Keana Texeira Searches for Paul James

Keana Texeira Searches for Paul James

Keana Texeira and her Soulstice costars Talia Prairie and Marissa Heart are setting off on a nationwide search to find the perfect Paul James.

In the upcoming movie, Paul is the love interest of Luna (Texeira) who finds out his one true love is half-human and half-vampire. If you think you have what it takes to be Paul and are between the ages of 15-20, send in your photo/headshot and bio to

The first book in the series, “Soulstice: Luna’s Dream” will be released March 2010 followed by the movie in 2011.

Also, check out Keana, Marissa and Talia rehearsing two of Keana‘s new songs, “Energy” and “Train Wreck” below!

Keana Texeira – “Energy” & “Train Wreck”

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Photos: Lesley Bryce
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  • jenna

    wth. they’re like 14. they should not be dancing like that.

  • Kevin

    I’m so sick of this girl. That video is just complete sexist nonsense. It sets out a ridiculous example of showing off one’s sexuality to young people. I hate to use this word but that video is like three tarts from a stripper club practicing a routine. Not exactly the coverage the people behind this upcoming film should be encouraging!

  • NICK

    Keana is a beautiful girl. The dance is an artful interpretation of the character she portrays. The moves are edgy but in no way different from what true entertainers do like Miley.

    Keep up the great job Keana. Don’t let anyone with a dirty mind discourage you from expressing your art or mold you into something you’re not because of shallow opinions.

  • Jo

    You girls keep it up! Keana, you are the perfect Luna. You great . You are a born actress. So excited about the movie. I hope it goes Amazing even better then Twilight !!! :) Keep up the good work!

  • joboots


    Jumping to conclusions,huh Kev????

  • Hillary

    @joboots: I agree JoBoots. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but whats up w/ the constant stripper pole analogy? Some people constantly dwell on negativity its annoying. Whatever happened to “if you have nothing good to say, then shut up”

    (FYI…I find this hilarious….Kevin, Nick, and Jo have all commented. Jonas in the house?? haha)

  • lia

    kinda weird and kevin it is really not that big of a deal she is 15 calm down i find some hostile in you.

  • Ash

    I kind of agree with Kevin. So what if she’s 15 she is kind of sexually exploiting herself. The shoes, the shorts, the dance moves. I mean people talk about Miley Cryus and other young stars who move like this but come on seriously? People are gonna say she’s awesome for this and then trash other stars? I just don’t really like it, it’s kind of tasteless to me for a 15 year old to be doing this kind of stuff.

    Didn’t support miley or anyone else for it and I wouldn’t support her either. Sorry guys it’s just my opinion.

  • runnergirl

    Keana is really cute. Blond girls need to get dance routine tighter and reduce hair tossing. Keana is too good to have sloppy dancers.

  • fiona

    who the hell wants to see this shit?!?!

  • Hong ngo

    Keana is a beautiful, nice, responsible person. She can dance how ever you want. Shes 15, for god! People are just hating on her because Miley Cyrus dance like that at the TCA’S. But who cares? Miley Cyrus can do whatever she wants too!

    It’s just mine opinion, I don’t care about yours! I’m a supporters for Keana Texeira and Miley Cyrus!


    so well. shes 15 and theres nothing wrong with her outfit. If thats her style then let her wear those clothes. i think its cute. BUTTT, shes not wearing a bra!!! honey you should wear one, thats not cute for a 15 year old .thats embarrasiing just letting your tits out there. cover up young ladyy!

  • Lorelei

    Very talented girls. Whether we like it or not, teens nowadays are more edgy. Demi and Selena wil no doubt do cutting edge stuff like this if they were not under the chokehold of Disney.

    Does anyone know what ethnicity Keana is? Her look is so different….very striking.

  • joboots


    Cool it,Fi!!!!

  • Jayda

    It would be really cool if people would just be nice to this girl!
    She doesn’t go on the internet and call you names.
    Go Keana!!

  • mileydemiclique

    i PERSONALLY THINK THAT kEANA IS AMAZING!!! SHE IS TALENTED, NICE AND PRETTY. She is so incredible and she is my hero.

    @mileydemiclique on twitter

  • DuhItsAllie

    I love Keana!
    Nicest person ever.
    She is Luna Tremaine <3
    Love you girlie xoxo


  • mileydemiclique

    @Jayda: exactly. she hasn’t done anything to anyone on here so y is everyone so mean to her???

  • mileydemiclique

    Who cares if these other people support her??? Keana. is .amazing. THE END

  • mhae

    @ArchieAngel92 Keana Rocks!!! so does the other girls!!!

  • Shannon Larsuel


  • fantac

    Keana is so amazing!!! She’s gonna have an awesome career!!! @Mhae92

  • Christina

    You girls rock :)

  • Msnandadevil

    I think Zac Effron should be Paul James :) You all don’t know her so don’t judge.
    Even though i don’t know her personally, it shows that Keana is an amazing down to earth &nice girl. And she obviously has an amazing voice& awesome style. You have to admit those boots are to die for! haha :)
    @MsNandadevil (on twitter)

  • mhae

    these girls are so awesome!!!! It would be so cool if Thomas Dekker will play Paul James :)

  • fantac

    Keana rocks!!! I can’t wait to see the movie :) How Taylor Lautner?

  • Hong Ngo

    I think Sterling Knight should play Paul James. Or Alex Pettyfer. One of those will work.

  • Noelle

    Awsome dance girls! I can’t wait to see Soulstice!!! I think Jake from WOW should play Paul James! He’d fit the part perfectly!

    My Twitter ID is @xoelliejonasox (:

  • Hong Ngo

    Also Jake or Frankie or Michael or Eddie or Kyron from WOW will work too. LOLLL

  • jaclyn

    they all literally SUCK. if anyone knows what a well put dance should look like, it does NOT look like this. keana has no idea what shes doing, and the two girls awkwardly move across the floor. cant wait to see what happens with this “trio” next! theyre pretty entertaining to truly laugh at.

  • Michelle

    I totally think one of the incredibly talented wow boys like kyron should play paul james, on the second hand there very busy what about jake t austin!!?? I bet whoever you pick will be amazing!

  • Michelle

    Jake T Austin, Justin Bieber, Cody Linley, or one of the wow boys

  • Msnandadevil

    I think Taylor Lautner or Shia LaBeouf make the perfect paul james :)
    I think Keana would also like Shia LaBeouf to play Paul James LOL :)
    My twitter ID is @MsNandadevil :)

  • Stephany

    I say Jake from WOW, Sterling Knight, or Lucas Till could pull it off. :)

    @Less_Than_3_WOW <—Twitter

  • keLSEY

    Zac Efron should play Paul James. lol =D (KEANA TWEETED ME!)

  • ellec

    Have they announced who will play Paul James yet? I hope it’s some-one who can act well and draw out the lead characters performances. I’ve been studying Keana performances to date, and I don’t feel she has the acting ‘cred’ yet to pull off this amazing project by herself. That doesn’t mean I don’t see her as a mega star in the making. I would hate to see this amazing idea of the Soulstice Saga fall on its face just because of egos. Keana, I’m watching your growth as an artist with great interest.

>>>>>>> staging1