Nicole Anderson is Accused at 17

Nicole Anderson is Accused at 17

Check out the cool new poster for Nicole Anderson‘s new thriller, Accused at 17!

In the upcoming flick, 17-year-old Bianca Miller (Anderson) finds out her boyfriend cheated on her with a classmate, Dory, (Lindsay Taylor) she’s furious. When her best friends Fallyn, 17, (Janet Montgomery) and Sarah, 17 (Stella Maeve) suggest they play a prank on Dory to make her pay, Bianca agrees to go along.

But when Dory’s dead body is found by a hiker, Bianca is horrified and wants to go to the police. She confesses to her mother Jacqui (Cynthia Gibb) the details of the prank and the two decide to go to the police and tell them.

Accused at 17 is coming soon. Check out the trailer below!

“Accused at 17″ Official Trailer
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  • mac

    I like the sound of this movie.

  • Elena sevilla

    This movie loooks REALLY goood. Nicole’s a great

  • cris

    this looks REALLY good!

  • lulu

    wow looks awesoIme can’t wait to see it! She’s a great actress and she’s sooo pretty, I love her! x x x

  • amy


  • Sarah

    this movie looks really good

  • elhan

    looks like a lifetime movie ………….. but i cant wait to watch!!!!!!!!

  • Skylar

    I want to see this so bad! I can’t wait! It looks really good!

  • Cherie!

    This looks like it will only be good if it’s a lifetime movie or something. I can’t imagine going to an actual theater to see it.

  • Gabby

    @cherie ikr!? All the actors/actresses are from lifetime too! The mom, the guy with the blonde hair and his wife! All from lifetime. Weird.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Wow, this movie looks really good !! It’s great to see Nicole doing something that’s not Disney. She’s really talented; and this movie will be on my movie list. :D

  • Zanessa4ever

    Wow this looks soooooo good!!!!!

  • Kali

    I’t looks really good…! So ima watch it!!!

  • maddie

    She’s a good actress but this movie looks SO lame. Ugh.

  • jasmine

    this movie is a total rip off of “Jawbreaker”. it sounds just like it !
    but i still want to see it, it looks really good :)

  • zanessafan

    Good Luck to Nicole.

  • zanessafan

    Good Luck to Nicole

  • Court

    It’s definitely going to be on Lifetime and it totally reminds of the 1990′s made-for-TV movie that airs on Lifetime called “A Killer Among Friends” with Tiffani-Amber Thiessen. That one was about a girl who got killed by two of her best friends in a secluded area just like that and then one of the girls played off the mom’s grief by moving into her house and trying to be replacement for her real daughter.

  • Court

    That murder was over *thinking* the friend cheated with one of the other girls boyfriends.

  • nathalia

    This movie looks REALLY good.

  • Kristine

    when is it gonna air???

  • liquid stranger

    wow a disney actress used the word bitch, well there goes her disney career, down the drain

  • yo


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    This looks really good!Can’t wait! x]

  • pharmacy weight loss

    This looks really good!\

  • pharmacy weight loss

    !! This looks really good!\

  • Me!!! :P

    it’s sound like a lifetime movie I would watch on a rainy day, but it sounds good. I might go see it.

  • kylie

    @liquid stranger:

    No it’s not going down the drain because it’s for another project!

    If she said it in like an interview she wouldn’t be seen so much as a good role model for kids but whatever she’s amazing! AND gorgeous!

  • Chastity

    Did Disney star Nicole Anderson just use the word “B**CH”? hahah Disney is full of crap with the images they put out. Miley Cyrus, Nicole Anderson, even Demi Lovato… NONE of these girls are as innocent as they seem. Those Jonas Brothers are definitely not virgins either.

    Anyway, I wanna see this.

  • cassie

    omg she said the word “b**ch”. get over yourselves. it’s not a disney project, and she said herself that she doesn’t think she’s role model material. she’s an actress, she’s allowed to do stuff outside of disney. i personally think it’s good for her that she’s doing other roles. it means she’s more likely to have an acting career after her disney run is up, whenever that may be. she’s recurring on ‘make it or break it’ and saying the word a**, but disney never fired her. chill out.

  • http://website eun

    i love Nicole Anderson can wait to see this movie when does it come out?

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