Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber: NYE Preview!

Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber: NYE Preview!

Selena Gomez stops to chat with E! News after rehearsal and taping for Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2010 in Las Vegas earlier this month.

The 17-year-old starlet along with Justin Bieber will be lighting up Vegas during the yearly telecast. Sel shared, “I get to countdown with everyone! I’m excited.”

Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2010 will kick off with @ 10PM ET/PT from NYC’s Times Square and Las Vegas.

New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2010 Preview
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  • Juliana

    Selena Rocks, Justin Sucks!

  • ANgelina

    what was that song when they showed selena?
    sound great!
    I love Selena can’t wiat till she goe son WORLD tour!!!
    She maybe don’t know but she is a superstar in europe!

    I wanna see her on new years :(
    Justin is cute n all but selena will get the spotlight haha she’s PERFECT!

    I Love you Sel!!!

  • Heather


  • Selisbetterthenmiles

    She is becomin bigger n bigger woohoo
    yeah I want her on world tour too!
    I live in Dublin and she is here a superstar too!
    I hate Miley she is not good at all but Selena is amazing pls pls pls come to Dublin if miley can than you too!
    Selena rocks!

  • babybiebz

    Can’t wait to see them!
    I love them both :) and to #1 Shut Up that part vwith Selena is right but Justin’s is totally wrong he rocks 2 !

  • Selenalover

    She is stunning!

  • Zara

    Selena pls come to Dublin if Miley can than you too!
    Belive me you r here already a superstar!
    I love you and i would kill to see you live hahaha

  • Sarah

    I don’t like her make up at all.. i know it’s stage make up but it’s too much.
    But I can’t wait too see her performance!

    @ANgelina it’s called ‘More’

  • Meeshelly

    Omg, yay ! I’m going to be in Vegas then too, i hope I get to see them ! (:

  • none

    I would go to see selena but you can keep justin. He is overrated and a womanizing jerk with a big ego.

  • pharmacy weight loss

    I love that song!

  • Jewels

    O-M-G ! i love them both! so amazing! I’m gonna be in Vegas! hope i see them! Oh GOSH! lol selena is so amazing!

  • jessica

    @Selisbetterthenmiles: its obvious that you a bitter selena fan that hates miley for no reason hence your username. anyways i cant wait to see justin perform.


    i want jb and miley
    justin bieber is cute,
    but he needs to get through puberty :|

  • Jason

    @Selisbetterthenmiles: Na, let’s leave Miley alone. I love both girls. Selena and Miley are QUEENS of the teen world.

  • Patty

    AHhhhh, I want them to tour together!!!! I love them both so much!!!

  • meagan

    Wow. She’s so glam now! :D

    And for some strange reason, Justin is starting to rub off on me.

  • LOL

    @Patty: I don’t like Justin’s cocky attitude but I do agree it would be sooo cute if he and Selena toured together in 2010.

  • SONY

    Aw. I love Justin’s little dance moves.

    And my my my! Selena looks so fierce now! She’s become so much more stylish and classy this year.

  • Selenafan

    Selena is the BEST!!!!!!I live in Taiwan.She is a superstar here,too.I love Selena very much very much very much!!!!GO!!!!Selena,You ROCK!!!!


    SHE IS JST AWESOME…soooo cute……..i jst adore her!!! :)

  • selena the best

    Selena sei unikaaaaa

  • victoria

    honestly..i do not think selena should be performing at that! i mean she just started this year and she hasnt really gotten the hang of it yet, plus she hasnt hit her full potential, it just isnt right. if anything, demi should be performing because she has been doing it way longer, music is actually her main priority, and she is by far a way better singer. selena is great and all but she is just getting things handed to her because disney is putting all of its power into her since miley/hannah will end soon, and from them doing that, she is getting more famous. Demi would be a more suitable choice in my book, and i dont agree with it.

  • itsmeagain



    are you kidding me justin is so better than selena no offense selena. i love you selena but when it comes to justin bieber he beats you. justin is way way way cuter i love you justin forever and always…


    i think justin is wayyyy better


    I cant wait for tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Selena you are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!team TAY&SEL

  • olivia

    @Selisbetterthenmiles: No need to bring up Miley. This is a Selena post, nothing to do with Miley.

>>>>>>> staging1