Emma Watson: Don't Listen to Rupert!

Emma Watson: Don't Listen to Rupert!

Emma Watson and Rupert Grint chum around during a break on the set of Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows in England.

The duo get giggly over the fact that Rupert fully admits he was late to the game in reading the Harry Potter books. Rupert joked, “I usually read the books before we start [filming] but I was late reading the last one. I was probably the last one to read it…”

Emma finished for him, “In the world. Ever. (laughs) Don’t listen to him! (laughs)”

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Emma & Rupert on “Deathly Hallows” Set
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  • leeloo

    lol.. i love rupert! he’s so cute! and emma is amazing! she’s really pretty! i want’s 2 see PH soon! luv it! <3333

  • leeloo

    lol.. i love rupert! he’s so cute! and emma is amazing! she’s really pretty! i want’s 2 see PH soon!

  • Maria

    awwww these two are adorable )
    can’t wait for DH!

    I love, love, love Rupert <3

  • ~eg~

    They are amazing!

    I love how they are just like their character in real life. lol.

    Can’t wait for Deathly Hallows! :)

  • gerox

    great working environment=)

  • gerox

    i liked how emma looked at rupert’s eyes to check if he’s telling the truth! haha

  • Courtney

    They’re so cute!

  • Andy

    I love them : )

  • Kathi

    love them♥

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  • Anna

    Love Emma so much<3333
    She’s amazing!

  • Love

    OMG they are the freakin cutest thing i’ve ever seen!!! i love how they are so down to earth, it’s refreshing! most people in their position do not have a sense of reality. glad to see that fame doesn’t pollute all young actors! can’t wait for deathly hallows! November 2010 baby! WOOHOOO!!!!


    I LOVE RUPERT AND EMMA!!! Awesome people!! :)

    Ron/Hermione 4 ever.


  • tina

    im soo excited for deathly hallows!! woohoo!

  • mimi

    i love them! ruperts like adorable and they look like the best of friends!
    i <3 emma watson so much!!
    shes such a great rolemodel!!

  • jorja

    i love them!!!!!!!
    they should really be together coz they make a wonderful couple
    i can’t wait to watch deathly hallows ♥

  • cinderella

    sad how HP is ended, its only been around for a short while compared to all of the other amazing franchises (minus twilight which was never intended to be a film franchise). gonna cry so hard when it ends :((((

  • cinderella

    * ending

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  • Alexa

    he is soooo hot!!!!

  • Amy

    seriously he has grown on me. he started out being “the funny one” but now he is the hottest of all the harry potter boys. daniel and tom felton give off the gay vibe. rupert is sooo hot. he shouldn’t be with emma, he should be with me :)

  • jessica

    omg i seriously cannot wait to see deathly hallows. its just that its gonna be so sad when it ends.

  • Will

    These two should be together! They are so comfortable around each other. It’s so obvious.

  • Scarlet

    sooooooo cute!

  • Angela

    Aw, they’re so cute. :)

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com LG

    I honestly don’t want Harry Potter to end. It’s way too awesome. And don’t worry Rupert I haven’t even finished the first one.

  • chris

    Awww, adorable video. I love, love Edward and Bella <3 but Ron and Hermione will always be my favourite young adult book couple. <3 Maybe because I’ve “known” them the longest. I also liked how cute Emma was looking at Rupert to see if he’s telling the truth or possibly looking at him to force him to fess up about how late he read the book. LOL. Too cute!

  • bridget

    They are so adorable together.

  • Becky f.

    Entertaining, thought-provoking and tackling the eternal dilemma: good vs. evil. This film series is certainly the best adaptation from the novels and is one of the top three movie series ever made. Whoever wins these DVDs will be exultant!

  • shannon

    Emma and Rupert are totally awesome can’t wait to see DH :D

  • angel

    Вау класс мне понравилось я нечо правда непонял, но у Еммы смех такой красивый,да и она сама красавица

  • Celia

    So adorable!! I love these two! Emma is awesome! Rupert is such a hottie!

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