Alexandra Daddario is Annabeth Chase

Alexandra Daddario is Annabeth Chase

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The 23-year-old actress plays Annabeth Chase in the upcoming Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief — out this coming February. Based on a best-selling book series by Rick Riordan, Percy is about a boy who discovers he is a descendant of Greek gods.

Alexandra chatted with WWD about the movie and why she signed on for the role of Annabeth, daughter of Athena in the flick. She shared, “Greek gods are so human in so many ways — they love and they hate and they get jealous — and that’s what makes the stories about them so exciting.”

Alexandra even admitted that she picked up a few skills on the set of Percy like archery and fencing. She laughs, “Though I don’t know if I could get into an actual sword fight if I had the chance.”

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Photos: Stefanie Keenan
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  • jessica

    OMG! Love her! Cannot wait for the movie!!

  • bob

    she is so wrong for the role. no one really likes her

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    she is beautiful!!:)

  • roglam

    aaaaawwww she’s amazing! can’t wait for the movie <3

  • Megan Evans

    She has the grey eyes but she should be blond

  • jessica

    @bob: What do you mean nobody likes her? Tons do. People really need to get over that she’s blonde. We all know that in the books Annabeth was blonde but who cares.

  • Sopho

    Her acting should make up for that fact that she’s not blonde. I hope.

  • cam


    are you kidding? she is gorgeous – I can’t believe your statement! I’m looking forard to this movie.

  • Mamic

    alex is a sweetie. love her. i am sooo excited for the persy jackson movie!!!

  • BEBE

    she is so beautiful. her eyes is the top one, mesmerizing.

  • cara

    I don’t care about what she looks like, but she’s TWENTY-THREE! I mean, really. Annabeth is supposed to be twelve in the beginning and there are five books! I don’t know how they think they can pull this off. I don’t have anything against Alexandra Daddario as an actress and if she had gotten the part ten, or even five years earlier it would have been fine, but the casting directors really should have picked someone younger.

  • christine

    & she’s supposed to be blonde

  • emily

    i think she is really pretty and i don’t think it matters what color her hair is but i think that all of the kids are WAY to old to be playing Percy and co. the prophecy takes place perch’s sixteenth birthday and these guys are all practically twenty! i find that a little disappointing, but i am still going to see the film.

  • emman

    yeah, they’re all too old, not just her, it’s like they casted these hot people too attract viewers… hopefully they pull it off, chris columbus is a great director…

  • random

    yes, they’re too old but that’s what they need so the movie won’t be super kid-friendly like the book. who cares if she’s not blonde? think about it… would you have watched this movie if you haven’t read the books? i would because it’s still gonna be an awesome movie to watch.

  • Saint 567

    Do you know what? Have any of you people checked other web sites 60 people out of 100 think this movie is going to crash.

  • soccergrl29

    Well wouldya rather have some dump idiotic dopey blond playing annabeth, or an athletic girl who plays her well. A lot of people like how she carrys hrself in the movie. A confident strong girl who can help Percy through his “Percy Moments”

  • http://-.-(NO) Civan

    ALeaxandra Daddario o i lOVE YOUU SO MUCH

    she is sweet,sexy,cool,hot,PERFECT ^^

  • Janey

    she is really preety but she looks too wrong to play a twelve year old blonde.

  • LexieLee

    She did a good job. She’s 23? She didn’t look 12 but she didn’t look that old. I thought she was like seventeen or something. It was a good movie.

  • Jjjazzyfernando

    I just like to imagine that she’s 12, okay? So that article just ruined my WHOLE day. I’ll just try to forget that little part. Oh, and she doesn’t HAVE to be blonde. In fact, I think she looks good with black hair. Why do ya’ll think all about her hair? She has other characteristics, you know. And Bob, how could you think that? She’s perfect for the role, okay?

    (P.S; I don’t see why Rick Riordan waits SOOOOO long for Annabeth and Percy to be boyfriend and girfriend.)

  • Pedro

    Bob you are such an asshole!!!! How could you say that!!! She is just perfect!!!! She definitely deserves the role!!!

    Alexandra Daddario, you got the most beautiful eyes in the whole world, i can’t wait to see you face to face!!! XD

    Love you!!! :)

  • annabeth

    I really thougt that the move was going to be horrible but it turned out not that bad. I was really disapointed that they didn’t make them 12. Also they didn’t make annabeth like I wanted. but everybody has different opinions this was just mine. but they did do the cool thing were they showed percy’s point of view. That was the main thing to get the ADHD in there.

  • percyjacksonrocks!!!

    p-pl don’t u read d director’s review he said they r potraying 17 yr oldies not 12 ……some things r different frm the book…bt the movie rocks

  • Abdul

    Alexandra you are the most beautiful girl.

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