Reasons You Should Watch Nick's Big Time Rush

Reasons You Should Watch Nick's Big Time Rush

James Maslow, Kendall Schmidt and Carlos Pena are gearing up for the premiere of their new Nickelodeon series, Big Time Rush, which premieres early 2010.

The guys sat down with Popstar! mag and dished out reasons fans should watch the show. James, Carlos and Kendall all agreed that the show is beyond funny.

James also added that you should watch it because, “You get to see four guys try to dance and sing.”

Big Time Rush follows four hockey-playing best friends (Kendall Schmidt, James, Logan Henderson and Carlos) who get the opportunity to be the next big thing in Hollywood.

TELL JJJ: Will you be watching Big Time Rush?

Why You Should Watch “BTR” by Carlos Pena

Why You Should Watch “BTR” by James Maslow

Why You Should Watch “BTR” by Kendall Schmidt
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  • cheslea

    ew this show is beyond stupid. it reminds me of a disney reject show

  • Mamic

    i watch it just because my friend is in it. i won’t say who it is though

  • CORRECTION please

    Um, that isn’t Logan in the 3rd video. It is Kendall Schmidt. Play the video and they clearly say “Kendall”.

  • Erica

    Of course I’ll be watching this!, I watched the first episode and it was AWSOME!

    I LOVE the song BIG TIME, but I think the real reason I watch the show is that, it reminds me of my life, and all my dreams. It reminds me that you shiuldnt just sit around and wait for something to happen, you have to take action for yourself. And that life is short, so you gotta live it to the fullest.

    You gotta live it BIG TIME!

  • Hannah

    The premiere of this show was soooo stupid! Hope it improves…

  • lovebtr

    I like the first episode! I think they’re going to be big. I’m going to keep believing in them cause they’re great!!

  • lovebtr

    also the 3rd video is Kendall not Logan.

  • HannahJ_17

    I’m with Erica and she’s right! You’ve gotta go Big Time for what you want, don’t just sit around. I’ll definitely watch the show, I saw the premier and loved it! James is my fave for sure, i love him he’s so cute!!!! ;)

  • laurens65

    I will for sure be watching Big TIme Rush. I loved the premire and can’t wait to get to see it all the time. It is funny show and just shows to believe in yourself and dont give up on your dreams. I am with you HannaJ_17 James is my fav to he is so funny and nice to look at.

  • Allan

    I WILL be watching this show in January.
    I am an aspiring singer/dancer.
    It’s great to know that in this day and age, crazy things like this show, can/will/do happen to people everyday.
    Just believe, BIG TIME!
    I will like to hear more of them singing.
    I thought James has a great voice.

  • Betsy

    Not sure what you all liked about this show, unless you are 10 years old. The humor was so lame and the story was so predictable. I feel like they were insulting my intelligence, but to each his own.

  • Whitney

    OMG I love Big Time Rush. I used to be nothing but a Jonas Brother fan. not anymore. THe guys from BTR are so much better I love their voices especially James. The show is funny no matter what age you are. I watched it with my mom and dad and they were both laughing just as hard as I was.

  • ladybug

    Reason to wach BIg Time Rush James Maslow need I say more. He is so talented and very cute. The show is funny I know it is gonna be a huge hit.

  • allan

    I like this show.
    I am an inspiring actor/singer/dancer.
    It is good to know that these things happen to everyday people.
    James voice sounded amazing.

  • al3xis

    actually i thought it was pretty funny
    i also found that kendall is in this awesome band called heffron drive, whose songs i cant get out of my head!! go check them out on myspace music :)

  • 1#disneynickeverything fan

    its an awsome show i just love it soooo much i cant wait till more episodes come out

  • shelby

    I love this show! Its hilarious!! Plus all the guys are super talented! Carlos is mah fav ^_^ He is super funny and cute too ^_^

  • Addie


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