the cast from season 1 but can’t wait for this next season :) Freddie<333

  • blair

    omg i love freddie
    buh i heard rumors dat he was going to die?

  • http://www.twitter.com/nataliemccallum natalie

    lol @ the fact jack was wearing that jacket in a nightclub i went to in leeds in september!

  • nicola

    Yussss! :L been waitin for this to come back on foreverr :L closest we got is misfitss which is good but could never beat skinss :D

  • :):):):)

    tony is coming back for like an episode with effy :D

  • Heather

    loll i love their description of it. ‘trying to find love and happiness…’ blah blah blah. Yeah its entire focus is sex and drugs.. maybe slightly inappropriate? haha. Oh well. I love It :)

  • ashuse they are both filipino

    i love skins. unfortunately i live in canada so i watch it online or on youtube but it is amazing.

    im mad that mtv is trying to do an american version of the show. they are going to eff it up.

  • aali

    @ashuse they are both filipino:

    i love skins. unfortunately i live in canada so i watch it online or on youtube but it is amazing. im mad that mtv is trying to do an american version of the show. they are going to eff it up.


    i dont know why i have that flipino thing as my username. i was replying to a different post and accidently typed that in the name box… ive been up wayy to long today LOL

  • lauren

    You’re really advertising Skins. This isn’t even a show for anyone under 18. Its really an honest view of teens in England having lots of sex, doing lots of drugs, and saying lots of really bad words. I love this show. But you’re always posting Disney Channel stars.. Doesn’t make sense why you threw this into the mix. Especially since Skins is strictly british for the most part at least. Really confused..

  • Courtney

    Love love love this show.

  • connie

    since season 2 I havent seen skins anymore. but a couple of days ago.I watched season3 online. OMG.I found Effy is much more pretty than the last two season.! cant wait season4!!

  • abby

    im from england :)
    and i watch skins, every one :)
    and my life is exatly the same LOL! and i love it tbh.
    yes, sex, drugs, booze, and others. its the ways forward i think.
    im proud of that, tha things they show in this programme is TRUE, yes it happens ;D ive been theree done all thattt lovelysss!
    thought id comment ;D
    byee for nowzzz (LLL)

  • jessica

    YAY SKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    pd: I miss tony, sid, cassie and… oh well I miss them all! :’(

  • jess


  • fran

    miss tony so much!

  • http://yahoo.com Walt

    Let’s get more info about ‘SKINS”. Great show with great young actors. More pics of Lisa Blackwell, Kaya, Kathryn Prescott and her twin.

  • riana

    skins is my favourite show.
    and why is it even on this website? lol

  • Dannie


  • becca

    Already seen it, and gosh is amazing how the writers put reality in the show, don’t tell me that the teens aren’t like that, because that’s a lie.
    Even though I live in Mexico, it is what teens are up to right now, not only in my country but in the US,UK, etc.

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